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  1. max

    fuel axis setup

    the base idle is set to around 975 to 1000 idle valve at the moment is only activated when the engine is cold up to I think 70 which works fine. the problem is when it's at idle if you blip the throttle it returns past the base idle dips to around 6 or 700 rpm then return back to base idle. switching to closed loop idle control might help this but would that just be masking the problem
  2. what would be the best axis setup for a turbo engine the engine in question is a cosworth yb with more agressive inlet and exhaust cams and a lager volume inlet manifold. ive curently got the y axis set to map but at idle its not very happy and im having to put strange numbers in the fuel cells jut below idle it will idle fine but if you rev the engine when it returns down it goes past set idle point nearly cuts out and the fuel numbers in that area have to be double the idle numbers to prevent it going lean. would setting the y axis to mgp or tps be a better option thanks
  3. max

    drive by wire

    yep it was worth a try thanks for your help
  4. max

    drive by wire

    just looked its not going to let me do it as an volt 5 wont give me any of the above options
  5. max

    drive by wire

    just looked i can just about do it i take it there is tps main and tps sub then fps main and fps sub
  6. max

    drive by wire

    hello is it possible to run dbw on the v44 with somthing like link e throttle module or is there any other way
  7. had a quick play i lowered 0 to 0.2 and 1000 to 0.5 and bingo it found trigger two on cranking. i have also got hold of a oscilloscope only problem is i dont know how to use it and the person i lent it off doesnt know how it works either its over 5 years old and still in the box its never been used
  8. Will have to try and get hold of a scope
  9. How low can you go on trigger arming threshold on 0 mines set to 0.5 and 1000 is set to 1.0. reason i ask is wen i set sync mode to none i get revs but no trigger 2 signal untill the car starts the once its running get no trigger errors and it doesnt drop out. so at a guess when i set it to cam pulse 1 the lower end setting wont read the cam sensor so it wont sync up and start. on cam pulse will it only see revs once the triggers are in sync
  10. cut a lug off now it's worse than ever takes even longer to start and still no trigger 2 signal or rpm with cam pulse 1 selected will still only start on setting non then it finds trigger 2 and get revs
  11. ok its mounted on the end of the cam so if it clashes i can move it
  12. ok i will cut one lug off does it matter what degree the remaining one reads
  13. hello im running sequential injection direct spark so i belive i need to set trigger 2 to cam pulse x1. only problem if i set this setting to anything other than none it wont start and has no rpm signal but as its set to none the engine doesnt know where it is so it either starts or backfires. is there any other settings related to triggers. trigger status only goes to green and yes if trigger 2 is set to none the cam has 2 pickups 90 degrees apart and the crank is 36-1 one the engine starts it runs fine . cosworth yb engine xr3 cosworth map.pcl
  14. max

    starting problems

    i have recently swapped coils which has helped the starting problem and if i now hold the throttle open slightly it has more chance of starting up so it seems the problem is as described above. is there any way to get over this problem many thanks
  15. the idle ignition table looks a bit busy you could remove the y axis altogether to simplify things. on a side note how do you get the screen up with the list of all the different functions where you have highlighted your problems in blue
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