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  1. Piar

    3uz vvti misfire issues

    I have issues with misfiring during power run IF you open 3uzcamtest log you can see that engine have a huge drop in power and even cannot rev up I already checked everything spark plugs\coil\ have flowbench injectors\check power supply on each injector and on each ignition coil Also I have veryfied that ignition angle is stable during run What can be wrong? 3uzcamtest.llg Trigger Scope Log3uz missfire.llg 3uz_1.pclr
  2. Hi! Can anyone explain me why I'm limited to add just only 23.2 % of opening of ICV during cranking conditions? it's not enough to start up s50b30 engine with stock ICV. Note that car have 900 RPM at IDLE with ZERO ICV duty
  3. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    Finally) after vanos rebuild it's working! Bmw_ignitor_vanos_ok.pclr
  4. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    yes Erors stay at zero But anyway with enabled cam angle test if something goes wrong i will receive different cam angles when i play with throttle So today we age going to rebuild vanos system and will take a look this particular car havearoun 150 000 km mileage and problems with vanos have been guaranteed)
  5. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    Please take a look at log I have disconnected phisically solenoids and NO single error have occured vanost test with unplugged solenoids.llg
  6. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    of course i have done it you can see that error is shows up during opening or closing of cam when camshaft sitting stable in closed\open case - there is no errors at all i think that problem in vanos system it have low\no pressure in retard camera so thats why we see errors
  7. You don't have to rely completely on manufactures data in 99% it's non usable in you particular application
  8. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    please take a look to attachments vanos testing.pclr vanos test.llg
  9. I have ej25 engine( subaru v10 ) and bosch knock sensor You can check knock detection calibration it's working very well for my application ej25sample.pclr
  10. You have set to long minimum pulse width It mean that injector will be opened at least for 1.5 msec per cycle NOT shorter! If you check current injector pulsewith you can see it always 1.5 ms on idle and untill you make master fuel big enough that ECU will calculate injector pulse width more than 1.5 msec AFR will not change Master fuel is very important parametr if you change it - it will affect AFR in entire range of RPM and load
  11. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    problem sovedI have assigned VVT inlet Lh function to Trigger 2 and di2(which actually shows camshaft position) When i turned off trgger2 vvt function - everything stabilized and started to work except vanos) i think it in bad condition because it can not hold target instead of 10 degree it instantly open to it's maximum and closing very long
  12. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    I have connected signal from inlet camshaft sensor(which shows real cam angle) to trigger 1 and run oscilloscope It have wrong polarity? I have changed polarity on sensor but i have no luck i still have not stable values on cam angle test as we can see we have 8 teeth on camshaft bmw vanos testing_with changed polarity.llg
  13. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    I have tested this version but anyway i can't get stable set i have retarded\advanced cam already
  14. Piar

    S50B30 single vanos trouble

    there is 8 teeth on camshaft
  15. Hi Everyone! I have tryed to do cam angle testing and see that cam angle always changing Maybe there is some problems with firmware? bmw m3 e36 .pclr bmw vanos testing.llg
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