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    Welcome to the G4+ Forum

    Hi, I wanted to clarify how to configure the dashboard to work with the ECU. And more importantly, what kind of devices can work with G4+. Any or have a list? Thanks in advance!
  2. mikarr

    Welcome to the G4+ Forum

    Hello Scott! Â Please clarify question's about use third side Dashboard. Thank you!
  3. hello all! Could you suggest signal voltage dependence of the measured pressure for 2.5 MAP (voltage ref is 5v)? necessary to diagnose sensor... I understand that the relationship is linear? Thanks in advance for response!
  4. Hello all! We solve problem very simple, just lower trigger filtering 1 on 3 to 2. Jerk's on 6.5 thoushand rev disappeared. thanks to all who wanted to help
  5. hello, sorry for my bad english! Yesterday we set the car on the dyno and noticed a strange behavior. in the range of 6000-6500 RPM engine car rides badly with jerk's. At this point value of the trigger error counter increases. Above and below the 6000-6500 RPM of the engine is running perfectly. Also in this zone, the car tends to lean sharply mixture, possibly due to misfire. I wrote a log, ( in attachment ) Why is this possible? Generator, poor grounding, detonation, a defective sensor? We are grateful for your reply!
  6. Now I am calm, thank you very much
  7. Hello, i install ecu, all work perfect. I was confused by the peak temperature control unit. It was 65 degrees of celsius. This is normal? I am interested in that would make me realize that it or not. A car WRX MY02 USDM.
  8. Sorry for bad english Thank you for your advice! The control unit G3 is available for sale? I just thought that it no longer produce Do you recommend them because of the greater number of temperature compensation, or have other reasons?
  9. hello!!! I'm going to buy a block G4 storm for the BMW e30 engine M42. What accessories can I need? the car will be equipped with a turbine, and so I will need a MAP sensor and the IAT sensor. Can I install the 2.5 bar MAP sensor from G3 to G4 Storm? Most of all I am interested in any other suitable sensors for use with G4? I have the following items on the company's sensors, Bosch and original products. ECT 13 62 1 709 966 OEM 0 280 1300 26 Bosch CRANC sensor 12 14 1 721 968 OEM 0 261 210 057 Bosch CAM sensor 12 14 1 721 861 OEM 0 261 210 058 Bosch TPS 13 63 1 726 591 OEM 6PX008476-111 HELLA Can I use to block G4? If not, what sensors you recommend instead? thanks in advance for your reply!
  10. Thank You! I will try it soon!
  11. all greetings!! I am interested in one question; how to connect to a Evolink  button to switch map or mode, ex mode antilag? I read help in sofware (very informative), but never understood how to do it at the level of iron. How to determine at what pin can be connected button? Can I use pinout for Link Ecu G3 or not (i think no)? want to use the full potential this ECU will be grateful for any response p.s. sorry for my bad english
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