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  1. I'm wondering if you can separate +/- to two parameters from Closed Loop FTrim Limit, then we can limit the negative fuel trim in a very small range that won't cause damage. A fail safe can't prevent a half bad o2 sensor from sending back wrong signals. Some stock ECUs do their closed loop f-trim this way.
  2. Hi Simon, Thank you for the reply, I can understand what are you saying as a programmer. Looking forward to revises. It will be appreciated if you note this feature in PC-Link's help docs.
  3. Thank you halltech! That's really helpful and explained everything. A previous set of ID 2000cc injectors were damaged by running E85, I'm waiting for new injectors, temporarily installed a set of 550cc to test launch control. Fuel was only roughly tuned. That's why injector duty cycle was that high. But what is designer's logic behind this? The basic rev limit should unconditionally active or what is the meaning of the limit? It should be a baseline of engine protection. A stock ecu will cut fuel at red line no matter whatever other conditions are.
  4. The ECU is G4+ Fury, FW, PC-Link car is a 2012 STi with full built EJ257 motor. I was tuning a 2012 STi's launch control yesterday, the car has been tuned on dyno. During the first pull on the road, I found that the engine can rev to 10000 RPM! At first I thought that was related to LC or Shift Cut, then I turned LC and Shift Cut off, it can still rev over RPM limit I set.So I turned off the "Advanced Mode" of RPM limit and did a stationary full throttle test, it over rev again !!!!Then I turned on the "Advanced Mode" of RPM limit back, changed some parameters, better now.(GP RPM limit is always off during the whole test) I went to road test again, at 1st gear, full throttle, if I pushed the clutch down right before the rpm limit I set, the engine will randomly over rev to 8500 even 10000. Then I added two params to log, RPM limit and RPM limit(Status) and tried again,this time I found that when engine over rev(logged engine speed > RPM limit), the RPM limit(Status) was keeping OFF!! Sometimes the engine won't over rev during a test, when I check the log the RPM limit(Status) is "Active" when engine speed >= RPM limit. If I wasn't very careful to turn off boost control during the whole test or I didn't install the best valve spring I can find to this engine, I would have lost the whole long block. I attached the latest map, some logs and screenshots. RPM_Limit_Actived.llg AChang_PTE6266_V19_Copy.pclr RPM_Limit_Not_Actived2(9000RPM).llg RPM_Limit_Actived_Car_Is_Stationary.llg
  5. You are always my ass saver Simon.............LOL After reversed polarities of trigger 2, everything went good. Thank you!
  6. OK, I didn't read the wave form carefully. I realized that the trigger 2 actually was triggered 4 times per 360 cam deg. I guess the trigger 2 was wired into the 4 tooth sensor not the 1 tooth sensor.... but engine couldn't start after I wired the trigger 2 into the other sensor.
  7. ECU: G4+ Fury. Engine: Honda B18C with 24 tooth distributor. Triggers setting: Cam 24 tooth / Cam 1 pulse. Engine started good and had a very stable idle, but no rpm reading. Trigger scope seems good too. But do you believe the engine is actually running when you see the readings? Any suggestion?
  8. Adamw: the stoiches were all set to 14.7, when I set both LM-2 and Fury to show lamda, Fury read about 0.03 lambda leaner, I just used to use AFR as the unit. btw AEM is adjustable for multiple fuel types, but can not show lambda. Simon: where should I get start to check? Since they are all "digital" devices..... An extended answer of Adamw's question is that if I set stoich to 14.2 in Fury, the AFR reading offset will be in a acceptable range like 0.1ish, lambda is still off though. but that doesn't make sense because I think you should not fix an "offset" by changing a "multiplier".
  9. Something like the attachment. 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock at the same distance to the turbine housing.
  10. Hi guys, Thank you for you replies. Mapper: for the three devices in this test, they are all working in "digital" way, so I guess analog signal does not matter that much, I grounded them well though. Dave: Yes, I'm running 5.4.3 2630 firmware. and yes, the two settings in "Internal Lambda 1" were set exactly like what you posted. LAMBDA SENSOR CONTROL = ON RUN WHEN STALLED = NO. Runtime value: Int. Lambda 1 Status = Operating Int. Lambda 1 Error = OK Int. Lambda 1 Temp = swinging around 780. To Mapper: AEM is much better than before since LSU 4.9 upgrade, what I have seen is that AEM(LSU 4.9 Version) reads leaner only when actual AFR is higher than 14.2. I think that range is less important.
  11. I found that Fury's internal lambda controller reading is always 0.5 AFR leaner than LM-2 LSU4.9 and AEM UEGO LSU4.9. The test used two LSU4.9 sensors for 3 devices, sensors were cross swapped during test, same result, updated Fury fw. to 5.4.3, same result. LM-2 and AEM read consistently 0.1 AFR diff. I also compared LM-2 to several other AEMs(no pictures), very same result. I think LM-2 is something can be trusted. Any suggestion?
  12. Problem resolved, perfectly, thank you Simon! You guys know your stuff better than anyone else. Like Simon said, it was ECU hold power related. It turned out the wiring guy didn't strictly follow my diagram to connect a key switched 12v to Ignition Switch DI, and I didn't realize that Ignition Switch DI is a must for ECU hold power even I have written it in the wiring instruction for him. Luckily at least I learned something from this issue.
  13. Any suggestion to resolve this problem ? Or is it a hardware failure? Any input will be appreciated.
  14. The Engine is 2JZGTE VVTi, there was no trigger 1 or trigger 2 signal every time after I shut the main power down and tried to start engine again. Everytime I had to choose one any other trigger mode in 'Trigger setup' menu and choose it back to the right one, or the engine won't start. Once I did, the engine will magically start. After every power cycle, there won't be any trigger signal at all, and yes I pressed F4 to store it every time before I shut the power down, and PCLink showed that the Trigger Mode was the right one after power up. It looks like that the 'Trigger mode' setup was stored but actually not.
  15. Base map attached. I'll do some tests for 4 to 10kHz and 10 to 16kHZ, aslo I have serval knock blocks, will try another hardware as well. ALU_FULL_Standalone_E85_AEMO2_KnockAmp_V3_AFRknockListen.pcl
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