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    sardengineering got a reaction from Rob W in Laptop causing issues?   
    Thanks for sharing, we will be looking forward to having this diagnosed and resolved for you so that you may go on to enjoy your investment.
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    sardengineering got a reaction from Scott in 1uzfe vvti wiring and evap solenoid   
    Good day.
    Since I don't have neither the 1UZFE nor the 2UZFE local to me I won't be able to give you any confirmed validation. My apologies for this. However, the wiring fundamentals for solenoid remain the same so having this I think that a non-evasive testing exercise can be completed to back what has been understood about the 1UZFE.
    With the use of the evap solenoid, I do believe it can be used as a bypass valve to aid stability of idle control. However, I think that you will find the idle ignition control strategy might be capable enough to deliver exactly what you might be looking for when it comes to a stable idle. In most, if not many instances, the idle ignition strategy is more than capable but for cases where the ignition advance available isn't enough to control the torque of the engine it is necessary to introduce an air bypass valve to feed the engine more air so it can be abled to produce more torque potentially; with more air then more fuel (energy) can be added and with this extra air and fuel the engine has a greater potential ability to produce more torque to stabilize itself at idle.
    Different OEM manufacturers will have different strategies for this, but it's not uncommon to deviate from this when using an aftermarket ECU. 
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    sardengineering got a reaction from Bram in G4+ Fury or Xtreme   
    Good day to you Bram.
    Dave is very much correct in that we would need a fair bit of feedback to answer you with more detail. However, I can completely understand where you are coming from when you say that you don't understand the listed features. I would advise that you speak with the chosen EFI calibrators as they will be able to give you a more definite response with respect to what you will need to have to meet the engine demands presently and what might come in the way of available extras. They or a Link dealer will best be able to help you directly.
    For your personal knowledge and understanding the present ECU product line from Link all use the same G4+ platform. With the exception of the Atom, all other ecus have on-board knock detection, 25 channels of data logging, Motorsport features and the OBD-II CAN output protocol. From there the ECUs can be simplified and differentiated based on available input channels and output channels. As you go higher in model you can expect to see a higher count for inputs and outputs, as well as a greater diversity on the types of these inputs and outputs. For example, inputs channels can cover switched signals which are simple on and off (activation switch of ALS) to digital like that of a high frequency (vehicle wheel speed/compressor wheel speed from a turbocharger) based signal. Inputs also come in the manner of transducers (pressure sensors - MAP, EBP & crank case) and thermistors (temperature sensors). Outputs can be viewed as injector control circuits, relay operated circuits (fuel pump & radiator fans) all the way through to advanced pulse width modulation controlled devices such as solenoids (boost & some idle control valves) to variable valve timing actuators or even drive-by-wire modules.
    I really hope that this is helping you and not confusing you. What I do for ECU sales where I am asked to either make an advisory or if I am doing the installation and calibration work myself, I normal put the project down on paper where the inputs, outputs and the specifics for the calibration work is laid out in a manner where you differentiate what is needed upfront and what is being requested as extra (would-like-to-have functionality). From there it's easy to see what ecus will be a good match, what ecus will leave the project with a loss of functionality, and what ecus will cover the project entirely with room for expansion. In theory, this should be the end user experience from an authorized dealer or support personnel.
    Should you have more specific questions that you will like to ask then please feel free to follow up accordingly and we will try to assist you as best as we can.
    Thanks for choosing the Link brand, cheers!
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    sardengineering got a reaction from Dave Kriedeman in Lambda to AFR   
    Great detail Dave! That one would have slipped me.
    Jazzy page layout by the way Dave, good stuff as always mate.
    P.S. I miss this forum a lot, glad to be back!
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