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  1. Knock threshold would have occurred in a earlier part of the run. It then is applied to that cell each time after unless reset. All in the help file.
  2. Post ur map and a log.
  3. Ducie54

    Target afr protection

    Run a fuel pressure sensor that way you can use differential fuel pressure as a limit. That will monitor if your fuel pumps have died or on way out. Then another limit based on afr like the above pic. I cant see why that wont be good enough. Both will be quicker to respond that looking and reacting to a dash fault light.
  4. Ducie54

    Target afr protection

    You could buy a gauge/dash or even install a tablet that way you could monitor every thing. I take the new X series with the math function would be able to trigger an output based on correction level.
  5. Have you used the injector/ignition test feature to confirm all are working?
  6. Ducie54

    Target afr protection

    A basic setup but you get the idea.
  7. I take it its one of the early ones too?
  8. Run lambda power wires from there own relay.
  9. I think its just logging. Tech support would be best to answer that one. I knew they had troubles replicating the issue. Which modle ecu do u have.
  10. Its a bug. Happens to me to. I have to cycle ecu power to reset.
  11. Post your map and a small log file
  12. Ducie54

    Internal logging issue

    Post another log so we can have a look.
  13. Use the table i posted above, there the same injector just with a different amount of holes.
  14. Ducie54

    Internal logging issue

    I would add log status and log memory use to the ECU logging parameters.
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