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  1. Did the exact same , went from traditional to modeled, nothing was transferable nor did anything in the main maps-fuel- work.In my case it was starting from scratch besides ign. that I could transfer.
  2. Did you take your car to Doc`s for tuning?
  3. Dont worry with the Supra file name-this is currently in my RB26 S14. Should get your basics done. xxx new fuel supra refined fuel 85 to 175 more timing carefull .pclr
  4. Gsab

    bmw x5 e throttle

    Pin configuration should be the same.
  5. Gsab

    v88 to G4+ Upgrade

    Did the same, V88 to Thunder.Made sure wiring was the same-the features that I was using-loaded the Vipec map into Thunder and went driving. Back and forwards compatible.I am now, after 3 months of driving with Thunder,, changing out the harness to take advantage of the upgraded features. Going full modeled fueling so Ill be starting all over.
  6. Gsab

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Following this...none the wiser.
  7. Thank you Sir, meant to reply ages ago but could not log in. Thanks.
  8. Setting up modeled fuel mode-where would the best place be to mount the fuel temp sensor? I see OE`s like the in tank option, I was more of the opinion of mounting it in the fuel rail or just pre fuel rail-perhaps in the fuel filter housing under the manifold? Heat soak may be an issue though, any recommendations?? and why?
  9. Dale, contact Doc`s in Edenvale, chap is pretty good but as with all tjooners, you need to sit on his ass. Ill check out your ecu choice and see if I can help.Have run ViPEC V88 and just changed to Link Thunder. EDIT. Just checked it out, simply a plugg in specific.Programming and setup same as g4+.
  10. All good, know what needs doing, connected power, unlocked and loaded. All good.
  11. I know I can import my ViPEC Pcl files into the new G4+ Thunder. Does the Pcl file contain the setup data as well or is it necessary to input every item separately ? I`m talking loom or plug A and B only. Logic says input setup ecu data then import Pcl file. Advice please guys....
  12. Aha! Thank you Sir, explains my issue.
  13. Adam, to piggy back on this, my mixture map range covers -20 kpa up to -70 kpa.Id would like to extend this to cover my full range of -20 kpa to +250 kpa. Plaese advise if this can be done and how? Really at a brick wall with this atm..ViPEC V88. Thanks.
  14. Agree with Neil, 7 years and nowt a problem.
  15. Hi Clint, thanks. Agree with you there,but Im measuring 7.35v on An4 v unterminated. I have used cal tables 1,2 and 3, poked around with others but keep getting this voltage measurement. Ive checked continuity from ecu plug as well and it is the correct wire.
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