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    S54 with VVT, idle control

    Hi! Hope it is okay for me to help you with this. You need to modifie the oem solenoid, see attachment.
  2. I must ad to my previous post that in the logg parameter list I have Aux 1-4, the reading for these are always: Aux 1  off Aux 2  on Aux 3  off Aux 4  on Whar indicates this?Â
  3. Hi! I cant get the vanos adjustment to work properly. Back to basic: I did the cam angle test Inlet/lh I got 114.7 exaust/lh I got  13.2 I have been running 114 and 10 both cam sensors are hall sensors, and I have pull up  ON One thing I wonder about Is the vvt status, inlet/rh signal and exaust/rh signal are always highlighted in green and marked ok. The same with exhaust/rh and inlet/rh sys status  always marked  OFF or RPM zero. Is that normal? It sometime seems like it advances the  cam (retard for ex) and is unable to retard itÂ
  4. Okay, now I am running the engine without error count. trigger mode set to  s54 v2/v3 trigger 1 offset 272 cam control mode s54 v3 I am still having this issue with this in/lhcam target 0 in/lhcam posn 59   in/lhcam target 0 in/lhcam posn 0 ex/lhcam target 0 ex/lhcam posn -2,5 ex/lhcam target 0 ex/lhcam posn 0 I will email you  logg and my pcl file  to tech@linkecu.com
  5. Now I am running this configuration and no differens pin 1 green in-aux1 pin 3 black in-aux2 pin 4 green ex-aux3 pin 6 black ex-aux4 in/lhcam target 0 in/lhcam posn 59Â in/lhcam target 0 in/lhcam posn 0 ex/lhcam target 0 ex/lhcam posn -2,5Â ex/lhcam target 0 ex/lhcam posn 0 I wonder if it is an issue that I had to change crank angle offset from deafault s54 Â 276 to (-360dgr) -85
  6. I found this numbers for the vanos connector VANOS connector pin 3: Intake cam advance. VANOS connector pin 1: Intake cam retard. VANOS connector pin 6: Exhaust cam advance. VANOS connector pin 4: Exhaust cam retard. Can anywone se right away that connecting (digital input 1 inlet lh) Aux 1 inlet LH to connector pin 1 intake retard instead of  pin 3 advance that it is connected now is the right way to go.
  7. Yes I have removed the diodes as in the help file, and ign +12 volts to pin 2 and 5 brown wires. pin 1 green in-aux2 pin 3 black in-aux1 pin 4 green ex-aux4 pin 6 black ex-aux3 I will try reverse aux 1 and 2 for in and the same with 3 and 4
  8. I forgot to inform you that  I´m running V3 mode now, it seems to work best for me.
  9. Okay, now I´ve tryed the V2 setting and it dident help me at all. Then I tryed to a cam angle test on Inlet/LH, I got stable numbers with pulse count on 6, but everytime I reved the engine above the rpm limit for activation 1200rpm I got different numbers, lowest nr was 89 (and later on 54) so I tryed to apply that nr to digital 1 input offset. It got a little bit better (even better with 54), but the idle got very rough. So I tryed changing it back to default 114, then it work with 114, Only a few errors on startup and a total of 5-6 by reving for a few minutes. The idel are still rough noting like before. A clue might be found at runtime values, the Inlet / LH target value reads 0 (whitch I think is ok) but the Inlet / LH posn reads values like 45-55 on low rews just above idle. I wonder if I have wired the advance and retard solenoids the wrong way around. Dont remember the values for the exhaus / LH but I think it was about -2 on low rews. Could you please help me witht this Bjorn
  10. Hi On startup I was running dual vanos s54, and was geting error counts on EX/LH in vvt error counter / runtime values. I tryed changing it to dual vanos s54 v3 and I noted an improvement at low rpm changes but are still getting some error counts. I´ll try the  v2 setting later this evening. If it dont help do you think the right way for me is to determine the correct cam offset by trying to do a cam angle test on  Inlet / LH  that is connected to Digital 1, or must I do it on all four. And at what pulse count should I do the test. Bjorn
  11. Hi In cam control mode there are several s54 items to select, what differs these: BMW dual vanos s54 BMW dual vanos s54 V2 BMW dual vanos s54 V3 Bjorn
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