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  1. Thanks Adam, please find the pcl and log files attached. Cheers, Mike Link G4 1000cc injectors - fuel map adjust.pcl Log 10-05-17 5;44;56 pm.zip
  2. Ahh that makes sense yeah, basically the issue is that it's really lean on light throttle, or when it's going downhill with my foot off it's pegged at 22.9 AFR so when I get back onto the throttle again it sometimes is fairly jerky. I've had a bit of a play around with the tip in enrichment and it seemed to help a little bit but still not the best on light throttles. Do you recon I should be checking for vacuum leaks? Cheers, Mike
  3. Yeah it's odd though because it only happens below 2500rpm down till around 1100rpm. The idle pulsewidth is 1.8ms and the pulsewidth I observed logging at these rpm's remained at 1.3ms on light throttle downhill - surely it can't be less than the idle pulsewidth? Above 2500rpm and it's perfect with no lean spots. Cheers, Mike
  4. Hi guys, I have a really strange issue with my Link G4 plugin board for my V6 WRX STI. I have no overrun fuel cut enabled at all, however on light throttle usually going down hill, the AFR's max out at 20.9 on my wideband gauge. I did some logging and can see the injector actual pulsewidth change from around 2.3ms at 2800rpm, -50kPa MGP pressure with a value of 39% for the fuel table, then as I lift my foot off, I have a fuel table value of 43% at 2800rpm and -70kPa vacuum however I see the actual pulsewidth decrease from 2.3ms down to 1.75 then finally to 1.4.... as the rpm's drop because I am slowing down, the pulsewidth remains small until I put my foot back down again.. I've attached some screenshots to show the issue. Is there something I have set wrong in my tune or is this expected behaviour? You can see in the XY Plot 2 at the bottom left of the screenshots, the real lean areas when I have light throttle. I've attached my pcl tune I am using as well. Cheers, Mike Link G4 1000cc injectors - Adjust injector timing.pcl
  5. Hi Scott, We updated the ECU flash to the latest and left the calibration at 260 - I can report 100% working now, so definitely was a glitch in the software somewhere. Cheers, Mike
  6. Hey Scott, Yeah I'm thinking firmware bug as well - my mate wanted to check first to see if it might have just been a setting possibly. It's running V4.7.1 so will def update the firmware when available next. I'll let you know if it fixes the issue! Cheers, Mike
  7. Hi everyone, I'm helping a friend with his Link ECU to do a bit of tuning on it. I enabled launch control on his 04 GDB Sti and it all seemed ok but then when he took off normally and gave it a bit of revs the launch control was cutting in whilst driving! I'd set the digital input to the correct speed sensor on DI3 - It's set to the same as my WRX running a V44 which was Rising edge, pullup resistor off and a cal table value of 260... That gave a speed of about 1/10th of what it should have been, hence launch control still wanting to activate in the first few gears. I got the speedo working when I changed the cal table to a value of 26 BUT... when the speed reached 65km/hr, it reset back to 0km/hr and then started from there again! so 75km/hr was showing as 10km/hr (and launch control would activate again because it thought it was stationary). I've checked everything I can think of but it's really got me stumped as to what could be causing the speed sensor to be reporting incorrect? Watching the runtime values I see the speedo Hz going up as it should be and reaches around 50Hz at 100km/hr I think it was, so I def know it's sending a correct signal. Can anyone suggest a fix for this? He is running v4.7.1 so not sure if a firmware update would help. Cheers, Mike
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