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  1. For some reason i only had a log of 1.5 seconds with no Rpm trace but it looks like it only shows trigger scope 1 and 2. Both look ok to me. So it still wont start?
  2. Did you look at the log file before you uploaded it?
  3. Don't forget to change ur dead time and SPAT values to suit the higher base pressure.
  4. Post a log of this happening and your map.
  5. Got mine to work as had issues reading the number. If you use your phone on the QR code and copy text to text use the last 18 numbers. Mine passed
  6. Try putting the codes in this checker https://protect.bosch.com// Not sure how accurate that site is as mine is not coming up and it was bought from a link dealer. This is the 7th i have bought for various projects and not had an issue with any.
  7. Where did u buy the sensor's from? If they were cheap would most likely be copies.
  8. Have you tried using idle ignition control?
  9. Base timing set? Is it 360 deg out. Attach a log logging all parameters and your map so guys can give u feed back.
  10. Can you do a log at idle when fan off then on. Do another at 2000rpm and 3000rpm driving. Also post your map.
  11. Make sure all gound points are clean and there this there is enough of them. Also make sure the power from the injectors are from the same realy as the ecu. As a band aid fix you can set up a 4d table with engine fan on the axis to pull fuel out when fan is on.
  12. Im using 2 Emtron dual wide band controllers. I dont have the latest software for them so I have to power them up from a Aux output. They power up after 20sec from ignition on without a CAN signal. I have CAN set up for errors but it shows just a number. I then have to go back to the manual to work out what it is. If i was to do it agian I would just buy 4 of the LINK sensors. So much less hassle setting them up.
  13. Ducie54

    PDM Unit advice

    I spoke to the guys at AIM last week and there in the process of releasing the PDM32 without the display bits in it. The more that ask for it the sooner it will be released. Ive put my name down for it.
  14. Plus your Emap will be higher.
  15. Ducie54

    Misfires ECU Temp

    Try preheating the ecu with a hair dryer for a hot ecu test on a cold motor.
  16. https://www.dropbox.com/s/28apc6yd6luufev/spat test.pclr?dl=0
  17. Have you played around with the charge temp table.
  18. I would be using the Link specific data. http://help.injectordynamics.com/support/solutions/articles/4000074340-link-engine-management
  19. Post a map and a quick log. I have a similar setup. Curious if u used the LINK dead time data. Which 1000cc ID injectors?
  20. Ducie54

    Cranking time

    Add pre prime fuel or increase it. Try lowering your injector timing table values, and make sure fuel rail volume does not drain back to the tank as it will take longer to build fuel pressure.
  21. Ducie54

    omni 3bar cal table

    Good luck with that brand. Chased my tail for weeks tuning using that same map sensor. I ended up throwing it in the bin.
  22. I thought the lambda had the resistor built in. Where are getting the power and ground from?
  23. Knock threshold would have occurred in a earlier part of the run. It then is applied to that cell each time after unless reset. All in the help file.
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