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  1. Thank you Brad, appreciate the info.
  2. Bought a set of DW 1000cc fuel injectors, setting up the modeled fuel equation. The injectors are tested at 3 bar and test flow is 711cc. What do I input to the ecu the 711 cc or as advertised at full flow1000cc`s ? Trying to get my head around this all.
  3. Here is the info should someone require it.
  4. Mercedes W202/w210 .DBW pedal sensor with cable Does any one have the details for the plug connection for this type of sensor please. I have seen it somewhere, have searched on the forum but have come up empty. Thanks, ] Edit to add: Found what I was looking for-posting here for Forums members .
  5. Thought I would add a very simple and effective way of removing the ecu from the bracket- Use 2x Stanley blades, the triangular carpet cutter blades, Sharp edge under the "roll" of the bracket, push inward and "roll" them out. Pops out like a dream.
  6. Brilliant info barge ! Thanks. Also have the Ford/Volvo unit.
  7. Great feedback, thanks guys. We do have working cars I can use.
  8. In over my head a bit here. Can the can stream be customized to wake up an electro hydraulic power steer pump ? Using a Link g4 Thunder.Can the thunder can be programmed for this ? If so I presume I would need the can protocol for the specific pump I want to use. Insight here ? Need to add that this is fitted to a non can vehicle.
  9. I do all my own tuning on my car-this is mostly due to incompetent tjooners around here.If you really have to use someone, Doc`s tuning in Edenvale. Prepare for an ordeal.
  10. Did the exact same , went from traditional to modeled, nothing was transferable nor did anything in the main maps-fuel- work.In my case it was starting from scratch besides ign. that I could transfer.
  11. Did you take your car to Doc`s for tuning?
  12. Dont worry with the Supra file name-this is currently in my RB26 S14. Should get your basics done. xxx new fuel supra refined fuel 85 to 175 more timing carefull .pclr
  13. Gsab

    bmw x5 e throttle

    Pin configuration should be the same.
  14. Gsab

    v88 to G4+ Upgrade

    Did the same, V88 to Thunder.Made sure wiring was the same-the features that I was using-loaded the Vipec map into Thunder and went driving. Back and forwards compatible.I am now, after 3 months of driving with Thunder,, changing out the harness to take advantage of the upgraded features. Going full modeled fueling so Ill be starting all over.
  15. Gsab

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Following this...none the wiser.
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