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  1. Hi Daniel, I sure did, though it probably makes sense to link you to the one Scott subsequently did.... Generic Dash stream file.lcs
  2. I think historically EFI University have been focussed on hands-on learning courses and have only recently started adding online material. HPA already have a good depth of material available and are adding more and revising existing content all the time. I've no experience of EFI but have been a member of HPA for some time and can also recommend them. There are also hands-on training in the UK. The Academy of Motorsport by Torque Developments are highly regarded, there is also Engine Management Academy by Horsham Developments maybe others too.
  3. Ahh, well in that case you can either do as 1320 said and use one of the ignitor signals to the coil pack, or as Scott says and configure an Aux out as Tacho to send 12V pulses. The latter is nice because you can configure the full sweep RPM though PC Link and also sweep at key on if you like. Suitable Aux might be the AC clutch wire, lambda heaters, or the tank vent valve if you're removing that Think you'd need to supplement with external ignitors as there are only two built in to the ECU? You'll still be able to distinguish knock on cylinders 1or4 and 2or3 with stock and the oem coilpack is proven to over 650 whp, so all good. Another thing if I were you... move the oil pressure sensor to the ECU then you can log all data in the same place. Then you can also use it for a protection strategy to for a rev cut if pressure should drop to an unsafe level. With little CAN configuration you can get oil pressure, ethanol % and lambda etc on the Aim dash.
  4. Two can interfaces in the plug-in ecu, Can2 is hardwired into the oem electronics for oem dash, wheel speeds etc. Can1 is available on an expansion connector. You'll need to use Can1 for the Lambda and AIM dash. Suitable connector to get the expansion is the CANPCB and then either the CANDASH cable or CANF field connector. Both the ECU and AIM dash have fixed terminating resistors, so if you run a long twisted pair of wires between them (such as the CANDASH cable), just take a shorter branch off for the Lambda and don't wire a terminating resistor to the Lambda. That way, you'll get RPM to the dash through the CAN and not need a tacho signal.
  5. scraggles

    G4+ Thunder

    The other CAN based option which is also pre-configured in the software is the KMS EGT Can converter at around 300 EUR: http://kms.vankronenburg.nl/products/accessories-2/can-converters/ I've got the AEM EGT Amplifer on mine (as does Rooster), but it requires 4 analogue inputs unlike CAN which need none. A different alternative is to perhaps run something like the excellent Plex SDM-500 dash display, which has 2 EGT inputs and can output it's inputs to CAN. If you're using internal and external thermocouple amplifiers it would be best to do a full scale calibration to match the readings.
  6. The aquamist willsend a signal (on it's pink or brown wire) when it is switched on which can be used to activate the map switch. In error condition - either flow problem or tank empty it will remove the signal causing the ecu to default back. If you want an external switch to select further mapping in the case of using a different meth/water mix you could use 4D fuel and ignition overlays, triggered by a virtual aux on condition of the digital input from the Aquamist and your meth switch.
  7. Thanks Scott, I guessed as much. If he brings the car back I'll see if there is time to work it through.
  8. Chiming in on this too. More Virtual Aux would be exceptionally useful... for map switching such as this.. http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/5550-map-switching/ or expanded logic within a virtual aux,, having more conditions as Conny suggested. At present I have two chained togther to get a Condition 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 for an EGT over temperature warning.
  9. Is there a .lcs stream file for the Generic dash can config? Reason being, the AIM series of dashes are rather primitive with their can configuration, only having a fixed stream. What I'd like to do is alter what is sent within some of the lesser used frames from the ECU side and set the Dash accordingly. I was able to fudge this with the G4/V-series by rudimenarily substituting parameters in the channel data list, but the more featureful new setup only has a locked config for Generic dash.
  10. scraggles

    Mini Cooper R53 PnP

    You can also remove the factory narrowband sensors and repurpose the connectors to wire the wideband into the ECU. The two narrowbands give expansion of two analog inputs and two auxiliary outputs without needing to drop more of your coins on the expansion connector. Removing the aircon also frees up an analog input from the AC pressure sensor (was well as an output to the clutch) so you could also use that.
  11. Hi, can you tell me if the G4 Plugin (not G4+) for the Nissan 300ZX has built in knock control? Does it need a knock amplifier, additional unlocking or work out of the box with factory sensors?
  12. Thanks Dave, I'm anticipating your reply. Hopefully with that information I can encourage Racelogic to produce a generic config to list on their website.
  13. Thanks Dave, I've seen the help documentation and it would be useful if I was setting up a User stream with frames containing the information I'm looking to receive on the VBOX. What I was looking for is either a .dbc file with the default output of the 'Transmit Generic Dash' config, or the CAN message format and default id's for given parameters. For example, if I want to configure the VBOX to recieve the following from the 'Generic Dash' config... ... Engine Speed, TP Main, Wheel Speed from DI1... What stream ID, Frame ID, frame size & position are these parameters contained in the 'Generic Dash' setting provided by the ECU?
  14. I am soon going to be configuring a Race Logic VBOX with a Vipec i88 ECU. The VBOX is a video and data logging recording and playback system. We've already got an AIM dash set up using the Vipec 'Transmit Generic Dash' can mode. I think we've now got two options to get Can data into the VBOX... 1. Configure specific can streams, with config on each side 2. Utilise the existing Generic Dash stream The latter is preferable as it is the simplest amount of change. Is there technical data available for the structure of the data in the Generic Dash modes?
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