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  1. Ducie54

    Internal logging issue

    Post another log so we can have a look.
  2. Use the table i posted above, there the same injector just with a different amount of holes.
  3. Ducie54

    Internal logging issue

    I would add log status and log memory use to the ECU logging parameters.
  4. I had a set of there 1300cc injectors and found there data not suitable for the link. Do your injectors have the diffuser plate on the bottom?
  5. Depending on how accurate you want the results you could use a hydrometer and doing some testing.
  6. As Adam has mentioned you will need to setup up idle ignition timing to fine tune you idle fluctuations.
  7. The Sunoco SDS may have those figures.
  8. Your dead time values are incorrect. What dead time values are you using? You should be looking at IDC% to see if injectors are maxed out NOT the 150 number in the main fuel table as there are so many variables.
  9. With only 11 seconds of log and no recording of idle position DC% i can only see that the engine fan kicks in once dropping you idle. Also your lambda is not tracking your target. Best to get this closer
  10. Post a new log and file
  11. Its not overrun cuting in and out?
  12. Your current Map and a log file will help tech support with fixing your issue.
  13. North Queensland. Aus I can do dead times and max flow 98 and E85. SPAT I can't do.
  14. If u send me one I can do it on my test rig.
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