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  1. Ducie54

    Target afr protection

    Yes there is a function based on AFR.
  2. Would using TEST ON work? This should be a constant on anytime the ECU is powered up.
  3. Your TP main valve is not always going below your TP threshold. So not all conditions are being met. [/IMG]
  4. Try doing the calibration in psi. Output Units PSI Output Value A 0Psi Output valve B 150 psi
  5. Ducie54


    Your engine speed ROC moves around a fair amount.
  6. Ducie54

    New ECU has died

    I would look at the earth connection between the battery and chassis. If u have a set of jumper leads connect from negative terminal to a 2nd chassis spot.
  7. Can you test each ignition out put now using the test function, then by cranking the engine.
  8. So using the test function on each cylinder there is no problems?
  9. When you use the test function on cylinder 3 do you get spikes on the scope?
  10. Use the test function. You may have a trigger issue as there are 4 small spikes on that last image.
  11. Are you using the test function to check or cranking engine?
  12. Have you checked to see if the is any damage to the ecu plug. Or best to power the ecu out of the car and join straight on ECU pins. The repair service has been good finding the issues ive had.
  13. I would be testing the signal out of the ECU not at the injector plug. You would need to find a power source near the ECU tho. Then you can work out if it's a wiring issue.
  14. Ducie54

    ECU Unlock fails

    Try just the last 6 numbers.
  15. What HZ are you loging that parameter at.
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