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  1. Filin_Dma

    Hyundai Elantra

    Hi guys, Anybody made reverse for the CAN Elantra 2014 year, 1.6 engine? It has Bosch ME17.9.11.1?
  2. Hi, Sorry for delay. I used reluctor OEM cam sensor
  3. Sorry, guys. All works after upgrading firmware)
  4. Its a very strange, but this features does not work. I dont see any virtual aux for shifting. Only DIx
  5. Filin_Dma

    E46 DBW

    All works great! The idle like stock, start up engine is amazing. I am happy))) Thanks for the great support.
  6. Filin_Dma

    E46 DBW

    thanks! Will try. I used 500Hz. May be it caused horrible idle. Dima'
  7. Filin_Dma

    E46 DBW

    Thank you for helping. Removing springs and some handmade tricks with calibration helped ьу. Even with removed spring it didnt work. I noticed that after calibration TP, TP(sub) is different from TP(Main). I have changed TP(sub) voltage Open or Close to rich TP(Main). Now I have the next headache with E-throttle Open and Close Loop. I removed ISC valve in hoping to get idle only with DBW. When I switch DBW open or close loop my RPM become unstable and rise to RPM limit. 1000 RPM engine holds with only 0.5-1% TP and I think it needs too smooth regulation. Is it possible to get good idle without ISC only with DBW? Let me know please. Dima
  8. Filin_Dma

    E46 DBW

    Hello guys, I have just tried to set up BMW with S54 engine. All works instead of DBW. DBW does not open plate to 100%. It seems open about 50%. Parameters after calibration show 100% for APS and 100% TPS. If I manualy open TB, write Open voltage and Close voltage for TP it works but there is error for TP Target. Thanks)
  9. Filin_Dma

    Table graph view

    switching between 3D and 2D table with 3D map is very usefull function. I can make my maps smooth, I am able to see how my ignition rises with RPM, how look engine VE at certain boost for example.
  10. I worked out trigger offset with 1.6 Ford Fiesta several days ago. I used cylinder pressure sensor and inductive sensor for spark plug cyl#1, connected to usb scop. My offset was around -75degr, so I used 285 btdc. there are waste spark and sequental injection. The cam sensor has low level arm thresh. All work well.
  11. Filin_Dma

    Table graph view

    thanks a lot, but what about switching to 2D graph? How can I switch it? Dima
  12. Filin_Dma

    MXL2 trouble

    Thanks for a support.
  13. Filin_Dma

    MXL2 trouble

    Just now have finished EVO9 equipped Fury with MXL2 and found some bug: Internal Lamda is displayed incorrectly at the dash: in ECU-14.5 at the dash 10 AFR for example. Earlier with i88 and MXL I had such mistake. Is this AiMs bug or some with Fury? Let me know please
  14. Filin_Dma

    Table graph view

    Hello, Why in the latest new software updates there not Table graph? I am able to choose it to see 2D or 3D maps view. Its very helpfull option to tune maps. thanks Dima
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