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    BMW S65 V8 questions.

    S65 seems even fire engine. 90deg V8. I believe same triggering pattern as V10. IIRC 6 even sectors on inlet cams, 8 minus one on exhaust, 60-2 on crank. Best scenario would be if one V88 stands for VANOS control and one of DBW sides. Is it possible, or VANOS should be divided between two units? Then - can one ECU control just exhaust, another - just intake VANOS? And share same target map for both cams? Gints
  2. GintsK

    BMW S65 V8 questions.

    Thanks for answer! Does solution with two V88 units solve the problem? No other ways? For what purpose V10 triggering system was developed?
  3. Hello, I am from Latvia and it seems with couple of Vi-PEC installations ahead. Vi-PEC because of good reputation and famous support, VANOS control capability and some support (what?) of V10 S85 engine features. S65 is derivative from S85 but with just 8 cylinders. My questions is about abilities of V88. Will it be possible to control quad VANOS sytem - means 4 cams with 8 solenoid valves? What about two DBW? There is two ITB rows driven by two servos. with hope on some answers Gints
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