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  1. Heh, thanks for that Ken. My quest to make my own USB cable also brought me to the LTW website. Anyway I bought the official cable from my local Link distributor, so all is good ZK
  2. Hello Tech Support, I purchased a used G4 Storm silver case version. The label on the bottom of the case says PCB Rev 1.1, Serial #4779. I've actually installed the latest version of PC Link V4.9.3.1194 and did a firmware update using this latest version. Managed to connect via usb cable and did some testing of the outputs, but got some weird readings on some of them. Also, the MAP calibration function doesn't seem to work. What I'd like to know is which version of PC Link and firmware works best with this unit? Regards, ZK Han
  3. Noted, thanks! Bought the usb cable, hopefully everything works and I don't end up with an expensive paper weight
  4. Hello All, Does anyone have the pinout for the USB connector on the ecu? The CAN connector pinout can be found in the manuals, but there seems to be no pinout info for the USB connector? Rgds, ZK
  5. Hello All, I'm looking at purchasing a used silver case G4 Storm. I see on the Link site that the G4 Storm picture has a blue case. Is there any difference in the hardware between the silver and the blue?  Rgds, ZK
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