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  1. Ducie54

    ECU Unlock fails

    Try just the last 6 numbers.
  2. What HZ are you loging that parameter at.
  3. If you have any luck PWM this can you let me know. I tried using a 100amp jaycar PWM relay but kept braking the drive pin and flogging out the pin locator. Current In rush from memory is 150 amp so wire it accordingly. On my sr20 when it cut in at 100% It droped rev's which could not be dialed out. In the end I used a soft starter PWM module to run it.
  4. Things like this on the G4+ I can't see being added. I run a T1 race pulse dampner on my Emap sensor. Works like a charm. Cheaper way is to run different size line restrictors untill your happy with the trend.
  5. Ducie54


    Injector wiring should be ignition switched 12v, so NOT constant 12v. Best to take power from same location that power the ECU.
  6. If it has an external wastegate is the valve seat fitted?
  7. Could a blocked exhaust/ cat cause this issue?
  8. Is it firing 360 Deg out? Add or subtract 360 from current offset. Did u lock timing when using timing light? Has motor been apart before?
  9. Have you tried pulling fuel out. If your plugs are wet. Try a large adjustment.
  10. Doubt it. What coils are you using as the ECU can not drive all coils and needs an igniter. Plug will show spark but will be very small voltage and spark. How do you have them wired?
  11. I haven't played with one of those motors. If you pull a plug is it wet? Try adding more fuel if required. Are you using a wire in ECU. Reason I ask is ive seen guys wire in the cylinders in firing order instead of 1 to cylinder 1, 2 to cylinder 2 and so on. Also make sure your fuel pump is running during cranking. Check your fuel pressure is still high when cranking.
  12. Check each injector and spark plugs is firing using the LINK test function. Start at the basic things first.
  13. Things ive found. Where did you get this map from? 4d fuel table is on. Turn this off Start with a 2d idle base table. Change this. Add timing back in at cranking and set all cells around idle to 15 as a start point. Having cranking at 15 deg will not stop it from starting. Do a injector and coil function test to make sure each cylinder is getting the right fuel/spark when needed. To me it looks like its not getting spark.
  14. Since they don't update there firmware close too or after the next model certain LINK dealers or tech guys should be allowed to purchase the rights to update firmware/software for themself or anyone else. Not everyone can afford to update to the newest model each time.
  15. On my setup I use a 3d table to PWM an engine water pump. After a lot of testing I found using the temp output from the radiator and ECT the best way to control the pump. Takes into account out side temp and vechile speed. Would recommend you try that way to control the thermostat. Ive also connected a 2nd Digital output to the same soild state relay as an override. So if I'm at a set TPS or boost range the pump goes to 100%. After a bit of testing during different conditions I can keep the ECT within 2deg in all situations.
  16. All this is already possible. I use oil pressure, differential fuel pressure and lambda as extra limits on top of the basic features. And yes there is a delay available.
  17. Features say, Analog (voltage) output proportional to gear level force. So you need to use a Analog input not a digital input.
  18. On my ride I reduce timming at peak torque and boost in the lower gears.
  19. Ducie54

    Trigger setup

    If you are not using a wide band sensor your just wasting your time. Plenty of cheap controllers out there. The sensor pic you posted is not the correct sensor for tuning fuel maps.
  20. What's wrong with using multi fuel modeled mode. Are you using 8 or 16 injectors?
  21. Ducie54


    Yes, I use the display link with the G4+ Thunder
  22. Have you configured the CAN as per the previous G4.
  23. That lean spike is over a 200ms time frame. Just saying.......
  24. How close are you guys putting the flyback diode to the load? Does it matter how close it is to the load.
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