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  1. Unfortunately on the rotax engine platform ive had to use another ecu as the bad starting and kick back issues i had with the link was damaging starters and bendix's ,in saying that i use link for most other customers and have no issues and love to use/tune them.


  2. Hi Jase

    The Vi-pec and Link units are identical no differences in firmware there are hardware differences on the plugins but that is just to make it a plugin, No differences in the trigger circuits or decoding.

    I would expect if you did a back to back the results should be identical.

    Hi Simon,

    Yes i know what your saying and have discussed with you these issues in detail previously,

    I have actually unplugged a V44 unit and with the same harness plugged it into the storm using the exact same map i had issues with the storm that i didnt have with the vipec.

    Now i have also tried a complete vipec plug in map on a storm and atom with the same kick back (trigger) issues.

    I am in the process of making a new plug and play harness for a customer that we will be using on a rotax 900 engine and extreme ecu, shit i really hope i can figure these trigger issues out as pulling the engine in this off road buggy is not a option.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome


  3. Possibly bigger battery cables, bigger battery or a LiFE battery might help?

    If spare trigger wheels/flywheels were available and not too expensive, another thing I would try would be grinding off an extra 1 or 2 teeth to make it 36-3 or 36-4.  My logic here is with a bigger differentiation between the normal teeth and the gap it should help the ECU detect the gap.

    The problem here Adamw is on some of these engines it can be a engine out and strip to just get access to the trigger wheel at a cost of  between $1000-1600.00 min so its not cheap

    There has to be some way in the software or settings to help with this , Link still make a vipec unit for another aftermarket parts company that plugs into the seadoo factory harness that does not have these starting issues so there has to be a difference in how the triggers are picked up between the link and vipec units.


  4. Is this the 900 Ace engine?

    Im not sure why but in the days of the vipec we had this running our engines with out issue, when the vipec was discontinued and we changed to link we started getting kick back issues that i couldnt get rid of (trigger problems) .

    On our 4 tec engines we cant change the style of crank trigger (36-2) with out major costs and a engine out and strip to do this.

    I have also tried changing trigger voltages, changing rising to falling , falling to rising with out any joy ,but on the vipec i am running a trigger arming of 0.2,0.5,0.8,1.5,2.5,3,3.5,3.5" with trigger 1 filtering of 3 and a trigger 2 filtering of 2 and it starts and runs perfect everytime.





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