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  1. Ducie54

    Engine protection question

    I use oil pressure and rpm for one table and differential fuel pressure and rpm for the other.
  2. Ducie54

    dual fuel system setup (using two sets of fuel rails)

    Actually would give better control to use 2 PWM valves, one for 98 and the other for E100 into the main fuel line.
  3. Ducie54

    dual fuel system setup (using two sets of fuel rails)

    Unless you run a dead head fuel system with no return line you would not achieve accurate results. As the returning blended fuel would affect the pw ratio of E% to 98%. My way of doing it is slightly different. I would use 8 1050cc injectors. Run a open loop fuel system with both fuels into a PWM 3 way valve. From there into a ethanol sensor (run in parallel off main fuel line) into both fuel rails. Sound like a lot of problems for no gain. HPA have a good webinar on blending fuels.
  4. Ducie54

    dual fuel system setup (using two sets of fuel rails)

    How are you planning on calculating the %Ethanol in the fuel? Would be easier it one tank was 98 and the other was a ethanol blend. Trying to blend both on the run would be a nightmare. I would adjust the boost based on E% not E% based on boost level.
  5. Ducie54

    ASNU Short Pulsewidth Adder

    I set up an injector test bench to get a rough figure of SPAT and deadlines then used a digital power supply while driving to set the dead times. From the new dead times I tweaked the SPAT to get a flatter fuel map. Is your injectors the 90/1100 with the diffuser plate? Mine are the 90/1300 but I run at 4 bar as the spray pattern in better.
  6. Ducie54

    ASNU Short Pulsewidth Adder

    It took me ages to get SPAT figures from ASNU for there 1300cc injectors, u would have more luck talking to the guys at FIC as they are the same injectors. I would also double check there supplied dead time values as mine were way off.
  7. Ducie54

    St185 PNP Injector 3 not firing

    Check the injector settings tab and make sure there all set the same. Either peak and hold or saturated
  8. Ducie54

    Stutter over 50% TP

    Can you post a copy of your map makes fault finding easier.
  9. Ducie54

    Problem setting base timing

    Too lock the timing you need to hit enter. If you press F12 and in the run time tab the ignition value should stay at the locked figure when rpm is increase. I personally would have ignition timing at 15 deg at idle as it allows room for idle ignition movement. Start with the offset at -107 mine was around there on my old gtir. The gtir is known for the balancer ring to slip on the rubber so double check tdc marks line up when pistion is up. Once the offset is adjusted so the locked number matches the balancer timing then adjust the iscv value to increase or decrease the idle rpm.
  10. Ducie54

    Problem setting base timing

    Do a trigger scope at idle. Also which coils are you using?
  11. Ducie54

    idle issues,2004 ej257

    Post an engine bay pic where u have it. I have mine mounted just before the throttle body. No reason why you can't have it mounted on the outlet side of the intercooler.
  12. Ducie54

    Aux9 not sending signal to fuel pump relay

    Can you post your map
  13. Ducie54

    Link Can Lambda wiring

  14. Ducie54

    Gti-R Base Map G4+

    I sent you a file it was using stock turbo and 700cc sard injectors. Let us know how u go.
  15. Ducie54

    Gti-R Base Map G4+

    I have a few. But they are all for G4 traditional setups. Send me an email at Nigeld54@gmail.com and I'll give you a starting point. May need tweaking as they had big injectors.