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  1. So swapped the lambda sensor just on the off chance now fault code 54 any relation?
  2. log Log 2020-06-22 8;19;27 am_dave.llgx
  3. I’ll get that sorted today
  4. It’s not plugged into can2 it’s in can1 at moment , had to upload low res as the file limit size basically the multimeter is showing 12v power to the can lambda red/black wires can green/yellow is showing 60ohms so can line is good also Also pinned into the back of the can plug to board reading 60 ohms still everything plugged back in
  5. Yes always with engine running mate Ok mate will do today
  6. Yes lambda is not working, yes set to lambda1 in link can. On the can staus everything is green and no errors. Everything seems fine just can’t get anything to display
  7. But I’m using the find devices to see if the ecu can see the can lambda not to reprogram it, just as a test and I can’t even press find devices as it’s greyed out and says the above message. The can lambda has 12v to it can line has 60 ohms on it and I’ve tried reconfigure the can lambda to communicate on can2 but it’s find devices is greyed out and all I’m seeing is said message....
  8. I’m only using one can lambda. And I’ve only selected one channel for Can comms so don’t understand why it’s saying this then ?
  9. Getting this error message when setting up can lambda, car was running before. Possible faulty coms port forces ecu upgrade so was working before.
  10. sbn1979

    Possible board fault

    That’s where it is mate never moved. As mentioned put in a new one just in case
  11. sbn1979

    Possible board fault

    No it doesn’t. However moving directly to another car it does and does connect
  12. sbn1979

    Possible board fault

    I have a customer here with a 1.2 board that was upgraded to latest software. Been running fine for over a year. I’ve come to do a map check and can’t connect. Replaced the following. Main cable Pig tail to board Used all versions of pclink Swapped ecu to another vehicle Made sure my laptop is working by connecting to another link. all of the above didn’t work. Car runs fine. Any input? Would board be covered under warranty ? thanks
  13. sbn1979

    Idle steps issue evo

    Thank you for teaching me the fundamentals in how a stepper motor works though in this instance all it needed was a firmware upgrade......
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