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    Simon got a reaction from koracing in Base timing   
    The best option is to get your timing light out and check it. A good trick on distributor application is to set up the ECU as direct spark so the coil only fires once in a 720 cycle and then just move offset to correct position.
    This will ensure that you injection timing is correct even on a distributor application.
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    Simon got a reaction from AliTx in Charge Temp Correction tuning.   
    Charge temperature is used in the air density estimation in the fuel equation. As there is no sensor right at the intake port and due to air temperature changes between the IAT sensor and port, an estimation is needed of the temperature at the port.

    When charge temperature is turned on for use in the fuel equation, it is always used. Charge temperature correction is not turned off by putting zeros in the table. A zero in the table means charge temperature will match IAT. A 100% means charge temperature will match ECT.

    The assumption is that at low air flows, the air temperature is closer to ECT due to being heated by the port and intake runner. At high air speeds, the air temperature is closer to IAT.
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    Simon got a reaction from SchuKingR in Are G4+ firmware features still being developed?   
    It would be relatively unlikely. It will have bugs resolved where possible. But new features wont be added. 
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    Simon got a reaction from immy21 in Dbw s15link   
    Should have this sorted now.
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    Simon reacted to Adamw in Closed loop Fail-safe for CAN lambda   
    If using the Link CAN lambda (or internal Fury/Thunder lambda) there is fail safe logic built in.  
    If using a single CAN lambda and it reports an error then Lambda will be displayed/logged as zero and the CLL will be disabled.
    If using two CAN lambdas in dual channel mode and one reports an error the CLL will be disabled on that bank only.
    If using multiple CAN lambdas and single channel CLL (based on Lambda average), if one sensor reports an error then that sensor will be removed from the Lambda average calculation and CLL will be based on the average of the remaining good sensors.  If all sensors are reporting errors then CLL will be disabled
    Note if using an ecu with automode you can also turn on 3D trim tables which allows you to specify different min & max trims under different conditions.  For example you could allow CLL to remove 25% fuel under cruise conditions, but no more than 3% at high boost or full throttle. 
    CLL is also disabled during any of the lockout conditions, as well as launch control, antilag, over-run fuel cut, accel enrichment active etc.
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    Simon got a reaction from dee242 in aem ethanol sensor setup   
    So that is just the status. There is a dedicate Ethanol % runtime value and also Temp.

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    Simon got a reaction from Davidv in Latest Update   
    6.16.26 PC link and 6.16.15 FW are now available 
    http://www.linkecu.com/pclink/Link Engine Management PC Link G4X Updates 13032020.pdf
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    Simon got a reaction from dee242 in aem ethanol sensor setup   
    Only check there is that there is a lock out for a little bit after start up. So would only expect it to read after a bit of running.
    Set up really is just turn on the Di to Ethanol Sensor and pullup on. And you have this done.
    Then it is just down to wiring and sensor.
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    Simon got a reaction from eRRfhang in RB25DET S2 wiring in IAT sensor and MAC Boost Solenoid   
    You will need a free Aux output that can then be set as engine fan. This will then provide a ground to turn on a relay that controls the fans. 
    Pin 9 might be a good option if you are not running AC.
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    Simon reacted to Adamw in Ignition table axes questions - rotary specific   
    No you do not need the same parameters on the axes and they dont need to span the same ranges or even have the same breakpoints.  From memory I think the main fuel and ignition tables cam have a max breakpoint size of 22 x 20, while many of the less critical tables will have a max size of 16 x 11.
    Trailing split does not generally need a high resolution table as it usually only changes a small amount (if at all) over the full operating range.  I often see rotary maps with 12deg in every cell - so no point having aal 176 cells populated all with the same number in them...
    My general tuning philosophy is to start as simple as possible and only make it more complicated when/if it needs to be.  So I will usually start with the bare minimum breakpoints that I think it will need.  For the main ign table I will usually do 500RPM increments up to about 5000RPM, then 1000RPM above that.  For the MAP breakpoints 20kpa around idle/cruise then 40kpa on boost.  If in the process of tuning that ign table I find there is some area where the timing requirements are vastly different cell to cell then I will just add a new column/row at that point only.  When you add a new row/column in the Link software it doesnt mess up the rest of your tune like it does with many other ecu's so you only need to tune the newly added row/column.
    Same idea with your split table - the few turbo engines I have tuned only varied from about 8deg at light loads to 12deg at high loads, so you likely will only need something like a 6x6 table in most cases.  NA engines typically just have a flat 10deg all over so will only need one cell.
    When the engine is running you will have crosshairs on all of your tables showing where in the table the engine is operating, and you can also add "gauges" to your page showing live the commanded ign timing and split that it is pulling from those tables.
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    Simon got a reaction from mapper in 4D and 5D need more resolution   
    Hi Good spotting, this will be corrected in a coming release.
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    Simon reacted to TechDave in Error ECU Unlock   
    The dealer hasn't followed the instructions properly.

    Go back to them and explain that when they enter the unlock code online, they need to enter 2442 not 02442
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    Simon got a reaction from TechDave in G4x Trigger Modes   
    The X just uses the Multi tooth mode. Set tooth count to suit and if no sync set trig 2 sync mode to none.
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    Simon got a reaction from Alex182 in AUX Tacho output issue   
    You have two aux outputs assigned as Tacho. 
    You have the one on Aux 4 which would be correct for your application. But you also have one set on Aux Ign 5 
    If you set Aux Ign 5 to off and store all should be good.
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    Simon got a reaction from Amer A Hbahbeh in g4X Monsoon unlock issue   
    When PC link was installed did you put it in the default locations?
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    Simon got a reaction from Eacs10 in Kiggly 12 tooth Crank trigger Setup   
    The Offset figure will depend on which cam tooth has been removed. But this can be found relatively quickly when doing the timing calibration. 
    Also note that you will need to change the wiring for the Tacho to a available Aux output on the ECU as in stock format it is driven from the crank signal on our plugin.
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    Simon got a reaction from Purpleline in rb25 no spark   
    It comes down to the coil as to what the needed dwell is going to be. I would assume that table is for stock coils. 
    If the dwell is too short you loose spark energy. If it is too long you risk overheating the coils.
    I would try increased dwell time and see if it improves. While keeping an eye on the coil temps.
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    Simon got a reaction from joshcoop123 in Wiring g1 plus into 4agze   
    These are the old G1 docs for the 4AGZE. The loom colours changed over time so for the ECU wiring go off location in the main header. 
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    Simon got a reaction from Sven in Falcon 5L cam and crank sensor connection?   
    You can work out the polarity relatively easy with a volt meter. 
    Put the leads across the sensor and then bring a steal ruler or bolt up to and then past the sensor. You are looking for a positive voltage spike as the item come towards the sensor and then negative as it moves away. 
    If it is reversed then swap the meter leads over. 
    The positive meter lead then indicates the trigger pin and the other is the sensor ground. 
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    Simon got a reaction from Leo Malcolm in G4x Base map   
    Yep Multi fuel and traction control will be coming 
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    Simon reacted to Adamw in Arctic cat Power valves   
    Im not sure if they do a reset/calibration on power up or not sorry, I have very little info about how this function works.  The best I could suggest is set the power valve control settings to some very low RPM when the engine is idling and see what happens.
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    Simon got a reaction from mikegt4dude in G4x Base map   
    Yep Multi fuel and traction control will be coming 
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    Simon got a reaction from Davidv in G4x Base map   
    Yep Multi fuel and traction control will be coming 
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    Simon got a reaction from Davidv in G4x Base map   
    Up to 1000Hz now available 

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    Simon got a reaction from Davidv in G4x Base map   
    For those looking for a base map to have a play with.
    Software can be found at http://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLink 6.15.15.exe
    Monsoon FW 6.15.6.pclx
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