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  1. quattro5v

    TT PNP to 02' A4 AWP engine

    If using the popular big-port AEB head on an 06a motor, you just need to swap over your small-port original CAM sensor and wheel to suit. Likewise for the O2 sensor, I removed the original OEM sensors (wideband upstream, and narrowband downstream as they call it) and installed a standalone WB sensor and controller which feeds back to the ECU. By all of my intensive investigations and schematics, the AWP should work fine with the PNP version.
  2. quattro5v

    TT PNP to 02' A4 AWP engine

    Plugin will (should) be fine on the AWP. FWD version of the 06a 1.8T I presume?
  3. quattro5v

    Audi A3 8L Quattro 1.8T GTX3071R

    What year is the car & motor?
  4. quattro5v

    Tuning Issues

    Excellent. Nice one. By chance do you have a build thread anywhere? Interested in seeing this one / more details. Mike.
  5. quattro5v

    Tuning Issues

    I stand to be corrected, but the base file for the TT was derived off an 06A motor, using an 06A cam sensors/triggers (hall effect) and not the 058 AEB one... Maybe try swapping this over and seeing if your ignition signal returns? Just because you're not using the VVT off the 06A, it doesn't mean you need to use the AEB wheel. Mike.
  6. quattro5v

    Tuning Issues

    Cam gear has a mark a TDC, and the valve cover has a notch/mark where the cam gear TDC mark should line up. Crank also has a mark against the front main seal, and the crank gear lines up with this mark accordingly. Even if your cams haven't got a clear mark on them for timing, there are requirements for the chain and chain tensioner at the rear to be at a required interval (16 links inclusive of marked cam caps - there's heaps about timing a 1.8T motor on the web). Waht type of cam gear are you using? If standard, then the keyway lines up according to the way the factory would. Are you using all the same sensors for the 06A motor? This isn't a bitsa by chance (AEB big port head on later 06a block, etc)? I'm building another motor, using the Vipec plugin i88 as offered before the re-branding. Had zero issues with triggers and timing the motor. Need to make sure all your sensors are for the 06A motor, even timing gears etc.
  7. quattro5v

    Link g4+ Storm & VAG 20vt wiring help

    MK4 golf would be ME7.5 OEM ECU. The plugin G4+ Extreme TT-Link would suit... If you have retro-fitted the VVT solenoid then you can make use of it, but in any case the factory used VVT overlap more for emissions than anything else. I've made a Vi-Pec i88 plugin work on an 06A B6 A4 without great difficulty. I'm sure the Link G4+ Extreme would work on your MK 4 1.8T.
  8. quattro5v

    Dual fuel pump control

    Great advice.