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  1. Thanks ....... I have done two ECU's and both work just fine.
  2. I had FW 5.6.5 updated to 5.6.6 till now no problems. I have a race next week should I downgrade it back to 5.6.5 or I can keep 5.6.6? thanks
  3. Any love for this new feature? Any update is also good. Thanks! Dolfo
  4. Good to hear it's back on the list. Yes I have my analog gear position senosr wired in.
  5. Any news on this matter? Is it back on the list
  6. Hi, I have the same problem and requested this software fix too. Hope it's a easy fix and that it can be execute soon Thanks, Dolfo
  7. Hi Scott, Maybe you can put this idea on the wish list for the engineers to take a look at? Some ECU's have the option to put the gear ratios to calculate clutch slip using a speed senor on the output shaft. Thanks, Dolfo
  8. Hi Scott, I decided to make my life a bit easier and bought myself a new fury ecu. Now I want to configure the parameters so I can log clutch/TC slip % of my motorcycle. My problem is I don’t have a speed sensor on the input shaft to measure the frequency. I have a speed sensor on my output shaft. Is it possible to measure clutch/TC slip % with my current setup? It’s impossible to put a speed sensor on the input shaft. Thanks, Dolfo
  9. Thanks Scott! I will configure the shift light in PWM and set the table like you suggested. Will try it out next race.
  10. Looking for some nice ideas to configure a gear dependent shift light RPM. I configured and calibrate my gear detection and it’s working. Any ideas for the V Series ECU's? Thanks, Dolfo
  11. Scott, You’re correct about the negative clutch slip. I can see it in my data. I was off the throttle from 100% to 40% and lower. That’s when I get the negative clutch slip. The speed sensor see 4 teeth. I will try to get access to an oscilloscope so I can measure the amplitude of the speed signal. How can I make this signal stronger? Maybe get the sensor closer to the pickup? Thanks, Dolfo Section Time TP (Main) Engine Speed Gear Speed -DI2 Speed Back wheel Output Shaft Speed of the Gearbox Input Shaft Speed of the Gearbox Clutch Slip % 6.74 44.9 8491 1 114.1 1403 3547.657 9543.20 -11.03 6.76 31.1 8281 1 111.6 1372 3469.926 9334.10 -11.28 6.78 22.6 7603 1 104.7 1287 3255.387 8756.99 -13.18 6.8 18.7 7332 1 104.7 1287 3255.387 8756.99 -16.27 6.82 20.8 7687 1 99.3 1221 3087.488 8305.34 -7.45 6.84 24.9 8465 1 101.1 1243 3143.454 8455.89 0.11 6.86 29.4 8256 1 105.4 1296 3277.152 8815.54 -6.35 6.88 32.8 8074 1 107.6 1323 3345.556 8999.54 -10.28 6.9 40.9 8191 1 105.8 1301 3289.589 8848.99 -7.44 6.92 54.8 8256 1 107.2 1318 3333.119 8966.09 -7.92
  12. Hi Scott, Does this look right to you? I see clutch slip % goes into minus (negative) slip what is the explanation for this? Wheel speed has a delay before it will start reading. What can I do to get it to read as soon as the bike starts moving forward? This causes a big number of clutch slip % at the start of the run. Thanks, Dolfo Section Time Engine Speed Gear Speed -DI2 Speed Back wheel Output Shaft Speed of the Gearbox Input Shaft Speed of the Gearbox Clutch Slip % 4.5 6967 0 0.3 4 9.328 25.09 27666.19 4.52 7102 0 0.3 4 9.328 25.09 28204.22 4.54 7290 0 0.3 4 9.328 25.09 28953.47 4.56 7491 0 0.3 4 9.328 25.09 29754.53 8.26 9488 3 148.3 1823 4611.022 7903.29 20.05 8.28 9664 3 149 1832 4632.786 7940.60 21.70 8.3 9541 3 150.1 1845 4666.988 7999.22 19.27 8.32 9630 3 150.8 1854 4688.753 8036.52 19.83 8.34 9674 3 151.5 1862 4710.518 8073.83 19.82 8.36 9684 3 151.5 1862 4710.518 8073.83 19.94 8.38 9827 3 153 1881 4757.156 8153.77 20.52 8.4 9801 3 153.3 1884 4766.484 8169.75 19.97 8.42 9827 3 154 1893 4788.249 8207.06 19.74 8.44 10026 3 155.1 1907 4822.451 8265.68 21.30
  13. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Hi Scott, Thanks for the explanation!! I forgot the say it was for a motorcycle clutch slip calculation. What I don’t understand is the: Selected gear ratio and the Differential ratio. The rest of the calculation is clear. Attached is a gearing worksheet of my motorcycle. Maybe you can tell me what I need to use for selected gear ratio and differential ratio for my calculations. Is selected gear ratio the ratio per gear? And differential ratio (17/43)? Wheel circumference: 1.356m (circumference = π * wheel diameter => 3.14 * 0.43m => 1.356m) First we need to determine the rpm of the driven wheel: 100 km/h => 1.667 km/m => 1667m/m wheel speed/wheel circumference = wheel RPM: 1667/1.356 = 1229.24 RPM. The wheel RPM then gets multiplied by the differential ratio to give the output shaft speed of the gearbox: 1229.24*?? = ?? RPM The output shaft speed then gets multiplied by the selected gear ratio to give the input shaft speed of the gearbox: ??*?? = ?? RPM So far I came with my calculations.Thanks, Dolfo
  14. Hi all, I have a question about % clutch slip calculation. I want to calculate my % clutch slip using my ECU log file. I’m logging Wheel speed (on output shaft) and also Engine speed (RPM). Is it possible to manually calculate % clutch slip? I thought export data to excel and do the calculation. I don’t have a spare DI. Thanks, Dolfo
  15. DOLFO

    Suzuki GSXR 1000

    Hi Paul, I saw you had a great weekend a santa pod with some great results. Good job! Sorry mate I don’t use knock sensors on my motorcycle so I can’t answer that question. Once I did use an external knock detection system to tune with but didn’t record much noise. I think because of the fuel I’m using and I started with very conservative ignition timing. So I found my setup is not knock limited because I’ll reach MBT before it starts knocking. Regards, Dolfo
  16. Hi Dan, By your example here is how I do it. Hold Shift Makes a selection based on arrow. Arrow left, right, up, down you can select multiple cells. After selecting those cells you want to modify just press +10% and then Enter. This will increase the selection by 10%. Check help file Keyboard Shortcuts! Regards, Dolfo
  17. DOLFO

    Suzuki GSXR 1000

    Hi, The Link ECU's have a nice function called Idle Ignition Control. If you have an issue at low engine speed turn this function ON and this will resolve the problem. Regards, Dolfo
  18. DOLFO

    Suzuki GSXR 1000

    Hi TeamJHR, I use most of the Suzuki sensors. Extra sensors depends on what you’re building the bike for. My bike is built for drag race. I use a four channel ignition coil driver with standard Suzuki coils. Wideband O2 controller & sensor. I also have oil pressure and fuel pressure sensor. I would recommend changing the standard cam sensor (reluctor type) to a hall type it will save you some time and trouble. Regards, Dolfo
  19. DOLFO

    Suzuki GSXR 1000

    Hi TeamJHR, I'm running a vipec v44 on a Suzuki GSXR 1000 k5. This motorcycle has a turbocharged engine. And I have several Suzuki Hayabusas running vipec i44 all with good results till now. Regards, Dolfo
  20. DOLFO


    Newest firmware you can use MGP (psi). If it’s for logging purpose to read psi you can add this to you logging table.
  21. Yes I like it too!! :cool:
  22. Hi Dave, As I promised here is the result of the gear shift control setup. Everything worked flawless. The track was not ideal for what I want to test but I’m glad that the settings were good and did what I ask. Just need to tweak a little more but that’s normal. Here’s a log of the shift control.
  23. This is what I understand what you should do in this case. If you reduce the master fuel number then: 10/7 = 1.42857 then multiply this number with your fuel table numbers. If you round the number up it's 43% increase of your fuel table numbers.
  24. Hi Dave, I finished the settings but didn’t test it yet. I’m waiting for some other parts then finish the bike. I will test it soon. I will post the results! Thanks for asking. Dolfo
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