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  1. Are you getting fuel flow and pressure? Any idea the condition of your fuel filter.
  2. 11 deg retard sounds a bit extreme how much piston to valve clearance do you have?. If it was me i would set them both to 0 and see how that effects things.
  3. If this is a new install did you unlock the ECU.
  4. There is a reason LINK has a shift cut prioritized over other cuts. As others have mentioned a tunner should build into his map a safe guard to reduce boost, ignition and increase fuel in the area of the MAP were damage could occur if reached. IMO a MAP cut should only be reached if the wastegate line falls off. Stop being so defensive and take advice, no one wants to hear about members spending money or time on things that can be fixed. There's a handful of software changes I love to happen, but know it never will and I just have to learn to work around that. I'm sure if you asked several guys would be happy to help if your not interested so be it. While I'm far from a pro tuner I still know the basics and spend a fair amount of my free time helping members fixed there payed tunes. I got better things to do than troll on fourms, getting too old for that Shit.
  5. Again please reread, rpm and map limit don't work together as shown by my example. As I said and again by LINK. Your poor rpm limit caused the MAP to increase. Again shown by the log. What ECU brand has MAP limit working with shift active? I'm a tuner and would rather shift cut before map limit. Miss shift can't be undone, a shitty tune can.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one thinking the same thing. 20 times the statistics show it has hit MAP limit, you would of hoped the tuner worked it out before it blew. Trying so so hard not to pick this to threads.
  7. Instead of getting defensive, I would be asking for help to stop it happening again. Plenty of ways to do this.
  8. So your topic should be why does Rpm limit lock out map limit. Agreed should be nice if both worked simultaneously but a RPM cut shouldn't build boost if setup correctly. HPA do some good webinars on boost control and setting limits.
  9. Again Map and Rpm limit will not activate at once you can see that in the log file. RPM limit starts @ 21.581 and finish's at 21.181 MAP limit starts at 21.181ms at 315 kpa. Soft cut kicks in timing goes from 8.9 to 4.3 @22.232ms 297Kpa @ 22.271 MAP is now at 213Kpa and outside Hard cut range. Im argumentative as your topic says (Map Limit didn't engage during Shift Cut) Which is false and the above screen shot show it was engaged, your blaming that as to the reason of the damage. My suggestion come from the theory of HPA academy and works well when boost is over target. BUT cutting fuel and ignition will also be best for setting a limit. No it didn't come into effect as you were still in RPM cut. By the time it switched from RPM to MAP limit and applied soft cut it was UNDER the MAP hard cut threshold. The help file shows a 3D pic of how the advance mode works.
  10. I was trying put it nicely that you did a poor job on setting you limits. MAP limit WAS engaged during shift cut it pulled 3.6 Deg out it just wont do both MAP and RPM at ONCE. Why don't you set the RPM cut so it doesn't create a Boost over spike? And this is why the wastegate DC% table is so important, why do you have a target DC of 48% @ 300kpa if your limit is 290KPA?
  11. Boost cut cant engage @293KPA as you were already in RPM cut. Once RPM cut dropped out MAP Limit was activated. The trend shows boost raises when ignition starts being pulled from rpm cut then more again from shift cut. One point during your cut ignition angle is @ -5 deg while at 100% throttle Still with fuel being sprayed.
  12. After another look it looks like your MAP limit cut is set up like the RPM limit cut. So when you hit RPM cut the boost pressure goes up how do you expect the MAP limit to DROP boost? I would take it back to the tuner and ask why this hasn't been tested. I would also add more resolution in your boost target table at the MAP limit. So when it gets close to MAP limit the DC% drops. EG set 295kpa row several % lower than the 290 row, set the 300 kpa to ZERO. That way your not relying on PID to reduce DC% when @ MAP limit.
  13. So when you first configured your RPM limit did your boost pressure still rise? I wouldn't be using Ignition cut on a turbo Engine but that's me as your still pumping fuel into a hot turbo manifold. Also you AFR is not even close to tracking the target?
  14. Try running a power wire straight from the battery to the wideband power supply.
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