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  1. Thank you Firmware is the latest public release, Being able to choose G instead of just NONE would be nice to, and possibly more compatible to features link choose to add later(?)
  2. Hello It would be really nice if you upgraded the logging features to include a track view with the ability to render the track with the help of a g-force sensor or gps data import. Also with a simple Video render feature like the one AEMData have i think this would make Link both more of a "professional" tool (evaluate driving/chassis) and "in-line" with todays demand to use actioncams everywhere. These features with the "Vehicle plan" next to it would look really nice. Also when configuring analog inputs you are not able to input negative values even if you choose "Output units" to be "NONE", Only Celcius can go sub-zero and then you can change to NONE and keep the negative values. To be able to mount an aftermarket G-sensor it would look nice to have G as a Output units in the cal tables. And also a filter function if you really want to add support for aftermarket sensors and make the data look smooth.
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