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  1. Thanks for the reply ,sorry for the slow response unfortunately the chassis was delayed .We are experiencing some trigger issues .The engine is fitted with VR cam and crank sensors but runs very rough and shows around 40 degrees of timing scatter also when checked the crank trigger we see a different pattern on our separate scope (please see attached images) Will be grateful for any advise Dave please find start up cal nick start.pclr
  2. Having problems with a start cal for cosworth yb turbo engine running Storm black ecu 36-1 VR crank sensor,GM 3 bar map sensor ,440 cc injectors,wasted spark ignition Engine runs for around 30 seconds ,air fuel goes lean,seems to drop 2 cylinders and cut out . Crank sensor trace looks good I would be grateful if someone could cast their eyes over the start up cal attached Thanks Dave ybcos test.pclr
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    Trigger offsets

    Hi , I seem to be having problems adjusting the crank trigger offset ,the set up is 36-1 trigger wheel and no cam trigger .Trigger 2 is set to "none" engine sparks and has a injector duty but wont start . Timing light is showing 110 degrees btdc In the calibrate trigger section ,the trigger offset and the ref timing have a locked padlock which I have been unable to remove If I attempt Adjust the offset in the set basic timing section it always reverts to 0 Any advise would be greatly appreciated Cheers Dave
  4. Thanks Simon, to simplify matters would it be better to have a missing tooth on the crank (12-1) and a single spike on cam and where would you suggest these are phased Dave
  5. Hi , thanks for the reply ,cam could be modified to `1 spike if necessary as we are refitting the standard cams
  6. Which would be the best choice of ecu to run and turbo charged honda black bird with the following :- 12 teeth on the crank 3 spikes on the cam 4 injector ,4 ignition outputs Boost control 3 maps Launch control with 1 magnetic wheel speed input ALS with egr Thanks Dave
  7. Thanks for the info ,we now have the car in our workshops and have found that it doesnt have any wires in A1,A2 or A3 and has a 2007 ecu .It doesnt have exhaust Avcs either as the customer was lead to believe . So the only issue is the AC ,if we change the pull up to ON in DIG 3 input the AC clutch cuts in and everything works . Any suggestions Thanks Dave
  8. Hi , currently mapping a MY2005 Sti with exhaust avcs control but unable to find the control table ,also looking for the Aux out /inputs list for the AC control Thanks Dave
  9. Hi , I am new top this forum and wondered if anyone has experienced high idle on G4+ plug and play on a Toyota Celica Carlos Sainz which is using the st205 system when the AC is switched on . The AC idle step is set to zero but the idle lifts to nearly 2000 rpm when the AC is switched on Thanks Dave
  10. Hi , I am new to this forum and the Vipec product ,we are having a issue with a new Mitsubishi Evo 3 plug and play system using the internal map sensor and air temp wired into the maf sensor All pressure and temp readings are good but I have a load based misfire above 12 psi of boost at which it misfires /cuts at 3500 rpm ,below 12 psi it revs through no problem .Ive put a fcd on the standard ecu ,retarded the timing and it runs ok Ive restored all the factory settings in the Vipec and still has the problem ,all boost and rev limits are well above the point of cut I would be grateful for any advise Cheers Dave
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