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  1. Yup, this was really a pain in the arse..
  2. Got this thing working, no trigger issues with 36-1 wheel.... This makes me wonder why it didn´t work with 60-2, too much load on the micro / trigger circuit?
  3. It´s kinda amazing folks having so much issues with Racepak dashes. I was about to purchase one and tried to ask some details from manufacturer directly and from Racepak forum. No one bothered to answer and I didn´t purchase one. Happy with that decision.
  4. I will. I will change the trigger wheel to 36-1 first and take new measurements. Try to take some video / photos and post over here too from the measurement.
  5. Had a possibility to scope the crank signal with quality digital & analogue scope. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the signal when the problem / trigger error occurs. Had no time to scope the cam signal, but will do that within few days. Hopefully there´s nothing wrong with the trigger circuit in the ECU board..
  6. Sutkale

    ultimate ecu

    Hi Jason, Sorry for off-topic, you said going 0.5 lambda with metanol. That sounds quite impossible since lambda 1 is stoich with every fuel used. Just out of quriosity..? Or are converting from (methanol) AFR to lambda?
  7. Hi Dave, CDI output wires are at closest to cam and crank wires app. 20-30 cm, so not so close I would say. Tuning cable and ECU are in the cockpit and CDI unit in the engine compartment, thus pretty far away from each other. This ECU and laptop break up gave me an idea to put ferrite beads around the power cables to see what type of an effect this has and wheter it would be of a help to trigger issues. Furthermore, I will put some aluminium tape around the trigger cables to increase shielding against EMI / RF. I also noticed the tuning cable is without ferrite bead at the cable end that is very usual set up with USB cables. So lets see what will be the result.
  8. Thanks Dave for the answer. I have got resistor plugs, changing of plugs doesn´t have any difference. Autronic´s CDI cables are twisted even though manufacturer states this is not neseccary. Alternator might be a source for issues, maybe for trigger issues also?
  9. Regarding this issue, I will install 36-1 crank trigger wheel and have a try with it. Cannot find suitable 24 or 12 teeth wheel that would fit auxilliary drive belt pulley. Howerver, I managed to get little progression with this by changing the position of cam wheel, by enabling occassional trigger error free runs on a neutral gear revving that wasn´t the case before. Maybe a bit off topic, but have anyone else encountered any issues on a occasion where you try to capture a scope log from a trigger on a high revs and at the same time lap top disconnects? This was repeatable many times.
  10. Took a scope shot from the triggers at idle after changing the cam sensor and smoothing the cam trigger wheel. Still getting some glitches on cam. A couple of questions in the scope shot with respect the cam / crank sync:
  11. It´s not an absolute neseccity, I could maybe get a billet crank pulley wheel with teeth incorporeted on to it.
  12. Yup, lot´s of things to consider of. I´ll start with re-routing trig 1 and 2 and see if it has any effect.
  13. Got new engine running finally. However, this s***t hasn´t gone anywhere.. Changing CDI connector and pins at CDI box end did not help that I thougt would be the final solution since got some loose pins over there dropping cylinder #3 from the game occasionally. So clean trigger at start and revving cleanly until 7000 rpm and then issues occurring espeacially when revs accelerate very fast. When revs don´t come in that hard, at higger gears, the run is usually without trigger issues. Should the ecu see trigger error, it usually causes 15-20 error causing rev calculator to see 15.000 - 65.000 rev spikes and and got rev limiter activated. Gotta do more some test driving within next days and see if I get any hint what could be causing this. For some reason I think this is more related to some other issue than directly to crank and cam sensors or their wireing since start and low rev running is clean.
  14. Guys, Maybe I should know that, but don´t. If you reduce the master fuel number from 10 to 7, should the fuel table number be increased by 30 % in order to get the same fueling than with 10ms master fuel?
  15. Sutkale

    NO MORE i88 OR Vi-PEC?

    Wouldn´t it be a good idea to put some info upon this to the main site as folks wouldn´t get confused from this brand "merger" and be able to download the latest firmware updates from link site?
  16. Well, I've been using Bosch 4 micron paper inline filter for years without issues, and only on E85.
  17. Yes, iVTS files works properly in G4+ software, I tried it. I actually started to like the Link software after playing a bit with it... I think it would be could idea to update Vi-Pec site also with 5.4 firmware if some bugs are fixed from the older version.
  18. Dave, is there really firmware # 5.4? The download site states the following "iVTS" as the newest one. EDIT: It seems there´s "PCLink G4+ V5.4.0.2399 (09-04-15) ENG-JPN" available to Link G4+ though. You guys freezing down the development of Vi-Pec ECU´s? :roll: EDIT2: Haven´t tried G4+ software in i88, but I suppose it works? EDIT3: Yes it does: http://www.linkecu.com/support/download ... nformation
  19. A bit off topic and not really a bug, but modelled fuel option does not support injectors over 3000cc. Not an issue for most of folks but those who´re using lawn cutter size engines, this might be an issue...
  20. Is your ABS sensor putting sini wave or square wave as output? Mine is putting sini wave and it is transformed to square wave to make the ECU understand the signal.
  21. Hello, Base fuel pressure is 400kpa absolute and running 1:1 fuel pressure regulator. Max boost would be around 450kpa absolute, so we're seeing 850kpa peak fuel pressure at 450kpa boost? Engine displacement is 1998cc.
  22. I forgot the whole thing. So is there any chance to get the modelled fuel equation into operation if you´re running staged injection and the injector size exceeds 3000cc in total (modelled fuel equation accepts 3000cc as maximum)? In my case running primaries as 1200cc and secondaries 2300cc, resulting 3500cc. Running E85 and methanol in app. 1000 horses 4 cyl engine. Running on E85 smaller injectors would do, but on straight methanol even 3500cc´s are on their limits.
  23. Would be nice to try this on icy road, but have no engine under the hood currently..
  24. It seems we have got a new firmware with main features like traction control and gear shift. Is traction control so called "full blown" traction control? What about gear shift? -> a gear cut property for those using convetional clutch based gear shift? Looks damn good now.. Waiting for the spring and new engine.
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