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  1. rrob

    Coils sound when key is on ignition position

    Are you sure it's not the "pre crank prime" to the injectors?
  2. rrob

    ECU afr not matching stand alone gaugue

    This is a perfect example of why a CAN based Lambda system is a whole lot better.
  3. rrob

    Looking for a large Roadrace, Drift or Autocross Log

    I utilise HD viewer to interpret Cobb logs. Never thought to use it for Link as the internal viewer has its perks.
  4. rrob

    Can't connect via usb to ecu.

    Are you connected to the correct port on the ECU itself?
  5. rrob

    Toyota fan control

    This it a Vipec 4.9 file. Aux out 3 with a PWM table. Verossa no gear compensations.pcl
  6. rrob

    Toyota fan control

    Yes it's PWM controlled. I'll have a search for a file I have, that used this setup.
  7. rrob

    Big cam idle strategy

    Rotational idle/cyclic idle. Just zero out the rest of the Antilag tables.
  8. rrob

    G4+ supra 3bar MAP calibration

    Try 2 bar, and see if the readings are realistic.
  9. rrob

    Map sensor wrong readings

    Check manifold guage pressure(MGP) or use the metric system.
  10. rrob

    Sard 650 cc Injector Dead times/ Latency

  11. rrob

    RB25 NEO using Non NEO Link.

    The CAS wiring will need reversing as the pinout is opposite. Also NEO's dont take the timing others do, so be careful.
  12. rrob

    injector dead time

    Right click, axis setup.
  13. rrob

    s15 VCT set up

    Can you use a virtual aux to add extra conditions?
  14. rrob

    s15 VCT set up

    Add a 3rd condition that's minimum 1.5-2% TP main.
  15. rrob

    3sgte Misfire

    1j and 2j have a 1 way valve as part of the idle assembly. No need for it to be boost referenced.