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  1. Gsab

    What Lambda controller to use?

    Agree with Neil, 7 years and nowt a problem.
  2. Hi Clint, thanks. Agree with you there,but Im measuring 7.35v on An4 v unterminated. I have used cal tables 1,2 and 3, poked around with others but keep getting this voltage measurement. Ive checked continuity from ecu plug as well and it is the correct wire.
  3. Please advise, I have configured An4 v as an input for my oil pressure. I am using a Gems 0 to 8 bar scale sensor with a 0 to 5v output. My issue is that I keep measuring 7.35 volts on An4 V which I think is telling me that I need to use a VDO Type resistor sensor. Not what I am after, Gems sensor is mounted and wired up except for the V88 input. How would I reconfigure this input for a 0 to 5 volt input please. Thanks.
  4. A while since my last post, built an RB34 stroker motor and went for the JUN 11mm lift 288 degree cams spec. Now the cam is not big in my old Alfa 3.0 engine builds, in the 3.4 liter RB engine its massive ! Really battling to get good, consistent idle and some meaningful vacuum . I'm currently playing with cam LSA and LCA`s and with big timing figures(45deg) I can achieve a reasonable idle but its not consistent. Main input is MAP based. Any ideas from the big cam blokes here ?? Thanks...
  5. Gsab

    S14 Nissan RB26.

    Dave, Dave, Dave......never a truer word spoken in jest... Just completed my Spool RB34 and fired her up yesterday. Sounding awesome ! Will post updates as "we" go along..:-)
  6. Gsab

    Innovate LC-1 technical installation

    I have my o2 sensor 150mm after exit from turbine housing and found temperature is a problem at certain times. I now have moved it about 400mm further down the pipe and do not have temp problems anymore.-Innovate LC-1. Too be seriously critical , I noticed an ever so small delay in readings but I am not concerned about such a minute delay. Really splitting hairs here.. EGT sensor is mounted before the turbine inlet , about 20mm before the turbine flange. No problems with it there. I was concerned of it eventually breaking off and going through the turbine but nothing in 2 years as yet. I do periodically remove it to check and it is still intact and perfect except for some discoloration.
  7. Gsab

    V44 Anti-lag problem

    Mr MLDC , Could I suggest you e-mail Dave, deposit a few Dollars into his account and take advantage of his skills and knowledge ? I too asked questions and for help from him here with maps going to and fro. It was only when he connected via Team viewer that we really got somewhere solid and fast. I always regarded myself as an proficient tuner here but was rudely awakened by the details Dave saw and corrected on my tune for the RB26 engine. I am in Africa and Dave in Ozz, he manged to turn my 350hp engine with terrible fuel consumption into a 650hp fire breather. My basics were all wrong and trying to use corrections was like a band aid to the problem. After some road runs and data logging we hit the dyno with Dave setting the car up . That was where the engine came into it`s own ! Seriously look at this option from him. We now have a few guys here using (and abusing!) him for our cars. Sorry for the 2 am calls Dave ! I think we have the time zones pegged now. Barry Henning-South Africa.
  8. Gsab

    ethrottle error 16

    Quite often I have found that a T/B that opens to 95-97 % max only often flows more air.Not sure if It has to do with airspeed across the blade , redirecting flow or simply creating plenum turbulence, but it works for me on quite a few motors and intake designs. My 2c worth.
  9. Gsab

    S14 Nissan RB26.

    An update here....after Dave was commissioned long distance to help with my tuning, the GTX3076 turbo idea has been dumped and I kept the GTX3582R ..That now spools so damn quick it is a pleasure to drive in traffic, never mind the response out of corners..Cheers Dave. 8-)
  10. Gsab

    GPS input

    Could this explain why I have a 1-130km/h reading on my Aim Dash and when I go faster it resets to 1 km and counts up again. I'm now adding the "over 130km/h" figure to 130 km/h to get correct speed. Gear selector also goes from whatever gear I'm in back to 1st..
  11. Gsab

    anti lag set up

    Max, your fuel table is all over the place..Car must be a bitch to drive. Do not know what your plans are but Dave is the bomb at sorting this kind of stuff out.. Serious advice.
  12. Gsab

    starting problem

    "i also forgot to mention sometimes when im turning it over and it doesnt start it occasionally backfires out the exhaust." Cam sync trigger will have an influence on this..
  13. Gsab

    Dave Kriedeman-Unashamed plugg !!

    Sitting on the Dyno yesterday and needed help once more. Mailed Dave and he connected via Team viewer, we chatted and made some changes to critical setup data that I had got wrong. Dave decided on changing some major stuff and he built another fuel map quickly. Ran the car, fattened up the lot and Bob`s yer Uncle ! Out on the road last night and I sorted some "flat " spots here and there. Currently looking at data logs and making baby step changes-remember I am totally new to ViPEC. The more I get involved, the more I want to learn ! I have a track day tomorrow-Sunday-and Dave is too happy to help me out on a Saturday morning. Thank you Sir, I am sold.
  14. If you have not used this man`s professional services yet, you do not know what you are missing ! Fitted my V88 to my RB26 and started programming. My first time with ViPEC btw. Lots of little questions here and there, some correct answers that help a smidgen but I was battling. Car ran ok`ish but always felt there was more. Seeing how Dave was being inundated with questions I shy`d away. That was until last week, broke down and e-mailed Mr Magic with some problems. Long story short, lots of help, a new PCL file that is 100% improvement over mine ,and my car is a rocket with power where it should be. Torque is amazing off boost, on boost she is just plain scary . (Was about to go to a Garrett GTX3076R to make up some response.) I have now decided to make use of Dave`s services via the net to sort my ViPEC out once and for all. Payment is made via PayPal and bobs yer Uncle ! Online real time professional help. Did I mention Im in South Africa ?? Do not hesitate guys , make use of Mr Kriedeman`s services. It is seriously worth it. Thanks Dave.
  15. Gsab