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  1. If I dont press the "DONE" button in the calibration screen before i save to ECU my offset setting resets with a power cycle.
  2. Is this one from KMS tested? https://kms.vankronenburg.nl/kms-producten/accessories/kms-egt-can-converter-4-channel or their speed to CAN converter? https://kms.vankronenburg.nl/kms-producten/accessories/kms-speed-sensor-can-converter-4-channel
  3. Its the same trigger pattern. Im running two cars with this engine S65B40 and Link Extreme.
  4. I have two cars with Link but they are not wired the same. Gearbox oil temp is on ANvolt 3 on one car an ANvolt 6 on the other so insted of having to change parameters in logging view or show both but with no values on one it would be nice to be able to select that as an function directly.
  5. The virtual aux option sounds really usefull.
  6. Is it possible to get the trigger pattern for S85 to verify that its the same on S65. My S65 engine has 4 two wire cam solenoids with one wire connected to earth.
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