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  1. Great HP results with pump gas and water meth injection. Love AEM coils IGN they are a must in or cars. Getting a Link/Vipec ECU in my car to replace my old school type EMS (Microtech) was the best decision I ever made in parts replacement for my rotary.
  2. AEM just got one out in the $300 dollars price range... is calle Vehicle Dynamics module PN: 30-2203 3 Axis Accelerometer 3 Axis Gyroscope 5Hz GPS/Glonaass Can 2.0 Output The good thing about this is: AEM published its AEMnet CAN protocol, The VDM may work with 3rd party programmable engine management system and data loggers....
  3. We did some tuning on Tuesday and fix some boost control issue we had with some vacuum hoses.. Now we got everything working great .. look at the boost target and boost line ... Yo can also see my 3 wide bands set up.. Sensor on each runner and one in the down pipe (white line).... Thank to Dave from Dtech Motorsport from New Zealand for his great remote tune like always... Car is running Strong.. 251 KPA about 22 psi boost .. 540 whp on a mustang dyno (heart braker dyno)..
  4. Update to the 5.5.7 last week.. What is new on the 5.6.1 firmware.. Thanks Jose
  5. In with the new.. Out with the old...
  6. GOT ONE FOR SALE V88...
  7. The Vipec I88 is here.. Probably do the install in the next few weeks...
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxKsIfxT-RY
  9. The forum won't let me upload mores pictures...
  10. The car is street driving and weekend warrior! Main fuel is Ethanol E85... Car was remote tune by David Heerdegen from Dtechmotorsport. Spec on the car: Mazda RX7 1985 GSL-SE RX7 Turbo II S5 engine semi-peripheral Turbo II S5 transmission RX7 FD upper intake manifold 2 1000cc primaries injectors ( high impedance) 4 2000cc secondary injectors (high impedance) 2 Walbro 416 fuel pump for E85 Fuel line dash 8 feed and dash 6 return Aromotive fuel press regulator Borg Warner SXE 369 Turbo with .91 back housing 3.5 inch down pipe and full exhaust system Turbo Smart 4 port boost valve Ford Taurus E Fan with 130 alternator NGK WIDEBAND WITH NTK SENSOR AEM Wideband pre-turbo sensors BOSH KNOCK SENSOR Vi-Pec ECU V88 Flex fuel Oil press sensor EGT sensor in both banks Fuel press sensor AEM smart ignition coils Full Function Engineering trigger wheel with digital hall sensor Big front mount inter cooler .. Race pack dash with Vi-Pec can cable Hard work pays off …. Thanks to Eric Gerardo Monzon Rotarywerks great engine built and my tuner David Heerdegen from Dtechmotorsport. We have a very reliable (7 seconds 1/8 mile 10’s seconds 1/4 mile mile car) with stock OEM GSL-SE diff and stock OEM 14's inch rims with 205/50/14 drag radial…. The car is only running 18 psi of boost do to the stock diff.. Mission accomplished for stage 1..... More to come..... Having a 30 year old street car that gives you this type off excitement and at the same time is a beauty and fun to drive on the street is priceless..... This engine has more than 30 dyno passes at 500whp+ and hundreds of street pulls with the tune on the Vipec V88 and has never miss a beat... This engine are good as the tuner mapping them and the Link/Vipec ECU does a great job controlling a rotary... Quick video on dave doing his magic..
  11. New link for the sensor .... Same vendor... https://www.lms-efi.com/collections/...-effect-sensorhttps://www.lms-efi.com/collections/...01-hall-sensor
  12. Thank you Sir.. will be ordering the cherry sensor... Jose
  13. Scott can you please help which speed sensor is the one I need? http://www.lms-efi.com/sunshop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=116 http://www.lms-efi.com/sunshop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=117 Thanks again.. Jose
  14. Thank Scott.. let me run this down by my mechanic...
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