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  1. I should add that it is a G3 PCB Version 1.2, Chipset is Serial # 2645 and it was upgraded from G3 to G4 firmware/software.
  2. Hi, Is it physically possible to have CAN activated on a G3 that has been upgraded to G4? Â The board has the white 5 way connector sockets on it, one labeled CAN, so I was hoping to stream data to an Omega D4. Â Cosworth sent me the G4 CAN interface and since I'm running out of AVs on the dash, I would love to get rid of two sets of engine sensors and just stream engine homeostasis through the bus if possible. Â Thanks for any help.
  3. After being disappointed repeatedly with the lack of motorsport features on the V88 ECU, I'm hoping someone can answer this question. Is the I88 capable of using a 0-5v strain gauge output to trigger flat shifting?
  4. Hi and thanks for the reply. It has a variable 0-5v output with voltage increasing from 2.5v for up shift direction and decreasing from 2.5v in the downshift direction. I could get the Di to trigger in the down shift direction since its at 0v with full forward pressure. But that's not useful at all. Every shift lever that I've dealt with uses a 0-5v strain gauge (KAPS and Drenth). Even ray hall himself on this very forum mentions that 0-5v is the only way to do it correctly. I now have it wired into anv input and it works as it should but there is no way to use this voltage to trigger gear cut. Lack of CAN receive, no traction control and no voltage based flatshift are total deal breakers for what is supposed to be a motor sport ecu.
  5. I am working on a V88 Subaru V10 PnP ECU. The car has a sequential gearbox with a 0-5V output from a strain gauge on the gear lever. Under the gear cut control menu the control input channel is only able to select Digital Inputs. Is there a way to select a ANV input and invoke the cut based on voltage? I've done same with Motec ECUs but cannot find any info in the Vipec documentation regarding using anything other than a DI. A DI seems pretty worthless. I did set up a GP rev limit based on 0-5V input but it doesn't work very well and large bumps can cause the limiter to come on since there is no RPM or TPS window to lock out the cut.
  6. Hi, I have recently added two GT101 sensors to each side of the rear of my nissan racecar and am having no luck getting any speed signal out of them. They both receive 8v, sensor gnd and input to DI2 and DI3. Do they need a pull up even though they are self powered? Additionally, is there a way to run anti-phase boost control with two solenoids with the G4 (it is actually a G3 upgraded to G4 firmware). Thanks for your help. -Bill
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