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  1. Temp sensors need 0v/sensor ground not 5v.
  2. rrob

    Iat Inquiry

    I'd be looking into the injector dead times.
  3. Grab a set of r35 coils and bolt them in with a spacer and a longer bolt. Wiring is the same connector and pinout.
  4. Could the trigger disc be in upside down?
  5. You have 2 issues. First is the ecu does not control the starter motor in a s14. The ecu wont run when its locked.
  6. rrob

    Modelled fuel

    Those injectors have a dead time of .67-.68 ms at 14v.
  7. rrob

    Lambda/AFR problems

    Make sure you're on the latest firmware, there was a problem in a recent release. Its in the firmware notes.
  8. rrob

    the apprentice

    R34 GTT has a different connector. The 300zx ecu won't plug in.
  9. Blue wire/white trace is +. Comes in via the connector near the ecu, also powers idle control and narrow band 02.
  10. Out of curiosity... which pumps and fuel reg are you running?
  11. What's in the right hand port? That needs to breath without restriction.
  12. rrob

    Isues lock timing sr20

    Did you account for the -5 degree mark on the crank pulley? Almost every SR that I tune is 5 degrees out due to this.
  13. Fuel pump speed control working correctly?
  14. These would normally be connected to pin 16 on the ecu connector.
  15. Yes. The factory boost solenoid wiring.
  16. Boost solenoid can be wired directly to the oem wiring next to the power steering reservoir. Iat can go on the expansion. Sensor ground and temp 3.
  17. rrob

    isc operation

    The 2J idle valve that I checked (for the exact same reason) had a 1-way valve built into it.
  18. I use the Motec DMC-D for this.
  19. rrob

    Injector Timing

    I find low 400's works well at idle and light load. Usually have to chase the VCT a bit with inj timing also.
  20. Pin 45(ign switch, black with a red trace) comes from the front fuse box. There's a connector you can test near the windscreen washer bottle(1 of the 2x 8 pin connectors). The wire is alot thicker there also.
  21. rrob

    Fan Control Help please

    Aux 6 = Engine fan 1 Engine fan 1 is set to desired temp and hysteresis.
  22. rrob

    Fan Control Help please

    Look right down the bottom of the aux outputs tab.
  23. This is a perfect example of why a CAN based Lambda system is a whole lot better.
  24. I utilise HD viewer to interpret Cobb logs. Never thought to use it for Link as the internal viewer has its perks.
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