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  1. I control water pump speed.
  2. Why can't you just use a 3d table with RPM and ECT on the axis to control oil pressure. How close to you need it to track your target? I use a 3d table to set ECT. Works well in that situation.
  3. Ducie54

    phil till

    You also don't see Tps sensor, because they use one of the Analog input pins. You really need to write down all the sensors you need and go from there.
  4. Ducie54

    phil till

    Some searching of the website would have saved you a lot of headaches.
  5. Ducie54

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Even the log you have posted dated the 10th still has the same issue. I would go back through your logs and see if it has been there from the start.
  6. Ducie54

    Thunder lambda sensors

    TP delta is jumping around adding accel fuel all the time. You shouldnt needed to adjust fuel table numbers, just fix the tps signal fault
  7. Right mouse click. Table axis I think it's called. By pressing F1 brings up a help file.
  8. If you post you map ill try load the CAN info. I run the same dash on my G4+ Do you happen to know the Can ID number on the display link.
  9. Ducie54

    Thunder lambda sensors

    If you can try powering the lambda straight from the battery. Not sure how hard it is to move your sensors but might be worth swapping them to the other side is see if the error codes change.
  10. Ducie54

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Lambda 1 show code 17 Invalid Pump Current - The controller went into protection mode to prevent excess pump current being applied to the sensor. This can occur if exhaust gas is excessively rich or lean or if the sensor is failing. Lambda reading is invalid during this condition. Lambda 2 ·16 Heated Too Long - Sensor has been heating for too long without reaching operating temperature. Sensor heater may be faulty or there may be a wiring issue. Watch Int. Lambda 1 Temp. during heating to determine if the sensor heats at all. ·33 Open Circuit APE-IPE - Open loop or too high resistance on APE-IPE loop (pump cell). You can check the lambda status in run times values by pressing F12
  11. Ducie54

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Posting your map and log will help diagnose issue.
  12. Ducie54

    isc valve issues

    Make sure the ISCV has ignition switched power supply and not constant battery voltage.
  13. Ducie54

    3sgte goes lean

    If your running so rich its fouling plugs. Been there before.
  14. Ducie54

    3sgte goes lean

    Same setup you blew the motor on racing the bike? You have no accell enrichment
  15. Ducie54

    3sgte goes lean

    It also doesn't help that the slope of your dead time figures are out and you have alternator issues. Its like it dropped a phase inside the alternator. In all honesty i would sort out your voltage issue and injector dead time values before worrying about anything else. Will save you a lot of headacks
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