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  1. Hi, What cam mode is to be used with 4g15t mivec in 5.6.6 3564?
  2. Which cam control mode is used with Colt CZT 4g15T engine?
  3. Hi, Any news on release date? Thank you
  4. Thank you!! Looking forward for it, we are waiting here for this for 2 years now
  5. Which version has now the 4g15 triggers in? and where can it be downloaded to test it , because on pc link downloads is still 565.388
  6. So is basically a high and low signal , and this can controll also the mivec with the 16-2 cranck trigger? . Mechanically the cam trigger has to to be aligned? Or we do this with the offset?
  7. With the evo 10 pattern can the mivec be controlled? As it is on the same cam? Which settings to use? Ps. Engine uses same sensor for sync and mivec. Waht would be the ideal.pater to replicate to be able to use the mivec. I can build any tooth shape. So the 3 symetric would not work ? Because is listed in the options?
  8. Will changing to 3 equal tooth work for cam ? Because there is a preset in linkpc for 3 equal teeth
  9. thank you for your answer, it is similar to evo 9 mivec. what would be required to become a custom code ( trigger recording wit ecu oscilloscope?)? I have several colts here ready for link ecu install.
  10. Hello, Is it posible for g4+ extreme to run the 4g15t mivec trigger pattern? Recomended settings? Or it requires custom code? Thank you
  11. How many can modules has the Thunder ecu?. In connector C and D are 2, but there is also the can in the round connector. Ar 2 of those common? Which? Thank you
  12. Thank you for your answer. As soon as the car comes back to the shop i will log it. What do you need to be loged? There are absolutely no error reported. It doesnt read rpm when it happens but no errors. If running log or running values nothing shows up. After ca. 10 min it runs again perfectly. I belive it doesnt sync .it can be a bad cam sensor which with temperature doesnt produce enough voltage because if over say 1500 rmp it never hesitates or cuts or any other problem. Can it loose sync without reporting trigger errors or any other errors? Map or firmware hasnt touched since install in 2011 it runs perfectlly otherwise( at the time was a bit of work to set the trigger arming voltages and filters ). The fact that on cyclic newer happens is strange ( might be temp related but not ect )
  13. I have a 2004 sti with g4 extreme ecu. It was instaled in 2011, with no problems for 5 years. Since a few weeks engine stops when idling and warm, and wot start till cold again. Under normal condition and high rpm no problem, No trigger erorrs when it runs, after it stops no more rpm shown in run values or log . I suspect is not syncing off cam( avcs solenoid? Bad cam sensor?) .the unusual fact is that when car runs on cyclic idle it never happens. Question: does the ecu on cyclic run batch and not sequential (doesnt use same sync when idling)? Can a bad avcs solenoid influence sync? Any imput greatlly apreciated
  14. What was the problem. I seem to have same problem now.
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