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  1. Thanks I'll look into it
  2. I actually have a Vipec V44. Does it use a VE engine model? sorry for posting in the wrong forum
  3. Hi, Is there an internal calculated value of "Air Mass / cyl" that can be logged on a car set up with MAP sensor? I think it would be a great way to measure effects of different parts like intercoolers / turbo / boost. I tried logging "Mass per Cyl (x100)" but it seems to be only calculated when a MAF sensor is used. Does this makes sense?
  4. Hi, is there a way to select a range in a log to measure time between to events? As an example I would like to be able to determine how long it takes the ecu to sync trig 1 and trig 2 and total startup time without having to select different spots and subtract times.
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