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  1. Simon

    Torque managment

    No only application is the 350Z can stream, and need to be running modeled fuel mode.
  2. Simon

    Torque managment

    Torque Management Torque Management is used to reduce the amount of torque produced by the engine. It does this by retarding the ignition timing to reduce engine torque to the requested level. NOTE: Currently this function is only used by certain Link plug in ECUs and has no application outside of these ECUs. For transmission gear shifting control, when the Transmission Control Module (TCM) wants to shift gears it requests the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to reduce engine torque. This is to ensure smooth shifting and prevent transmission damage. The following Torque Management settings are only used on specific Link plug-in ECUs
  3. Just a switched 12V supply. Just need to be sure it looses the power when the key is off and is capable of the current required (a few amps)
  4. Simon

    MR2/ST205 and Knock

    As above. Yes it is likely to have this changed to allow individual knock on a distributor application
  5. All the temp channels have an internal pullup ready to go, Temp 1 and 2 it is switchable but on 3 and 4 it is fixed. No need for and external pullup on temp 3/4
  6. Head to https://www.aimtechnologies.com/mxs-strada/ for more detailed information. To connect to the ECU you would need a CANPCB cable and a CANF connector. Or make up a connector direct to the JST connector on the board
  7. You have to use ign 1-4 for the coils if going individual Move the engine fans over to the freed up Aux 5-8 drives
  8. Simon

    MR2/ST205 and Knock

    It would actually be a huge task to implement this due to the way the code is written so will not be happening on the G4+ platform.
  9. 10 Volts at crank would be totally fine. My concern would be around the FET and the supply coming in on pin 56 as there have been cases where the FET has been out of spec and caused issues.
  10. Simon

    very high engine idle

    Initial step would be to block off the idle speed stepper so that all idle is controlled of the throttle. Get the engine to idle at a low idle on the throttle before moving on to the stepper control. You could be chasing a air leak causing the high idle.
  11. Assuming you have a cam sync and can run semi sequential then Drive 1 to 1-4 Drive 2 to 2-5 Drive 3 to 3-6
  12. All depends on the ECU header and the pinout, If the header and pinout match on those applications then yes it could be used.
  13. Simon

    G1 info

    On the V5 it is geared to work with a typical bosch NTC sensor (two wire) , Early (pre V5 needed a specific sensor)
  14. You will need to set the trigger 2 Sync Mode to none.
  15. Simon

    Lambda/AFR problems

    Check you have the latest PClink installed. To check you can go to help - About and confirm this matches the latest on the web
  16. No there will be no additions to the G4 features.
  17. I would say unknown at the moment. It looks to need a heap of current to operate so we would have to use a solid state relay as none of the ECU drives will do 20A There is also position feed back which currently we have no strategy directly for.
  18. suspect old firmware. Check firmware version and if old suggest an upgrade.
  19. Simon

    Rb20 cas

    When cranking do you see an RPM? The ECCS sync will no longer be applicable as the trigger mode is nolonger Nissan 360. If you have an RPM reading during crank then you will need to check and adjust the base timing as this could be way off with the changed trigger disk.
  20. No they are not able to be combined.
  21. The additional CAM sensors have to go to Di inputs we just look for a fixed voltage and trigger when this is reached. On a G4+ you would do a trigger scope to capture the waveform but you don't have that option on the G4 so would have to use an external scope. In the run times (trigger limits tab) you can see if there is a signal but not if it is correct.
  22. Yes the G4+ supports custom CAN so you can mix and match as you need. You can of course customise the parameters on the dash so you don't have empty spots with no data.
  23. If you login using the user name rather than the email address it will be happy.
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