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  1. Ducie54


    Yes, I use the display link with the G4+ Thunder
  2. Have you configured the CAN as per the previous G4.
  3. That lean spike is over a 200ms time frame. Just saying.......
  4. How close are you guys putting the flyback diode to the load? Does it matter how close it is to the load.
  5. Ducie54

    Closed loop lambda

    Your Calibration table is out. Use Cal table 7 so you can set the voltage axis
  6. Ducie54

    Closed loop lambda

    Looks like the wide band signal freezes. What type of wide band are you using?
  7. Ducie54

    Closed loop lambda

    Never mind didn't see the other link
  8. Lambda 1 and avg trend are the same that i can see. lambda target is not the same
  9. Can u post a log file.
  10. Surely any link dealer should be capable of tuning a link using the current software. Another reason why tunes get locked IMO.
  11. Another look show it's reducing boost target in higher gears but gear detection is not set up correctly. Your vechile speed is showing when in 0 gear.
  12. Also looks like base fuel pressure is only 2.5 bar. You have a fuel pressure sensor input but not using it in the modelled equation. Injector dead time curve has steps in it.
  13. More info would be nice. What wideband have you got? If it is a link are there any faults showing in the runtime screen.
  14. Injector data is the most important.
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