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  1. Aux9 not sending signal to fuel pump relay

    Can you post your map
  2. Link Can Lambda wiring

  3. Gti-R Base Map G4+

    I sent you a file it was using stock turbo and 700cc sard injectors. Let us know how u go.
  4. Gti-R Base Map G4+

    I have a few. But they are all for G4 traditional setups. Send me an email at Nigeld54@gmail.com and I'll give you a starting point. May need tweaking as they had big injectors.
  5. knock detection device

    On my Samsung earbuds I had the cable tie the button down.
  6. Sr20vet ignition table

    I would set both the same at 5000rpm as a start point. You ideally need to tune this on the dyno watching the torque the power. I noticed if you switch them too early the lambda goes rich and you need a low VE number to fix it. Mine leans out at 5000rpm. I needed another cell at 5150
  7. Closed Loop fuel trims

    That is opposite to what HPA teaches and the help file.
  8. S54 Throttle Settings

    A few question in regards to your map Your dead time table has a Y axis of MAP and adding more at higher load? Your battery voltage from the log looks like it takes 10 sec to reach normal voltage. Your AFR changes a bit during this.
  9. ''Laggy'' software

    I had the same issue on my ASUS G55VW laptop . I manually found the Nvidia LAPTOP driver and haven't had a issue since.
  10. Link Thunder wont power up?

    Sounds like the ecu has hold function active from new. Try fused power to C2. Ground to c34.
  11. link monsoon 2 pin idle control solenoid

    Make sure your using 12v from an ignition source and not constant battery 12v
  12. Flex Fuel Setup

    HPA have alot of good webinars on this subject. https://www.hpacademy.com
  13. Atom - GTIR SR20 Intermittent Spark

    Black goes to ground White goes to ECU Green/yellow goes to coil Gti-r Igniters are renound for causing issues when hot, A common mod is to removed it from the head bracket and add a PC heat sink to it. Plus the normal dissy cap and rotor button wear
  14. Interpolation "OFF" option

    If it is interpolation during mapping doesn't that mean your not in the center of the cell.
  15. Antilag and blow off valves

    You could also included a purge valve in the vacuum line. That's if u had some spare outputs, plus u could add conditions.