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  1. sorted it
  2. That’s the weird thing I’ve tried in both modes and nothing but everything seems to work
  3. Ok so everything works however I cannot run the car at this time but the pedal is not moving the throttle is there a rpm lockout I’m missing somewhere? The pedal and throttle have calibrated fine now btw
  4. And throttle motor -ve to aux 4? can I use a virtual aux 1 for throttle relay?
  5. Thanks for clearing that up, should aux 9 be pinned to motor +or-?
  6. Missing aux10 for motor dbw???
  7. Anyone have a wiring diagram for this? Thanks Will be based on an Evo x Tb and pedal
  8. sbn1979

    Can lambda

    Also comes up with a 16 heating too long
  9. Looking to make an rpm limiting table if fuel pressure drops off, looking for a few examples if anyone would care to share?
  10. sbn1979

    Can lambda

    ok adam will do
  11. sbn1979

    Can lambda

    Carried out an update still the same, sometimes if I go into the can setup and re detect the cam lamda, ok then save, can status will turn green and all is well until I restart the car, preforming a store every time, 60 ohms on can line
  12. always a pain when customer is adamant they are right
  13. sbn1979

    Can lambda

    Some weird issues on an evo 2, can lambda works but if the car stalls it takes like 10 minutes to restart and getting following getting errors but it works other instances no errors but it doesn't work
  14. Timing was out on intake cam as suspected
  15. i mean just looking at that tells me something isnt right
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