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  1. This is VERY DISSAPOINTING to know :!: After all the years of support it seems like us "V" series owners have been chucked on the side to make way for the new product and can only be "TRULY" considered again if we put out $$$$ (again) for an I series computer :!:
  2. .....When is the next release carded for?
  3. Hello there ! any updates on this?
  4. UREKA!!!! turns out the issue was really located at the NEW ID 1000 primary injectors but it wasn't what I thought! After pulling the intake manifold apart I removed the primary rail to access and swap out the injectors for some old 450s to see if anything would change. With the rail in hand I pulled out the ID's and looked into the injector bores in the fuel rail , to see that the alignment between the fuel rail and the injector bores was grossly off(the injector tops left an impression in the aluminum ) , causing the injector bores to be blocked by the rail reducing the hole by approximately 70%!!! this was a strangely EXCELLENT find !! .After drying my eyes I quickly got my pencil grinder and opened up the bores in the rail to restore the alignment , re-assembled it all and ..............sure enough it started right up and idled in the 13,s!!!! IT FINALLY WORKS!!!! I think I need to take the blame for all the heart ache though , the manufacturer of the fuel rail makes an excellent product , but because I am running an aftermarket intake manifold set I had to make custom supports/spacers for the primary rail , apparently this threw off the alignment of the bores , goes to show that everything should be checked and re-checked especially when making modifications to stuff! Thanks every one for you interest and assistance.
  5. Yes , we (myself , my engine builder and my local ViPec dealer) checked everything over and over again with the same results , everytime we think its fixed its starts up all over again like its on a timer. I started to suspect bad or failing injector drivers on my 88 so for the last check we plugged in a brand new V88....and sure enough the motor did the exact same thing . I am now down to one last check, since the issue is clearly fuel related I am going right back to the original suspects ,the fuel injectors ! this may be hard to believe but is totally logical since I replaced all the injectors in my last build and I have already eliminated everything else. Question ; is there any "special" setting apart from the dead times and injector type (saturated ) settings for the Injector Dynamics fuel injectors?
  6. I've never read or heard about any such rule , maybe it should be stated in the user manuals?
  7. Hi all , I think I should post up some of my recent experiences with the Racepak dash and my V88 .Previous to the last firmware upgrade , the laptop/VTS would be bumped off by the dash when it is powered up causing me to have to run a separate kill switch for the dash, no biggie. Now, since the last upgrade I've noticed that the laptop/VTS would do the bumping causing all the sensor values on the dash to go to zero which I thought nice allowing hassle free operation but!........Since this started I also started to notice some strange behaviour by the laptop/VTS when connected .First off it would take forever to connect , the progress bar at the bottom right corner would load about 10 times before it gets online, whilst online changes entered via the keyboard would sometimes be ignored often causing it to disconnect then reconnect , when programming there would be none or partial interpolation of rows, sudden and random disconnecting and reconnecting and a weird storage error message when F4 is pressed. Finding the root cause of these issues took me one whole day , but I prevailed so all ,please BEWARE!
  8. Turns out this was not the problem ! Still haven't fixed it yet , the ECU was tried on three different cars where it worked perfectly , will be looking at completely re-wiring with a pair of brand new harnesses.
  9. Yes , i've traced it back to bad grounding in a "cheap ass" $20 Ebay bulk head connector :!: :oops: at this point I am just going to rejoin the harness and hope for the best :!:
  10. I would if I can find someone to pay ! since the ECU we interchanged exhibited the same behavior , would it be possible for you to put my map in another 88 , connect it to your emulator and see what it does ? this way I can then narrow it down some more to maybe the car itself.
  11. Yep , experienced this during first start up so ive since turned it completely off.
  12. ttachment=2]Capturelimits.PNG[/attachment]
  13. So my dealer came over with a vehicle running another V88 , we swapped them out reloded maps and the 88 out of my car had the other vehicle (SUBARU) idleing smoothly whilst mine was doing the same thing :evil: One thing we noticed though , whilst starting and looking at the FUEL MAIN screen a pad lock appeared next to all of the parameters in the menu , once it started up they all disappeared except the one next to INJECTION MODE parameter , shortly after the motor is cut ! seems like the software is cutting the engine for some unknown reason . Since both ECUs are doing the same thing I have ruled them out along with any electrical issue , I intend to find my previous laptop which would have my last configuration (which I used to start up another rotary a month ago) install it an see what happens.
  14. The pumps are twin BOSCH 044's the fuel feed line is -10AN fuel rails are -10AN also , fuel pressure regulator is an Aeromotive PRO ,and fuel return is -8AN. Yes , it definately is :!: :oops: .....nope not a stupid question ! I did normalized the map and set the pulswidths back to where they were (the low 20s ) when the car was behaving itself. I am now making arrangements with my dealer to get another V88 to try out in the car to verify the "set-up" in the car is good, if it works without problem then it will indicate that the ECU is at fault (as I suspect) .
  15. Yes I have another filter in line located in the engine bay , an AEROMOTIVE filter with a 100 micron element,I do not think the filter baskets are blocked because the 100 micron filter was very clean , the previous set of (new ) inlectors were clen when I removed them and now the second set of (new) injectors are behaving the exact same way. Yes I did a simple flow test however I did not quantify exactly how much fuel was flowing but it was avery healthy flow ,also when I am doing the checks the fuel pressure remains where it is set which is at 43psi without a flicker of the needle. I suspected that the pressure might be good but that the flow was being blocked somehow , this is why I went through the system ,found and changed a kinked hose and changed the fuel supply configuration to the rails from series to parallel. No I did not pull the plugs , I figured that they will tell me the same thing the wideband and motor behavior is saying to me plus its a lot of work :oops: Static pressure is 43psi Yes normally it would be half that ! Nope I do not think they are fouled , if they were the motor would never kick. The compression is great! Its a brand new motor which hasn't been run yet! Thanks for taking the time to respond !
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