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  1. Currently traction control can only be deactivated below 25 kmh. I'm using launch control for 1st gear and I only want the traction control in 2nd gear and higher. This 25 kmh limit is too low for the drag racing I do, where I'll get well over 100% slip up to 50kmh or higher with the drag tires. Can this limit be increased to say 100 kmh so I can stop traction control kicking in, in 1st gear. The current max slip percentage is 50% which is too low for drag racing. Can this limit be increased to say 500% to allow it to be used in 1st gear if required. If the request above is actioned, there is less need for this request.
  2. I've also had this same issue with my Link Thunder. It's setup to log when launch control is turned on, but only logged some garbage logs at Powercruise. At Chrome, the logging worked fine though. I'll make sure I delete the log so hopefully it works next time as well. Be nice to have a fix.
  3. Thanks. As I have 48 teeth on my ABS trigger wheels, does that work out at a max wheel speed of 135 rps for reading the ABS signal? If so, using a 2.1m wheel circumference that works out at around a max of 1000 kmh, which should be more then enough.
  4. I see that the new Link Thunder has 6 High frequency differential frequency or switching inputs suitable for ABS or turbo speed sensor. I would use them with my ABS if possible. Can you tell me the maximum frequency they can use please, so I can verify that they go to a high enough frequency.
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