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  1. The communication documentation was excellent for my understanding of the data types required to write an application. Now that I have that working I am really interesting in writing to the ECU over serial. Any chance that such information is available? Although, I completely understand why it wouldn't be. Thanks Jaimie
  2. Thought I'd follow up.. after a almost a year. Today I went and bought another cluster and it sorted out the VSS output (95 325is cluster -> 96 328is cluster). From what I could figure, the old cluster's processor wasn't outputting 5V DC to the sensor circuit consistently. The reed switch opens on a tooth, so it drops the voltage to 0. But since the cluster wasn't putting out a consistent 5V each voltage drop was being read as another "tooth". Anyway, thought I'd post in case someone else has a similar situation.
  3. I was review the BMW M50TUB25 factory wiring diagrams and noticed that the stock ECU has eight grounds: 15 - ground 28 - ground for electronics and shielding of sensors 34 - ground remaining output stages 40 - O2 signal ground 45 - shield ground 55 - ignition ground 71 - knock ground 44 - sensor ground The pinouts for the PNP only has pin 34 grounded. I am wondering how the sensors are being grounded. For example, I expect my O2 sensor signal to ground to pin 40 but it doesn't seem be connected to anything according to the PNP pinouts. Is this just an omission in the VTS help pages or is the PNP routing grounds to pin 34? If it isn't, what should I be grounding my sensors to? I see the V88 has a dedicated sensor ground but the PNP doesn't have one in the pinouts.
  4. Hmm. Don't think so. Its a Vi-PEC pnp. The signal is grounded before it gets to the ecu and the only lead to the ecu is the stock signal wire.
  5. Hi everyone, still scratching my head over this one. I have attached a picture of the output during a relatively stable rpm. As you can see the DI#1 frequency is extremely inconsistent when the rpm and *real* ground speed is constant. Maybe I misunderstand how these are suppose to work, but I think the frequency should be stable for any particular speed of rotation at the diff (where the sensor is located). I am leaning towards a bad sender, so I might just pull the trigger and buy one. But I really hate being disappointed. Anyone have some insight?
  6. Hi Guys, When data logging on the M50B25TU plug in, my vehicle speed is only logging correctly under acceleration. At a cruising speed it drops to around 7 kph, but fluctuates quite a bit (up to around 30 kph). My speed during this time is constant at 100 kph. The sensor itself is wired to cluster then the cluster outputs a signal to the ECU. The cluster is working normally with no variations in speed. Did I miss something on the speed sensor setup or is this a symptom of a bad sender/cluster? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, all.
  8. I just got my plugin ECU yesterday and have been playing around with it while I wait for my wideband. Subsequently, I did something really stupid tonight and loaded the stock V88 tune into my plugin ecu.... without backing up the original. Is there anyone that would be kind enough to email me the base tune? It would be much appreciated! My email is: mjrimrie at gmail dot com
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