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    Two questions

    Since you are running a fuel pressure sensor i would be setting your base fuel pressure by looking at your differential fuel pressure at idle once every thing has come up to temp. This way you don't need to take the vacuum hose off the FPR. Also are you running the fuel pumps off the std wiring or a another relay closer to the fuel pump Other things to look at is the ID of the fittings and line going to the fuel pressure regulator. Some brands of fittings have a smaller ID even tho the OD is what your after. Here is a link to Injector dynamics fuel delivery PRI videos that may help, there is 9 to watch. https://www.youtube.com/user/InjectorDynamicsTV/search?query=Fuel+Delivery
  2. Ducie54

    Two questions

    From what i can see your differential fuel pressure drops and your running out of injector flow because of it. I would check your fuel pump flow and voltage to the pump.
  3. I've been using some dual Emtron CAN widebands. Can't fault them so far.
  4. Ducie54

    2GR-FE Turbocharged MR2 Build

    Do you have any pics of your setup? Curious to see how you have setup the slushee evaporator. In my water tank I added another tank inside to fill with dry ice. I also have IAT sensors both side of the water core to measure temp drop across the core. The more water flow you have the better I found.
  5. Ducie54

    EMAP (Exhaust Back Pressure) Sensor

    I just use a Honeywell sensor. With the T1 race canister and brake hose in a few loops. No issues over the last few years running.
  6. Ducie54

    Dual Fuel Pumps

    Sorry I don't know but curios to know what would require this sort of setup?
  7. Ducie54

    Best setup for revlimit to work

    Without a log I cant see whats happening, helps if all parameters are logged that a relevant to the issue. Others might be able to help there. The spike to 12,000 rpm looks trigger related. When i configured a rpm limit i use lower rpm like 4000rpm to make sure it works first.
  8. Ducie54

    Best setup for revlimit to work

    When i open the log it was full of start stop lines. Makes it hard to read.
  9. This is how i would wire it. Start with basic triggering before PWM pump so you know all 4 work. Sorry about the crap paint skills
  10. You need to draw a diagram on how the fuel pumps are setup and another on how the wiring is done. I think there is a lot of confusion here. Also post a pic of the Weldon wiring diagram. I cant find one online that i can read. I have a funny feeling that the Weldon fuel pump needs to see a POSITIVE to activate. I recommend you start by running the fuel pump speed control method to OFF until you know all pumps work as expected.
  11. Ducie54

    Sensor voltage rising over time

    Be careful as I've seen some liquid filled gauges read differently when the gauge gets hot. Do a log with differential fuel pressure not just fuel pressure.
  12. Ducie54

    Sensor voltage rising over time

    Have you compared it to a mechanical gauge?
  13. Ducie54

    Quick tune setup storm ecu

    You also need to swap the output units from lambda to afr.
  14. Ducie54

    Closed Loop fuel trims

    The last firmware had 3D negative/positive trim tables.
  15. Ducie54

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Ive had nothing but good experience with all the tech guys. As for firmware updates the last one before it was pulled I had no issues with it. In regards to the closed loop e throttle problem you have had did you ever end up answering Adam in his last post?
  16. Ducie54

    Nos control

    Whats wrong with using an overlay table?
  17. Ducie54

    flamethrower tune help

    Turn overrun fuel cut off. Then add fuel to the area of the map in decel.
  18. Ducie54

    Misfire issues?

    Are you running a fuel rail pulse dampner? Injector dynamics have a good utube video about them. Also how long is the vacuum line to your fuel pressure regulator.
  19. Ducie54

    E36 3000rpm at start up

    A log and a copy of your map will help with diagnoses.
  20. Ducie54

    ecu goes lean with "auto tune" on

    You need to tune EACH cell. The fuel table graph looks like it hasn't been touched
  21. Ducie54

    Temp signal issue

    How have you done the wiring between the CDI and the coils? Have you followed the M&W manual? I'm running M&W CDI with denso coil on plug and have no issues with the battery being at the back of the car. Just earthing battery to body but I guess not all boddies are the same.
  22. Ducie54

    Lean warm/hot restart

    Watch your IAT on a hot restart. If the temp sensor gets heat soak the ecu in modelled mode will pull out fuel. Add fuel to the high temp no throttle area of the iat correction table.
  23. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    I would assume IAT would follow this trend. You can get electrical noise/interference when you run sensor wiring beside items like coils and alternators. At around the 6600rpm mark the IAT drops randomly. Not the reason why the engine blew but IAT should follow the trend like the pic.
  24. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    Yeah very strange that one. I reckon this hasn't seen a dyno or a knock listening device.
  25. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    Reason why?