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    Color Cross Hair

    No changes have been made.
  2. Sensor wise the IATB is the pick its the fastest responding and tends to be more reliable. But its at the cost of being harder to mount. I have seen them in the end tank and working well.
  3. The main board has it all there but it's just not wired to the outside world. You can attach directly to the pins but will void the warranty. Or we can do it for you to retain the warranty.
  4. No trigger errors in those two so that looks promising. Now try with the ignition on and firing sparks.
  5. Multi point group injection mode.
  6. As Greg mentions are you sure your 12V is actually switched. As for the solenoid to power up it has to have that 12V there.
  7. Unfortunately not. They are only suitable as a temp channel.
  8. What coils are you running and do they require an external igniter? Sync mode on cam level is not suitable as the way it works is it looks for the cam signal to be high or low (hall/optical sensor only) when a gap on the trig 1 is occurring. Put simply it is not an option for the trigger set up you have. We have to stop the trigger errors before anything else as if its not happy here every thing will be upset and no way to get stable timing.
  9. Simon

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    If you are still running the wasted spark set up do you have resistive plugs fitted?
  10. Head on over to https://www.linkecu.com/contact/ecu-service-requests/
  11. You are going to need some external hardware to handle that type of current.
  12. Yep that is a back feed. The ECU will provide a ground when not powered up so switch on and ECU of the relay will energize.
  13. We can do a bottom board swap to convert it over to a EVO 8/9 setup. Only catch with this is we would have to get the ECU back to NZ to do the swap and reconfigure
  14. Lift the lid on the ECU and look for the green LED this should light at key on if not it most likely not getting power.
  15. To see if the ECU is powering up check for the LED on the board turning on. Is it a plugin or a wirein? What application?
  16. Could just be a low voltage supply issue to the ECU or the main fuse to the ECU is blown.. Check the power supply and grounds to the ECU and see what you have there.
  17. During crank you are clocking up trig 1 errors which indicates either the 24 tooth pulse (trig 1) or the single tooth pulse (trig 2) is not happy. Try cranking the engine with the ignition off (no spark) and see if you still have trig 1 errors counting up.
  18. The can / serial cable is a CAN extension cable and the power one was a special one. We still have some here in NZ but would have to contact us direct.
  19. Simon

    g4/v88 to racepak

    Hi Leon The G4+ module is geared to work on CAN from the ECU, The Vi-pec module was serial based. Using the G4+ adapter you would follow the following steps on the ECU Go to ECU controls > CAN Configuration Select 1 MBPS for the data rate select ECU Transmit Load the Generic Dash.lcc file Set transmit rate to 50Hz Apply and then Store
  20. Simon

    trigger 2 sync problem

    The ECCS sync is only applicable for Nissan 360 opto trigger mode. It will show no for all other trigger setups.
  21. Simon

    Stacking Virtual Aux

    Image shows a virtual aux set up to turn on if Virtual Aux 2 ,3 or ,4 is on. The virtual Aux is selected in the row below the condition.
  22. Simon

    EJ20G knock setup

    On the plugin Subaru units it is all ready to go just a case of turning the function on and tuning it to the engine.
  23. Simon

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    I would set both trig 1 and 2 to falling edge. Rest of set up of triggers looks ok. Assuming timing is still correct and confirmed on a timing light and that you have spark and fuel during crank the next check will be to remove the plugs and check if they are wet. It might just be too much fuel (or to little)
  24. Simon

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    @Brad Burnett Cam level is only suitable for a multi tooth missing set up. Has the CAM signal been modified to a single tooth? Have you done a trigger calibration to confirm the timing with a timing light?
  25. As long as the unit is serial number 10000 or later it will be able to take a CAN stream in and out. The question mark is around the Racegrade unit using the E888 can stream. If it is the same then yes all would work.
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