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  1. Thanks Scott. I will have them swap the cam sensor inputs. I figured I'd give it a shot. Trig 1 calibration is all set. We verified it several times.
  2. @ Scott, We are still having issues getting this engine started. I am trying to do remote support a few states away. There was some question on where the inputs were wired, however we figured all of that out. Is there any flexibility in the pre-configurations? Such as, Can the intake and exhaust cam sensor be swapped? They have the exhaust cam sensor connected to Trig 2 instead of the intake. The intake cam sensor is connected to DI1. I can only assume if you tell the Vipec where the inputs are it should work, however I am not sure how sensitive it will be. I figured the worst case is the engine might be on the wrong stroke since the cam trigger wheels are opposite of each other. Can you shed some light on this? I can have them swap the inputs if we have to. To summarize, will the set up below, or do we have to swap the intake/exhaust cam sensor signal? Trig 1 60-2 reluctor crank sensor configured as Multi/Missing (engine has older balancer installed) Calibration verified -328/32 Trig 2 Exhaust cam sensor Hall 140 offset (unverified) DI1 Intake cam sensor Hall 290 offset (unverified) I can also send you over a PCL
  3. Thanks Scott. I will have them re-run the cam angle test to verify the offsets. You are right about variation regarding the BMW engines, which is also why it is difficult to know if you are using the correct config. I should be good to from here. This engine has variable on both cams, one solenoid per cam (ground controlled), one position sensor per cam (hall). Default positioning is intake retard, exhaust advance. Next time I have one of these here, I will grab a scope trace of all the triggers with the cams in default position. I have a 4 channel scope here.
  4. Scott, You are right about the cam triggers. Half high/low. I took a look at the reluctor wheel and mistook the wrong holes in it for the trigger. I will re-run the cam angle test with the alternate pulse count and I should be able to get a fix on it. I was looking for confirmation I was using the correct VVT config. The vehicle is half way across the country so I don't know if they have a scope over there. I think I should be good. V88 ECU Is there a more detailed description for these pre-configurations?
  5. Should I be using BMW M52 VVTi configuration? Engine is BMW straight 6 with double vanos. Not motorsport vanos. I get Intake L/H, Exhaust LH errors when cranking viewing the VVT runtime values. Missing tooth, 3rd pulse, etc. The cam angle test results are inconclusive but I haven't been able to start the engine and idle it steady just yet. I have not been able to program in the latch point accurately. I did not build the engine harness, but this the current config for triggering. Trigger one = magnetic crank sensor/balancer from S50 (engine is somewhat frankenstein) MultiTooth/Missing Reluctor 60 2 Dead nuts calibration at +32/-328 degrees Trigger two = stock intake cam sensor Pull up on Rising edge 264 degrees offset (steadish number from cam angle test, solenoids unplugged) DI 1 = stock intake cam sensor hall effect Pull up on Rising edge 264 degrees offset (steadish number from cam angle test, solenoids unplugged) DI 2 = stock exhaust cam sensor hall effect Pull up on Rising edge ** degrees offset (couldn't get a steady number, although I did not try changing the edge to falling yet, solenoids unplugged) My main question is, am I using the correct VVT configuration for this engine? My understanding is Vipec has been used before on these engines.
  6. Switching what wires? The polarity of the reluctor signal? Tried that despite my scope signal matched what was required originally. It was worse.
  7. I have the same issue. I have been working very closely with Neil Harvey (a US distributor) about this. Technical support has been very helpful, however the issue has not been fully resolved. Here is what I have done, Changed crank sensor gap Isolated wiring (EMI suspected) Installed suppressing resistors to limit excessive voltage Scoped trace with PicoScope at over 7000rpm (perfectly clean signal) Installed Autronics Reluctor Converter to change signal to digital Moved/replaced ignition module Installed latest firmware (as of 4.8.0 this was stated on the Vi-Pec site - · Increased BWM S54 Max RPM from 7900 to 9200 RPM. ) Swapped ECU (I have older ECUs that has internal drive by wire) No luck with anything. The crank trigger is a standard reluctor 60-2 setup that a lot of different engines don't seem to have an issue with. I am trying to go to 8600rpm with this one though. Has anybody on here experienced this issue with another engine perhaps? What was the fix? --- The car : https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/188577_10150105753482424_367584597423_6580092_1455516_n.jpg -Nick
  8. As I mentioned in other posts... We have a BMW S54 here running the 'works'. Drive by wire, knock control, vanos, etc. Here is a pic of some of the performance tuning I did today. 334whp, 245tq. I made some more adjustments to the cam timing to smooth out the lower RPM torque, and air fuel. This was the highest run though! The engine has street sport cams, a stepped header, and a 3 inch exhaust. That is it. Really impressed with how this ECU is handling this engine. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs670.snc4/61029_431749567423_367584597423_5238370_5950913_n.jpg
  9. Phil, 3 hour enduro... Fault free operation. It was cool outside and raining (ambient was like 65 degrees). I feel much more confident in that it's fixed. I have a 2hz log file of over an hour if you want to take a look at it.
  10. spent about an hour out on the track during the test day. Fault free op... Doing an enduro on Sunday will let you know
  11. Phil, thanks for the response. Ya intermittently it shuts off. Usually on the last lap of the race too... quite embarrassing. I made some changes to the software yesterday. I dropped the MAX clamps down to 65% and it still works perfectly.. So why overload it. Also, fixed a couple other voltage supply issues (general ones). We are doing a test day tomorrow at NHMS and hopefully it will be ok. I will log the runs and if something happens, I should have more info. I can't remove any more return springs without it becoming unsafe to drive. The total spring tension is about equal to a 'regular' VDO electronic throttle now. I don't think that is the issue though.
  12. I have this working inconsistently. I spent 7+ hours on the dyno with this car with no faults, but it seems when the car goes out for a race it fails. Total resistance of the circuit of 2.5 ohms (I have 2 wire wound resistors that add 1 ohm), and only 2 throttle return springs still attached (S54 has some heavy duty spring action). My setup is as following and the throttle responds pretty good to this. Frequency 500hz PIDs - Prop gain 6.50 Intergral 0.148 Derivative 30.0 Max clamp 90% +/- I run the system in 'Setup mode' because some slop in the linkage causes TPS tracking errors (Main TPS is on throttle shaft, Sub TPS is on throttle motor). When it failed before, sometimes i would get an aux9/10 supply error so it is hardwired now with no relay even. I might be able to bring the max clamp down, but I don't see what for. Anybody see anything odd with the software that would cause my life to suck? I really need to get this to work on these cars, as it is one of the selling points for us. Thanks -Nick from ACE
  13. Guys, just wanted to share that with the incredible support of Link we are running a G4 Extreme on a E36 M3 S54 swap. We have done this before, but never running fully on the Link/Vipec ECU. I did a Vortech YSI M3 last year, but retained the stock DME for throttle control (Factory traction control, cruise control, sport switches all worked). On this one, we are using full Vanos control Full knock control (dual bank - for individual cylinder) Drive by wire Stock coils (with external igniter) and everything else you could add to the mix. More info on the car is here : http://www.facebook.com/aceperformance?v=photos&ref;=ss#!/album.php?id=367584597423&aid;=159646&s;=0&hash;=f924025e59fab5b9082ab51dbe281d2d 300whp on land and sea dyno and it is set up real conservative so far! One last super big high res pic of the car (usually someone always asks for this...)
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