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  1. The engine is stock, but will be using single turbo and hp will be around 300. Boost around 0.8. (stock 0.6) CR ? Compression ratio? Its stock 8.5:1. Trigger is stock 60-2 reluctor, so is the CAM hall sensor
  2. Anybody have any ignition maps for this engine ? Or setup to make the VVT work ?
  3. Cant you just swap the values in the Max Clamp and Min Clamp settings?
  4. JCE

    COP wire size?

    I have 6x COP, that will be used as wastedspark (2x COP firing same time). All 6 coils will have own wiring , just wondering how thick cable i should use. Ive read that COP uses about 10A each, so a 1.5mm2 cable/COP should be enough. Just asking your suggestions, since there seems to be alot of opinions on this.
  5. What is a good wire size for COP ? They are bosch cop, with internal amp. Is 1.5mm2 enough or should i use 2.5mm2 ?
  6. Yes it can be -20. What type of trigger wheel do you have+sensor (hall or reluctor) ? Any missing tooth? And is this the only trigger wheel on your engine? Do you have a cam trigger? You must have atleast 1 tooth missing from the 20 tooth trigger wheel OR have a cam trigger. The offset adjustment is for to tell the vipec what position your engine is. Vipec must know when your engine is @ cylinder 1 TDC. If you have a 20 tooth wheel and 1 missing tooth, the vipec sees the missing tooth. The first tooth (signal) AFTER the missing tooth is the Trigger1 signal. If this signal comes for example 90 degrees before cylinder 1 TDC, you must adjust the trigger offset, about 90 deg, so that vipec knows what position the engine is when the signal comes. Easiest way is to set your ignition timing to 0 deg. Turn off fuel injection. Crank engine and check the ignition timing with timing light/gun. Adjust trigger offset until the timing is @ 0 deg. But your trigger wheel+sensor+trigger settings MUST be correct or you will never get the offset adjusted correctly.
  7. Send us your map. Sounds like something wrong with your fuel adjustments. You need to look at the map while driving. This way you can easily find the lean/rich spot in the map.
  8. JCE

    Start/Stop Button

    Ok, so the same button cannot be used for ignition On/OFF function. Just engine start and stop (still has separate ignition switch)
  9. Hello, there should be a way to get a start/stop button to work with vipec ? Like: press once=ignition ON, press once again=ignition OFF. Ignition ON, press and hold=Start engine. How is this done? There is a Starter solenoid control in auxoutput, but nothing in digital input, except for the basic ignition switch input and engine stop/kill switch input. I am using the latest software.
  10. Oh yea and one other thing: pin 85 is Ground/negative and 86 is ignition/positive. Normal relays will work both ways(85-, 86+ or 85+, 86-), but some relays have a diode inside and if connected wrong, it will shortcut your ignition switch to ground and blow the fuse.
  11. My system is wired something like this....Makes fault tracing easier when every component has its own relay+fuse. I also have one relay for aux equipment: cd player, dash gauges etc...
  12. The lockup and OD hydraulic circuits dont have oil pressure untill the 3rd gear, so having the solenoids powered in 1st and 2nd gear will not engage OD or lockup. In otherwords, 3rd gear or OD must be engaged to get lockup, also 3rd gear must be engaged before shifting to OD.
  13. What type of shift pattern do you have? P, R,N,D only? And what is the transmission type/model ?
  14. The overdrive gears in automatics arent really made for racing and cannot handle that much torque. They are good for lowering the fuel consumption and engine rpm @ highway speeds. Maybe you could use a Auxoutput as GP output. Then put minimum vehicle speed and max TPS as limits. This way it wont shift into 4th untill there is enough speed and not too heavy throttle. When cruising in 4th and you press enough throttle it will automaticly downshift into 3rd. And then back to 4th when u loosen the throttle. Using high stall converter can make the gear detection hard, since there are big variations in engine speed compared to transmission input shaft.
  15. One thing i did find strange is that there are no idle base position maps, no igniton, no fuel map. Have you removed those? Also noticed that you have fuel pump, engine fan, tacho and CE light connected to auxoutputs. How are these wired ? Is there a chance of backfeed in those? Turning the auxoutput OFF will NOT remove the backfeed problem. There is info about the backfeed problem in the vipec manual.
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