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  1. Hi Adamw, Abble to provide some suggestions to this problem? Fabian
  2. I am guessing is a analog signal from the valve body of the transmission to the ECU when shifting for torque reduction, not sure yet but have to check and see. You have a solution already?
  3. Has anyone wired this toyota Vios with auto transmission 1NZ 1500cc engine? I am using a Fury ECU, factory ecu is still in place, links controlling the fuel, VVTI, ignition, and throttle body. I need some help on the wiring for the auto transmission to retard the ignition timing when I put it in D or R gear, plus shifting on the drive. Now the car jerks very hard because ignition time is too advance when engaged in gear and shifting. Can tech support or anyone advise how to wire in from gearbox to links fury, so it can retard the timing for smooth engagement and shfiting?
  4. The links extreme is wired in. All the common errors you mentioned have been checked and is correct. The issue is once I calibrate the tps the throttle limit comes on. Any other causes?
  5. Does any one have a base map for honda rsx running K24? Links storm ecu
  6. I have a Subaru V10 wired up to run the ethrottle but after i try to do TPS calibration this error code comes on and the throttle limit is on. Can someone sure some light how to solve this?
  7. Anyone can help, my tachometer is not moving but the rpm in vipec is running fine
  8. Yes they share the same sensors, Actually is a k20 type r cylinder header with k24 block. Any base maps?
  9. Can someone advise where am I able to get base maps? The base maps supplied by Vipec is limited.
  10. Sorry, my fault. It's a 2003 Honda civic type R.The model is called EP3.
  11. Hi, I tried to wire the rpm signal to Aux and change to tachometer settings. But the tach will not run, same for the engine check light which I set to CE Can someone advise?
  12. Thanks guys, I give it a try and see how it goes.
  13. Can the vipec engineers advise? Support for this ecu seems very limit in the market
  14. Does anyone know what is the offset for k20 honda civic type R, currently i set to 130 and there is error. Has anyone with experience in this car? Fabian
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