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  1. G4 Storm, old case, updated for CAN. Generic Dash stream at 20Hz. Only CAN sniffer I have is the PiCAN 2 shield on my Pi 3. Three, frame 14 (0d) interspersed through my log... I've used both C and Python libraries. Given it's a correctly formatted CAN message I doubt it's generated by by PiCAN2 board. I guess I could drop the entire frame given it contains nothing? (don't want to send rubbish over radio). candump.txt
  2. Through my own stupidity, (and lack of 16 fingers) I used the wrong trigger to complete a stream of Link CAN (Generic Dash) data for my radio telemetry program. On triggering a completed set using the last frame as "d" (14), from the correct Link CANID I got an intermittent completion of the link data set (and sent via radio). On further investigation I've noted that it's only sending frame 14 once randomly every 5-10 or so seconds. This frame does not appear on the Generic Dash CAN Data Format. The 7 remaining words (including the 6 that are relevant) are all "00"'s Wondered if it was important, or if it had any data that I should be displaying either locally(dash) or remotely (transport truck). Cheers, Daniel.
  3. Cheers Adam, thanks for that. I suspect my USB serial adapter might not be doing RS232 but TTL. That and the fact that Putty is playing games with me.
  4. Have attempted to use the RS232 port with the Link configured to 12hz continuous. There isn't a squeek out of the port until such point in time as I kick up PCLink.
  5. I've an older G4 Storm that I'm benching for radio telemetry. It's simply a trial to enable both my G4+ Xtreme's to transmit radio telemetry, GPS data and alerts to a base. I've got the radio bridge working well, bridging between two USB devices (GPS and radio), and my program logs, truncates and transfers NMEA data to my second device without issue. However on switching to the Storm I've noted that the Continuous modes (12/25 hz, and CRC) don't appear to be continuous. As in without any input from PCLink the USB serial port is silent. I could emulate the PCLink "tuning" call, however the response doesn't appear to conform to the short or long datastream format listed in PCLink. On a requested short or long, should I send a capital "A" I get a hex FE (decimal 254) return, which I gather is an out of bounds error? Not that this should matter if I can get a continuous data stream. Am I being rather dense here and that the Datastream configuration only refers to the RS232 data? As an aside these are on two raspberry pi devices running Rasbian.
  6. What turbo are you using and are you still using the stock LIM? Cheers, Currently running a crate core FD engine in an offroad race car.
  7. Appears to work a charm. Thankyou Adam. For those of you with an AIM datalogger this LCS will give you a few different parameters to log and display. It's a pity that AIM don't give us the ability to alter the RaceStudio CAN configuration to suit our needs. Thanks again Adam.
  8. I'm attempting to get AT4 to display on my AIM EVO4 with my G4+ Xtreme. Unfortunately Race Studio is rather restrictive in terms of what it will display and the Generic Dash CAN configuration will not output AV4 unless I configure it as either OIL Temp or IAT. Both of which I'm also displaying. I noted that the VIPEC configuration for race studio includes a download for CAN_BUS_FULL.LCC.This is compatible with the early VIPEC software however I cannot read the frame layout in said version, so I can't manually copy it across to PCLink to configure my G4+. I wondered if there was a document displaying the frame layout for the VIPEC_CAN_Bus_FULL.LCC or conversion software that can copy the LCC into LCS format? Cheers, Daniel.
  9. Scraggles, wondered if you had completed your own custom LCS copy of the Generic Dash? I'm in the same boat having an AIM EVO that I can't get ANV4 data to display using the Generic Dash output. I'm about to bash keyboard and wondered if you had already completed said keyboard bashing? Scrub that. I'm going to have to find another work around. With Race Studio you can't change the sensor type. As I need all four AN temps logged and the Generic Dash only outputs 3 (and as such Race Studio is configured the same) I can't use the Generic Dash configuration. I'm going to have to find another work around. I'm hoping that I can emulate either the VIPEC CAN BUS FULL or possibly a MOTEC dash configuration. Cheers, Daniel.
  10. Ahhhhh.... will have to try that once I recover the Jimco. Thanks Scott.
  11. Thanks for the reply Scott. However the base map is stored in PCLink 4.9.3. (what I was referring to V4 above) the latest PCLink V5.6.4 supports firmware from V5.0.0 to V5.6.4, as such will not load (displays "unable to open" my old base map, your step 4. Cheers, Daniel.
  12. I've a Nissan VQ35 twin turbo that, after a hiatus, we are attempting to bring back online this racing season. During it's parkup we have replaced the G4 xtreme with a G4+ xtreme. I'm looking to convert enough of the PCLink V4 map to V5 that I might at least start the engine and minimise the load in terms of dyno time. As the V4 and V5 software are exclusive to the G4 and G4+ platform respectively, I wondered if there was either a conversion program or any other method (other than a manual copy of parameters and a series of copy and paste) to transfer the map from one platform to another. Regards, Daniel.
  13. The guffaws could he heard outside my house!!! Hadn't realized that Instantaneous Fuel Consumption was burn l/km which isn't as much help as I had envisaged. I do have provision for 4 wheel speed sensors and have two GPS devices (Aim Evo4 and Raspberry Pi 2) in the Tatum. However it looks like I'll have to calculate fuel burn based on Effective Injector Pulsewidth, the flow of the primary and secondary injectors and fuel pressure..... I wonder how accurate simply adding up the effective injector pulse-width sample say 1hz and deducting it from a known numeric total injector pulse width per tank. If it's accurate enough it'll simplify the math slightly and allow the pi more clock cycles to deal with Can Bus data and paddle shifter calculations. You would think a project manager would have a better sense of feature creep and how to kill it. Guess I'm too connected...
  14. I'm trying to get a limited fuel warning that will calculate total fuel remaining in my cell and if my burn rate is too high to allow me to finish an event by bring up an alert. I realize that this is currently beyond the G4 plus extreme I'm running (and should be) however given I can CAN Bus this to my raspberry pi then calculate total burn and distance remaining I can generate this logic myself. My problem is this, my engine is rotary and doesn't meet the criteria for Instantaneous Fuel Consumption. The Instantaneous Fuel Consumption is a calculated number that has the following requirements: ·Only one injector per cylinder (no staged injection).·Only works on Injection Modes that inject once per cylinder per 720 degrees of crankshaft revolution.·Four stroke engines only.·The Engine Capacity must be accurate.·The Injector Flow must be accurate. Again I realize that, given some assistance, I could create a string of CAN Bus data from which I could possibly calculate the Instantaneous Fuel Consumption, however completing this logic in ECU will certainly give me a considerably better starting point from which to calculate my total burn. Regards, Daniel.
  15. I've a 13b turbo in a new Tatum offroad desert car. It's proving to be a powerful powerplant and up to the task of offroad racing. However I do have an issue that may see me thrown out of most endurance events (especially that of forests). That issue being the short exhaust, and the fact that I'm working the car hard, proves to produce quite a bit of flame on gear change (a sequential, so changes are quick) and any decel. I've tried trimming the vacuum part of the map, however it appears to be firing the instant I rock into decel. I've also thought about using decel fuel cut (and haven't tried it yet). If I do so, should I remove the ignition retard? The theory being that it's a race car that requires instant throttle response and as such don't have the opportunity to wait for ignition advance to be reintroduced. Cheers, Daniel.
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