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  1. Hyundai Elantra

    Hi guys, Anybody made reverse for the CAN Elantra 2014 year, 1.6 engine? It has Bosch ME17.9.11.1?
  2. Working out trigger offset

    Hi, Sorry for delay. I used reluctor OEM cam sensor
  3. Gear Shift Control Settings

    Sorry, guys. All works after upgrading firmware)
  4. Gear Shift Control Settings

    Its a very strange, but this features does not work. I dont see any virtual aux for shifting. Only DIx
  5. E46 DBW

    All works great! The idle like stock, start up engine is amazing. I am happy))) Thanks for the great support.
  6. E46 DBW

    thanks! Will try. I used 500Hz. May be it caused horrible idle. Dima'
  7. E46 DBW

    Thank you for helping. Removing springs and some handmade tricks with calibration helped ьу. Even with removed spring it didnt work. I noticed that after calibration TP, TP(sub) is different from TP(Main). I have changed TP(sub) voltage Open or Close to rich TP(Main). Now I have the next headache with E-throttle Open and Close Loop. I removed ISC valve in hoping to get idle only with DBW. When I switch DBW open or close loop my RPM become unstable and rise to RPM limit. 1000 RPM engine holds with only 0.5-1% TP and I think it needs too smooth regulation. Is it possible to get good idle without ISC only with DBW? Let me know please. Dima
  8. E46 DBW

    Hello guys, I have just tried to set up BMW with S54 engine. All works instead of DBW. DBW does not open plate to 100%. It seems open about 50%. Parameters after calibration show 100% for APS and 100% TPS. If I manualy open TB, write Open voltage and Close voltage for TP it works but there is error for TP Target. Thanks)
  9. Table graph view

    switching between 3D and 2D table with 3D map is very usefull function. I can make my maps smooth, I am able to see how my ignition rises with RPM, how look engine VE at certain boost for example.
  10. Working out trigger offset

    I worked out trigger offset with 1.6 Ford Fiesta several days ago. I used cylinder pressure sensor and inductive sensor for spark plug cyl#1, connected to usb scop. My offset was around -75degr, so I used 285 btdc. there are waste spark and sequental injection. The cam sensor has low level arm thresh. All work well.
  11. Table graph view

    thanks a lot, but what about switching to 2D graph? How can I switch it? Dima
  12. MXL2 trouble

    Thanks for a support.
  13. MXL2 trouble

    Just now have finished EVO9 equipped Fury with MXL2 and found some bug: Internal Lamda is displayed incorrectly at the dash: in ECU-14.5 at the dash 10 AFR for example. Earlier with i88 and MXL I had such mistake. Is this AiMs bug or some with Fury? Let me know please
  14. Table graph view

    Hello, Why in the latest new software updates there not Table graph? I am able to choose it to see 2D or 3D maps view. Its very helpfull option to tune maps. thanks Dima