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    rrob got a reaction from Joshjd123 in New ecu fitted but car won’t start   
    You have 2 issues. 
    First is the ecu does not control the starter motor in a s14. 
    The ecu wont run when its locked. 
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    rrob got a reaction from Babych44 in Modelled fuel   
    Those injectors have a dead time of .67-.68 ms at 14v. 
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    rrob got a reaction from tem in rb25det vct wiring   
    Blue wire/white trace is +.
    Comes in via the connector near the ecu, also powers idle control and narrow band 02.
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    rrob got a reaction from Toliski in 3sgte Misfire   
    1j and 2j have a 1 way valve as part of the idle assembly. No need for it to be boost referenced.
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    rrob reacted to Adamw in ross trigger kit rb26   
    Iecku, I just thought I would mention a little bit of info that many people miss.  These kits appear to use the Honeywell 1GT101 sensor, these sensors are much slower on the rising edge than the falling edge.  The datasheet quotes a 15µs rise time Vs 1µs for fall time.  So for at least trigger 1 (that controls the timing) it would be more correct to set the trigger edge to falling. Even though 15µs is only like 0.9 deg at 10000RPM, if you can get extra accuracy just by a simple setting change - then you might as well use it...
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