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  1. Just curious, now that the G4+ has a faster processor, can the digital input frequency limit be raised? For Turbo RPM input without a converter box.
  2. Previously Paul M wrote: Anyone recommend an egt amplifier? AEM has a nice quad EGT amp. 5 volt out as well as RS232 output.Â
  3. Ugh Link please dont waste time on this, focus on firmware features!!!
  4. seized

    Rename channels

    This would be awesome, I have the same thing with multiple EGT channels.
  5. seized

    E85 sensor

    You can use the raw signal, it gets connected to a digital input. The 0-5v converter is not needed.
  6. In my opinion, the screen resolution will make way more impact than processor speed. A 7' tablet is probably only 1024x700. Tops. At that low resolution things are difficult.
  7. Checked the easy things like the hose being split open or kinked? Any sign of fluids in the hose?
  8. Do you have details about the sensor? If its a VR (variable reluctance) sensor, you would need a converter. If its a hall sensor it shouldnt. If you have the wiring diagram, the easiest way to tell between the two would be that the hall sensor would have a power supply wire going to it. VR sensors are passive and have no power supply. If its an ABS sensor, its probably VR.
  9. seized

    Gear Detection

    You need a speed sensor on a driven wheel. Then you can enter the gear ratios yourself, or let it learn them.
  10. No, the wire you have labelled 'ECU-' would go to whatever pin you want to be the output. So one of the Aux output pins. The wire labelled '12V Constant' is correct. Note that you want a fuse between the relay and the battery.
  11. Its only in the Vipec software. Steve I sent you a message.
  12. I think the cable you need is called 'CAN05'. Its mentioned in this thread. http://www.linkecu.com/forum/forums/G4Forum/377110836 I am ordering one from www.apexspeedtech.com right now, but there might be a closer distributor for you.
  13. This would be a great feature!
  14. seized

    E85 sensor

    Has anyone setup a 4D map with it yet?
  15. seized

    4.5.0 is great!

    Im really liking 4.5.0!! Thank you so much for the E85 sensor input option, I was going to ask about that but I got beaten to the punch Ive got my G4 running on my desk while im building my engine so ive already upgraded it to 4.5.0. So far all ive noticed wrong is that the documentation says speed inputs can be on DI 1 though 8, but in the configuration dropdowns it only lists it on 1 though 6. Not sure which is correct but I thought id point it out. The dropdowns for DI 7 and 8 have a bunch of 'N/A' in the lists. The new interface is awesome, with all the new gauge options!
  16. Have you verified the polarity of the sensors? Try reversing the wires and see if it still happens. This is often a symptom of having the polarity reversed on VR sensors.
  17. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-AEM-4-Channel-Thermocouple-Amplifier-Kit-30-2204_W0QQitemZ320491452661QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item4a9ec778f5 Four EGTs, outputs a 0-5 volt signal for each one.
  18. Awesome to hear! Thanks
  19. Does anyone know if the DisplayLink can show four or five of the AN volt inputs on one screen? Does it show the raw value or the value after the cal table? I am wanting to log EGTs, and im looking for an EGT display solution as well if I can. Im hoping the DisplayLink can show four or five channels on one screen with the calibrated numbers, so I can see all EGT inputs at once in F or C.
  20. I have used the AutoMeter sensors, they work well with any EMS. They are 0.5 volts = 0 PSI and 4.5 volts = 100 or 150 PSI. Ive attached the pinout, the AutoMeter sensors use GM 3 pin TPS connectors.
  21. Personally, my favorite log viewer software has always been MegaLogViewer. Its highly configurable as to number of channels to display etc etc. Im sure theres better, but ive always loved this one. Its only real downside is that its Java based, and MegaSquirt has no real limit on the length of its log files. Opening a 100MB file on an old laptop using Java can be painful
  22. I feel a bit stupid now, that worked thank you Simon and Phil!
  23. This is on 4.4.3. When I look at the list of conditions, I see the engine conditions (ECT, TPS, RPM, etc), the list of AN Volts, then AN Temps, then Speed Digital Inputs, then Knock, then Aux Value1, Ign Value1, etc. The only thing I see thats close is 'DI Value1 = ON/OFF' but this is with multiple GP Digital Inputs (ie switches) configured.
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