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  1. Alternator charge issue

    Thanks for the replies, will do the routine checks, just odd that it was fine before on stock ecu.
  2. Alternator charge issue

    Evo 8 260 everything fine before ecu swap, now battery light, brake warning and low oil level light comes on when revving the car, battery voltage now at 11.6 also, any help appreciated
  3. Evo 8 fuel at idle issue

    Sorry if I'm blatantly missing something, I have an evo 8 I have previously tuned with no issues, however, I have recently upgraded injectors to RC1200 PL9-1200 from the 1000, used the recommended latencies to start. Also changed stock reg to a Aeromotive A1000 FPR, set to 3 bar, the bosch 044 has been swapped out like for like as suspect issues. So the car idles at 0.75 lambda even setting idle area to 0 on the fuel map leans it to 0.8, no less, master number at 4, increasing it richens it up. Any input? Thanks gents
  4. Skyline can't connect

    Cheers Adam I'll give that a go
  5. Skyline can't connect

    What version of pic link works with G4? Vehicle is a r33 gtr
  6. Skyline can't connect

    Any info on this error code? error ids not found in database 1087
  7. Idle up and down!!!

    Yeah it improved when I switched the overrun off. Still the same when the icv is unplugged and try use the BISS to set idle, just wondered if something in the file doing it?
  8. Idle up and down!!!

    So the icv does effect the idle but I found the fuel overrun settings to be cutting injectors which has sorted it partially, idle screws fully in and icv steps at 70, vehicle up to temp in open loop and it's still fluctuating 400 rpm, it's steady for about 15 seconds the then slowly starts to fluctuate till the point of cutting out
  9. Idle up and down!!!

    Idle fluctuating badly, icv switched off to 999 steps, like the injectors are being switched off???? d1.pclr Poor idle.llg
  10. Firmware upgrade issue

    Ok will give it a try
  11. Firmware upgrade issue

    C/program file(86)/pclink/linkg4plus/ Ok so this is error message
  12. Firmware upgrade issue

    Won't let me upgrade firmware says to run the loader again cannot create a file id upload a screen shot but won't allow it
  13. Can't upload screen shots

    only got 1.28mb to upload a pic ? How come ?
  14. CAN Lambda compatibility with i88

    Ok mate thanks for that, top info as usual
  15. CAN Lambda compatibility with i88

    Cheers Adam how do I roll back to the 5.0.1 if there are issues ?