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    Differential Fuel Pressure

    sure... thanks Adam and JMP. i have five pressure sensors working... fuel, oil, Auxiliary Injection system pressure, exhaust backpressure and boost. since backpressure compares against boost and the majority of people i share my info with think in PSI i will just calculate Diff F P manually.
  2. Howard Coleman

    Differential Fuel Pressure

    i have 2 issues. one is my issue ( i am losing static pressure under boost. from 41.2 at static to 39.2 at 18 psi.) the other issue is why i write: my Differential fuel pressure appears to be going the opposite (rising) direction. if the pump, regulator, lines and filter are O K DFP should remain constant. rising DFP under boost points to, often, a restriction in the return line. yet if i just do the math using my boost and fuel pressure i appear to be losing pressure under boost. V88. using AN Volt 4 w Honeywell pressure sensor for fuel pressure i attach a log.// no log, too large... can send a smaller one if necessary at 4:06.667 MGP Psi + 2 tenths of one psi AN V 4 fuel pressure reads 41.4 psi static is 41.2 Fuel Pressure KPA 420 MGP 2 Differential Fuel Pressure reads 410 (doesn't quite match up but that is what it says.... close anyway) at 4:18.134 MGP PSI 18.2 AN V 4 fuel pressure reads 57.4 psi static is 39.2 Fuel Pressure KPA is 574 MGP 125 Diff Fuel Pressure 445 DFP moved from 420 to 445? while calculated using AN V 4 and my map sensor DFP dropped any ideas welcomed. thanks and still love my V88!
  3. THANK YOU SIMON! changing the Knock Gain to "1" re-enabled my readings. i don't recall how it changed from "1" but i now will know where to look if it happens again.
  4. THANK YOU ADAM! i don't know what i did to delete the log view but your new Layout solved my problem. i wish you a wonderful Monday:) do you have any ideas as to why my Knock readings are zero from both sensors? previously they were reading fine. i have two late model Bosch sensors and am of course running Link/Vipec internal. thank you, Howard
  5. i connected my laptop to the V88, turned the key on and did a log. i was able to generate a log and save it to my files. i can generate a Mixture Map and Runtime Values... the only thing not seeming to work is seeing the log on my screen. nothing but blank white space.
  6. all of my logs dating back to 2013 come up as blank/white.
  7. Thank you for your reply. i tried to post a jpeg of the screen unsuccessfuly however it is easy to describe. Logging 1 page is entirely blank. no time data, absolutely nothing but white. when i right click on it i get "New View." with a number of options starting w Run Time Value List, which leads to Run Time Value List Properties. other items are Digital Gauge etc. if i go back to Logging and click Play and look over at my Parameter List i see all the data moving but nothing but white on the Logging part of the page. my V88 has worked fine (love it) and this is something that just happened Friday. i have attached a log Log 1-11-17 3;22;45 pm.llg
  8. after working fine until today all i get is white space where my Log Analysis should appear. i believe i have tried just about everything. after clicking on and calling up a specific log in spite of seeing a blank white space i am able to do a Mixture Map and Navigator. the Parameters appear. also, my two Knock Sensors (newer style Bosch 2 rotor motor) stopped generating anything but zeros a couple of days ago. since each stopped at the same time i am concerned that something malfunctioned in my V88. settings have been verified "Internal" would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
  9. Howard Coleman

    V88 Laptop

    thanks to all the respondents. the Toshiba looks like a simple solution. i have a feeling this subject is of significant interest since we all are logging with something. any other replies welcomed. Howard
  10. Howard Coleman

    V88 Laptop

    i have been using my HP Pavillion 17 inch screen laptop for logging/tuning. i want to switch to a smaller 14 or 13 inch screen machine so it will be easier to secure while i am on track at the Texas Mile. technology has marched on and i would like to take advantage of the faster machines. most of the newer Intel powered i7 machines run on a 64 bit architecture. will my V88 work with 64 bit? is there any advantage as far as logging speed with a faster machine? the newer machines offer a 3.0 USB. will the 3.0 work with the V88? any specific recommendations? thanks! Howard
  11. Howard Coleman

    EGT sensor selection

    Dave, i second Scott's suggestion re Exhaust Gas Technologies. they offer a wide range of EGT related products that i have used for a number of years. i especially like their line of new voltage conversion modules (amps). they sell into the true professional racing market and offer very competitive pricing. their line of themocouples is broad and i strongly suggest you contact them so that they can build you the exact setup you need. i have no affiliation w them other than being a satisfied customer. excellent guidence from Scott. howard coleman
  12. Howard Coleman

    Xtreme coil compatibility

    'looks like section 12.2.2 indicates .4 to 1 ohm is the preferred spec for all coils... Â
  13. Howard Coleman

    Xtreme coil compatibility

    Hello to all in Linkland, this is my first post. i am switching over from the Power FC to a Link Xtreme and am seeking some ignition advice. currently i employ two Jacobs FC3000 CD amps to power two MSD 8253 coils that spark two leading NGK 6725 plugs thru Magnecor 11mm wires. i run the two trailing plugs thru the factory setup using two MSD 8207 coils. i have no observable ignition problems at 8600/24 psi/500+ SAE hp w pump 93 octane and two Bosch EV14 injectors supplying 100% methanol. they are currently wired in parallel to the gasoline secondaries and run thru a FJO Peak and Hold module. lead plugs are run as wasted spark. (this will of course change w the Xtreme.) the primary reason for my post is that my 8253 coils have .16 Primary Resistance. a statement in the wiring document states: 'One dual post coil (with a primary resistance between 0.4 and 1.0 ohms) is required per 2 cylinders.' i don't know if this resistance requirement is meant to apply to non dual post coils so my question is am i O K w my 8253 lead coils or do i need something different? i would appreciate any suggestions that would optimise my Xtreme setup. thanks, howardÂ