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  1. What setting works for you falling or rising edge? I set up a 2grfe with a v88 years ago and i got trigger failures with rising edge.With falling it works now years without problems
  2. Post you a email Dave. Thanks
  3. My wife bought a new car a Ariel Atom with rotrex charger.It could be possible that im a little involved in that decision There is a hydra nemesys ecu installed. The softwareinterface is a crap and its a older unit. So i decide to upgrade to a Vi-Pec because i'm very happy with the V88 in my mr2/2gr-fe setup. The engine is a honda k20A2 so a v44 should be sufficient. If some has a used v44/v88 for reasonable price please give me a pm!
  4. Do you clear all errors? Try to clear the ecu and software error codes first.
  5. Try the idle ignition trim feature.
  6. You need this: http://www.motec.com/e888e816/e888e816overview/
  7. Dont know exactly but i think its not a good idea to operate with link software on a vi-pec. Ask simon about that BEFORE you make a store or something else with the link software. i open your MAP-File in VTS with no error messages.
  8. Sorry but dont understand last post.Could you connect with the vipec software yet? For DBW :- you must clear all the errors ECU and software - calibrate the FPS sensor - calibrate the ethrottle. You should be carefuly with the DBW dont power it on a long time before it is calibrated and working correct. If you get errors look at the online help in the vipec software if your wirering is correct. Post the error here. You are the one with the spyder? Dont know what map i gave you.Could you please mail them to me,so i check if it is the right one.
  9. I get this message when I tried to load a link map in the vipec software. Is your base map maybe a link map?
  10. No, the ignition wires to the coils or plugs. All wires that draw a lot of current or high voltage are bad they should go seperated from the triggers or sensor wires.
  11. The grease don't help.if your trigger wires are parallel to the ignition wires you have induction. To test you could route the wires straight to the trigger sensors.( 1 feet distance to all other wires)
  12. Is it possible that your wires of the trigger sensors are to close to the ignition wires? That corrupts the signal. Try to reroute or use better shielding.
  13. Due to the fact that Vi-Pec and Link are not competitors, it where nice to have a comparrision Table of the differant brand ecu's. storm/V44 Extreme/V88 There are a lot of people in forum's saying Link and Vi-pec is no difference other than the name. I think it's your interrest to clear this misunderstanding.
  14. I agree to do more testing before releasing a Firmware update with new features, but the last update is 8 month ago. So what about a bugfix release? We live 8 month with a lot of unresolved bugs that are quite simple to fix. Could you please think about divert the firmware-updates in bugfix releases and new feature releases?
  15. VTS on a Stylistic Q550 Tablet as Dash: Â Â
  16. A Lan connection like the motec m1 ecu. Its faster than the rs232, its more resistand against elektrik noice, It has not the usb 5mtr cabel lenght limitation Its shareable between different devices, It has a smaller plug, Its easy to crimp the cables by myself in the car. Its better for customer support, because its easy to implement a remote access to the ecu.
  17. @ Dave It makes now difference how many paramters i logged. I get the 16Hz with logging off and one emty tab.(the calculated value in the upper right corner) Can you post your laptop and ECU specs (OS/CPUTYPE/GHz/RAM and the comport settings in the devicemanager of windows,Type of ecu and firmware vers) I think it was an older firmware,the firmware/software before the gui redesign was much faster for logging.
  18. Ipad did not work. You can use a windows based tablet like the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550.(it is not very powerfull but cheap) You can use a mac too, but you have to install the vipec-software in a virtual-windows box. The Android and ipad tablets dont work because vts only runs on windows.
  19. Yes, i have noticed that i get the best logging rate with a new emty layout. But even so i get no more as 16Hz in the green box calculated. If i use a layout with many gauges it drops to 7Hz.
  20. Same here, 6 to 15hz. Is there anything else I can do to speed this up? I test 3 different laptops (core2d 2ghz,Pentium m ,atom 1,5) with xp and win 7 no big difference. To set a higher priority works only on xp 10-15hz. Best results 13-15hz when I create a empty tab with no gauges.
  21. Nice! Im whant do the same thing with a nexus 7 tablet. More room for dashes as a matrix display. Have the nexus here but not shure what kind of can->Bluetooth adapter i should buy. Where you get the vipec->canbus plug?
  22. I buy a nexus 7 for this thing. Post a update if i had some results. Im not sure what the better option a) read the data from the USB-Com port read the data from the canBus (needs a Can ->USB converter) In the moment i think is the better option left the usb-port for tunning and there is the option to implement a ODBII plug at a later stage of development. I read in the forum that the source code from rays vdash&vlogger is going around, that where a great source of info's for me.
  23. Do you use DBW for idle control or do you have a idle-valve too? I have a TP of 2.0% when the engine is warmed up to idle at 750-800rpm. So your tp must be at (real) >2% when the target is 0 to have idle problems. If so there must be something wrong with your settings. Test your TP calibration:Remove the e-throttle fuse and move the TP with your fingers and look at the reading. if you get only a 0% reading when the TP is fully closed your calib is good.
  24. Thanks jason, but there is 17030 and 17050. I have 17040. I tryied the st185/st205 calib and there is a big diff to 17040 My sensor reads 195kpa boost with these calibs when it should show 100kpa
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