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  1. Hi DAve, Yes that´s it... But that is for my gasoline set up, but doesn´t change things in this respect. Yes, sequential / staged modelled fuel equation.
  2. I am currently on holiday trip, can do later this week. Edit: actually I emailed that to you on late October..?
  3. Engine is currently in pieces at the garage floor, so it is time to do some virtual tuning.. Has anyone have time to think how the modelled fuel equation works with staged injection? I particularly have paid attention to injector set up and do not know how to put the settings in the following situation; under injector set up one should put down the true flow rates of the injectors at given pressure (3.0 bar I assume). If you are running staged injection, is the injector flow rate number a total number of injector flow? Given you have primaries 1200 cc and secondaries 2300cc, is the flow rate number 3500cc (each cylinder is sprayed with 1200cc + 2300cc injector)? Should the secondaries start to spray when TPS exceed 30 %, is the ECU capable of calculate the right opening time when only 1200cc´s are spraying when TPS is under 30 %. One thing that I noticed is that the software do not accept bigger injectors than 3000cc. In that case and provided that total flow of injectors is more than 3000cc, does the modelled fuel equation work at all? I am gonna play with methanol so big injectors are needed in 4 cyl engine.
  4. The webinar is now listed on HPA's website, but it is not working though...
  5. Will it be available later on for those who missed this? Wasn´t wake up at 5.20 AM on MONDAY..
  6. Running i88 ecu and sensor is located at wheels.
  7. This intrests me too since I am running 42 teeth ABS and I loose the speed at app. 250 kph. Rather annoying if running gear by boost and gear indicator jumps to 1st gear where boost setting is different than in 5th gear.
  8. Guys, One thing (beside the numerous other ones) came to my mind also. What does the fuel table numbers represent in this new mode? Are they still multiplayers like in the tradional fuel mode? Is there any calculation method available for the public or is this proprieatary info? This would make me understand better how the ECU determines the actual injector pulsewidth in real conditions.
  9. Hi Dave, I know one should know the true flow rates of the injectors when using modelled fueling equation. These are some Bosch EV14 injectors purchased from Fiveomotorsports. I will get these measured and get the actual flow rates and dead times later on. Regarding the Charge Temp Approximation, the axis setup is locked to MGP, at least on my case..? Are you Dave able change it in your software? The injector timing is not subject to interpolation on idle, since the idle rpm is around 1200 and the timing is 290 from 1000 to 1500 rmps. However, I will have a closer thought upon that. I noticed that short pulse width adder table had 0,406 as default value and zeroing that actually put the lambda close to 1 at idle when I did a short test. This was only a short test and will take this mode on use whit the new set up. Very interesting indeed...
  10. Put this into a real world test. The engine started nicely at 0 celsius ambient and had rather good warm up with 0,87- 0,9 lambda at idle. Once engine reached about 40 degrees, lambda dropped to 0,78 - 0,82. Pretty much nothing helped the fueling to reach 1,0 lambda at idle. Charge temp was 100 % relying on ECT. Every set up should be right but the fuel temperature sensor is missing and I cannot verify the true flow rates of the injectors. Maybe the lack of fuel temp sensor causes this? Only changing the size of injectors under injector set up (2200 - 1200) had an effect on fueling causing even more fatter fueling.. Funny that the injector actual PW stayed almost steady at 2,5ms and nothing at the setups made this change (exept the change in injector size). I know the engine needs 2,0 ms to reach lambda 1 at gasoline. Just training with this nothing serious yet.
  11. Hi Dave, Yes, modelled is the fuel equation and fuel mode sequential / staged. Haven´t run it in real life yet, just preparing it currently. It seems I´ve got a bad deal with the forum since it does not let me attach files "The extension pclr is not allowed" this time.. :twisted: I´ll put some mail to you. EDIT: file is in your email Dave!
  12. Hi, I began to play a bit with the new 5.2.2 firmware and with the modelled fuel equation mode. I am running sequential / staged fuel mode and the primary injector are rated 1200cc @ 3 bar and secondary injectors are 1000cc @ 3 bar. Secondary injectors starts to inject fuel on a condition when TP exceeds 30%. Now a few question: under the injector set up you have to put in the injector flow at rated pressure. If you use staged injection, is this the total flow of injectors, 2200cc in my case? The ecu is then able to calculate the required fuel also at the lower load when only the primary injectors are on use (i.e. under 30% in my case)? And does the injector rated fuel pressure mean measured pressure or absolute pressure? I suppose measured pressure as the injector manufacturers states the pressure, "3 BAR" -> 400 kpa in absolute.
  13. Okay. I put the car on winter rest and gonna do some engine work during the winter. Haven´t found any actual reason for the trigger error issue but found out something that might be interesting - ECU actually triggers the trigger error when I am holding off the throttle. The exhaust bang comes so quick at high rpms that its almost impossible to recognize whether it will be triggered at 100% TPS or when I hold off the bedal. Maybe this explains the situation far better (see the trigger error counter and TP % below): Any thoughts?
  14. I spotted this Electronz´s "führers" interview where he is talking about Race Technology Dashes and Link G4+ Have anyone used this with success in i or V-series ecus? Pricing seems to be reasonable in basic version but options increases the price though.
  15. Rather good drive at 1 mile event with moderate boost. Only 11 trigger errors between gear shifts from 1st to 2nd. No errors during the rest of the run.
  16. A bit offtopic, but where did you get the Link CAN that works with IQ?
  17. Simon and DAve, Actually there´s a bang in exhaust and engine hits the "rev limiter" when trigger error occurs (usually 9300 - 9400 rpms). For example running between 7000 - 9000 rpms on load engine runs fine and no trigger error occurs - could the timing still deviate from the set timing if there is no errors counting? Anyway gonna have rev limiter at 9000 to make things safe if the situations is that trigger error free runs really do not shift timing? Haven´t checked timing with the timing light after having got the right basic timing. Found out that Trigger 2 cam wheel surface is a bit coarse since it is made from stock cam wheel and there´s some scratches from grinding device. That probably results small glitches to signal. Guys could you please clarify the basics of trigger error function? Is there an error in signal, error in sync between cam and crank signals, tooth / teeth are missing or misfire?. It seems that trigger error as such is a bit misleading if the actual reason for trigger error could be a result for many things. Any chance to develop some sort of fault tracing mechanism for this type of issues? It is obvious ECU sees something, but what it is actually seeing in these type of cases. Tracing these type of issues can sometimes be like finding a needle from the hayrick.. :twisted:
  18. Not really help from signal conversion... :evil: Also disconneted factory ECU and no effect at all, so it can´t be attributed to the sharing of signal. One thing that confuses me, is that according to the logger, both trigger signals are present even though the error occurs. Does this mean the ECU looses sync of tooth / teeth but signal is still present (as I assume)? However, the engine revs nicely up to 9200 - 9400 rpms on load so I can participate 1 mile speed event on coming weekend.
  19. Okay, did install the reluctor interface to trigger 1 wire and things looking good - at least on idle. Engine starts instantly and hard even on E85 and outside temperature 13 degrees celcius. Haven´t tested on high rpm but looks good so far. For some reason this does not really care whether the trigger edge is falling or rising, works on both. It seems that trigger 1 is not dropping below 0 volts, should it?
  20. Yup, tried numerous times, but not being succesfull so far... :twisted: Anyway, getting much more stable runs on 1st and 2nd gear now with shielded cable installed all the way from the sensor. Only few trigger errors when rmps exceeds app. 9300. Spotted pretty much an identical issue from Haltech forum; slow acceleration, no symptoms but issues occur when rpm ramp rate is faster: http://forums.haltech.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=9430
  21. Anyone from Vi-Pec to comment Dave´s analysis?
  22. Just got in my hands Autronic reluctor interface for decent price. That´s next thing to try.
  23. Hi Dave, I emailed the log file yesterday to the above address. Have you got it? The screenshot you´ve attached definately seems identical in respect of max engine speed. Tried 10k resistor in VE+ wire, but engine barely ran for a seconds and resulted a bunch of trigger errors and bangs in exhaust. Furthermore, it resulted very "beefy" (app. 3-5 time beefier and sharp edged line in trigger scope) trigger signal. Maybe 10K is too much? How did you install the 1.2k resistor? Just in line with VE+ cable? Hopefully heading the right way...
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