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  1. Simon

    DI wiring

    You can wire to 12V or ground and then just configure the DI pullup to suit. Pullup will need to be on for a ground switch and off for a 12V input.
  2. You should be following the power supply wiring information in the help file. There are a few variations depending on if you want to use ECU hold power or not. Head to the PC link help file then Wiring Information > Power and Ground Wiring > Power supplies
  3. Can confirm it is a V44 based unit so no Knock control and no E throttle onboard.
  4. Two sensors would be totally fine to that wire
  5. From a Trigger side the ECU is seeing a sensible RPM and no trigger errors during crank. There are no ignition or fuel cuts active so from the ECU I would say it is trying to fire the engine up. Can you confirm if you have spark at the plugs, And there is fuel at the injectors / getting into the engine.
  6. Simon

    AEM Uego setup G4 HC92+

    Yep that would be fine
  7. Simon

    Vehicle Speed erratic VR4

    Best way to fault find this would be to have a scope on the signal to see what is happening. You could also se the input on the ECU to a Frequency input and see if that gives an unstable frequency
  8. You will have to fabricate something to suit. That pattern is not supported. I would look to removing that wheel and pressing on a 24 tooth wheel with a tooth removed.
  9. Simon

    Trgger mode

    That pattern is not supported and you would have to modify it to just 4 teeth at tdc points. You are limited to group fuel and distributor.
  10. I would advise avoiding any power supply that has inductive loads on it like coils and injectors as this can cause issues for the can lambda they need a noise free supply.
  11. Check that you have Jumper J1 fitted on the board this puts a pullup on for the tacho. Note the ECU is not driving the tacho this is from the igniter module. So the Sweep function will have no impact.
  12. Ducie might be on to something there a big restriction in the exhaust would give similar symptoms
  13. What happens if you put the Aux to test on so the solenoid is at 100%, This should give you as much boost as the turbo will make assuming all is plumbed correctly and the solenoid turns on. (be ready to pull out of the run as boost is effectively uncontrolled) If you don't get the boost then it points to plumbing or faulty solenoid.
  14. Simon

    Honda knock sensor

    96+ is all set to go it is expecting the knock signal on pin D6.
  15. Flick us a email at tech@linkecu.com and we can help from there
  16. Head on over to https://www.linkecu.com/contact/ecu-service-requests/
  17. Most can have extras added, Time wise typical would be 2-3days but this can stretch if we are particularly busy. We just charge by the hour.
  18. Yep just open a map up and then adjust to suit.
  19. Simon

    Honda knock sensor

    There is a dedicated knock input on ECUs that support it. What G4+ ECU are you working with?
  20. Simon

    Honda knock sensor

    Assuming the ECU you have supports knock then it is just a case of wiring it to the ECU.
  21. On the I series the internal knock circuit is a match for the old V series type amplifier so there is no gain in using it. It would however be a good option for a tuning tool and using headphones. We don't have any looms left so you would need to fabricate one from scratch. The shield should be grounded at one end only, typically the ECU end on the shield ground pin. The Link knock block is just a modem version that was simplified to be a pure tuning tool so there is no ECU interface.
  22. It is possible but the ECU needs a wire added to allow this. To retain the warranty we would need to do this modification.
  23. I assume you have the VL plugin? On one of the XS connectors you have all 6 ignition channels available. You can then wire your coils as you would for a wire in unit. Ign 1 to cylinder 1 coil signal 2-2 3-3 etc.
  24. No not without additional hardware changes to the ECU.
  25. Wire to correct pin and then configure. There are a couple of additional settings but the defaults are normally fine.
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