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  1. Simon

    speed out

    A Aux output can be assigned as speedo output.
  2. Simon

    Atom G4x unlock issue

    Will send you a PM with a suitable unlock as the G4X unlocks are not yet live in the dealer section.
  3. Simon

    Boost Control

    @Rossobianconero keep an eye out for a release in the next couple of days
  4. Simon

    Gts link g1

    On the G1 you only really have one option and that is a Link 2.5bar sensor.
  5. These are the old G1 docs for the 4AGZE. The loom colours changed over time so for the ECU wiring go off location in the main header. 4AGZE.pdf
  6. You can work out the polarity relatively easy with a volt meter. Put the leads across the sensor and then bring a steal ruler or bolt up to and then past the sensor. You are looking for a positive voltage spike as the item come towards the sensor and then negative as it moves away. If it is reversed then swap the meter leads over. The positive meter lead then indicates the trigger pin and the other is the sensor ground.
  7. AN volt 1 is an internal connection to the on board map sensor or to pin 92 depending on jumper setting (J1)
  8. Set to manual connection and then with the PC link not connected run the firmware update. (The updater runs as an independent program)
  9. Simon

    Link G4+ AC problem

    Haven't seen this on Honda but on other applications. What can happen is as the fan speed changes the signal at the ECU increases in voltage so the AC request turns off due to the signal getting above 1.5V. This can be due to the switch contacts not being 100% and introducing a resistance.
  10. Hi Augusto You will have a later E throttle equipped board and the pinout changed. You need to reference in the PC link help file G4+ Plug-In ECU Installation Manual > Pinouts > EVOLink (IX) with EThrottle and G4+ Plug-In ECU Installation Manual > Pin Functions > EVOLink (IX) with EThrottle
  11. Simon

    3rd cam pulse

    Our expected offset would be 300 on this engine. Can you run the CAM test and report back on the 3 cam position figures you get.
  12. Simon

    B18 Turbo

    Yes this kit could be used ad looks to be a 12 + 1 multi tooth arrangement. Would need to see the kit instructions to advise more on the basic configuration.
  13. Simon

    Link g4 to g4 +

    I don't have an old bracket to confirm but from memory they were designed to be able to be swapped over. Wiring is compatible.
  14. Simon

    SupraLink Ecu in BMW e46

    On the plugins the CAN comes off on dedicated ports. To have two can channels you will need a 1.2 revision bottom board. On this version you will see there are two connectors labeled for CAN. Alternatively you can have more than one device on a bus they just need to use the same coms speed and have different IDs
  15. Simon

    G4x Base map

    Yep Multi fuel and traction control will be coming
  16. Simon

    G4x Base map

    Up to 1000Hz now available
  17. Simon

    G4x Base map

    For those looking for a base map to have a play with. Software can be found at http://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLink 6.15.15.exe Monsoon FW 6.15.6.pclx
  18. Simon

    3rd cam pulse

    Make sure you have Di1 turned off and only Trig2 VVT assigned as Inlet / LH
  19. Simon

    Toyota 2zz base map

    Engine Specific Information > Toyota > Toyota 2ZZ-GE in the PC link help file will give you the initial set up. Once timing has been confirmed and the fueling set to suit injectors it will be close enough on the default numbers to start.
  20. Simon

    Nissan Silvia S14a Auto

    You want trig 1 on the 360 / 1deg slot and Trig 2 on the 4/ 180 slot unfortunately they swapped these around and the pinout shows both options so it is not clear specific to your wiring.
  21. Flick us an email at tech@linkecu.com and we can take it from there.
  22. Simon

    G1 info

    Nope if the rear port is not fitted WB is not an option.
  23. Have it on the bug list, G4+ will get a update or 2 before being closed off.
  24. Simon

    Torque managment

    No only application is the 350Z can stream, and need to be running modeled fuel mode.
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