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  1. Ducie54

    Temp signal issue

    How have you done the wiring between the CDI and the coils? Have you followed the M&W manual? I'm running M&W CDI with denso coil on plug and have no issues with the battery being at the back of the car. Just earthing battery to body but I guess not all boddies are the same.
  2. Ducie54

    Lean warm/hot restart

    Watch your IAT on a hot restart. If the temp sensor gets heat soak the ecu in modelled mode will pull out fuel. Add fuel to the high temp no throttle area of the iat correction table.
  3. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    I would assume IAT would follow this trend. You can get electrical noise/interference when you run sensor wiring beside items like coils and alternators. At around the 6600rpm mark the IAT drops randomly. Not the reason why the engine blew but IAT should follow the trend like the pic.
  4. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    Yeah very strange that one. I reckon this hasn't seen a dyno or a knock listening device.
  5. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    Reason why?
  6. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    At 7.31 IAT is at 11 Deg, 7500 rpm, 216 KPA Almost looks like electrical noise.
  7. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    Are you running a methanol spray? Your IAT is all over the place. Can you post a map?
  8. Ducie54

    Blown engine!

    Do u have a log of that run that it blew?
  9. Ducie54

    1JZ VVTi Solenoid Wiring

    I would make sure it's ignition switched 12v or you may have a back feed issue.
  10. Yes. That is how i've set mine up.
  11. Ducie54

    Link thunder sometimes doesnt log data

    I run mine off a digital input and haven't had dramas. Thunder ecu
  12. Ducie54

    cold start help

    Has this been tune? Reason i ask is the fuel table scaling is only a small range. 14 min to 32 max. I would start by using the base map cold start/warm up settings, tune the fuel table then go back to the cold start settings
  13. Ducie54

    injector duty cycle %400 !!

    Maybe your flux capacitor is bad, Adam should be able to run you through how to test it.
  14. Ducie54

    injector duty cycle %400 !!

    2 channel oscilloscope is the tool. You can plug them into either tablets or laptops.
  15. Ducie54

    injector duty cycle %400 !!

    Trigger scope IS THE ONLY WAY to diagnose trigger issues.
  16. Ducie54

    Nissan VG30 Optical Trigger Scope Question

    The nissan optical disc come in several diameters. Make sure it's the same as the you pulled out. Put the stock one back in just for a trigger scope, will rule out a cas issue.
  17. Ducie54

    Fury - Internal Wideband extend the wiring

    I had a similar issue when the voltage to the lambda sensor was too low. Check it's getting 12volts.
  18. Ducie54

    rpm not stable and alot of trig1 error !

    34 does not divide into 360 with a full number so what brand of trigger disc is it.
  19. Ducie54

    rpm not stable and alot of trig1 error !

    It has already been explained to you. 36-2 and need a oscilloscope wave form pic.
  20. Ducie54

    Am I seeing knock here?

    You need to check your knock ignton trim tables to see if the was any previous knock threshold over shoots during that ECU on period. Each time the ECU powers down or knock is turned off then on it will clear that table.
  21. Ducie54

    Warm Start Struggles

    A cheap inline fuel pressure gauge would tell if the fuel pressure drops or is consistent during start ups. I forgot to ask what car motor is this running.
  22. Ducie54

    Mechanical TP main plus E Throttle 2?

    I wonder if it would be possible to use a turbo waste gate and solenoid as a intake vent. You may need a light internal spring tho. Some even come with waste gate position sensor which could come in handy.
  23. Ducie54

    Warm Start Struggles

    Looking at those logs i noticed that the cranking enrichment has been reduced in the ones that are hard to start. Try adding more fuel. Also what model wide band kit are you using? Crank enrichment table 80 DegC=22.5 90 DegC=18 100 DegC=12
  24. Ducie54

    Warm Start Struggles

    I'm on shift so can't look at the logs but just check your trigger patterns and arming voltages from a good start and the longer ones. Also once the wideband is up to temp hot wire it so you don't have a 30sec delay. Another to look at is fuel pressure between the two scenarios. Do you have a gauge inline? Also when was the last time u had the injectors out. E85 can cause buildup on the ends.
  25. Ducie54

    Engine won't start after disconnecting loom

    Pull the ecu plug off and look down the plug to make sure all the pins are located correctly. While watching the triggers in the run time tab F12 See if the triggers box show green while cranking.