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  1. Here is a treat for you. It`ll be worth it, i promise. http://www.tstseminars.org/webinars/premium-webinars/tst-january-24th-2019-simulcast-pressure-acquisition-analysis-from-the-inside-out-w-brandon-steckler?fbclid=IwAR31ABBbG1EMAbQH3o_XCdzwpLLKLbAv0kNJLCMf3cS28JsJlOYKSVtfbxI
  2. Use the rotional rulers to check cam events like below. Compare sides.
  3. Reading through this my thoughts are that for it to idle that high (and it seems to be wanting to idle even higher but was limited by overrun fuelcut) it has to get a descent amount of air in to it. So im thinking sticking or incorrect stepper control.
  4. Steve

    Heat soak

  5. Steve


    Do them as 3D tables. That way you can have 4 limiting parameters
  6. If i remember correctly you cant see oil pressure as its not really an obd2 pid. But if you set up a good safety around oilpressure in the ecu you are golden anyways. Sounds like this should work out for you. Btw its much faster than the cheap ebay adaptors out there.
  7. I dont use it now (neither link ecu or obd2 over bluetooth) but have had it in the past. I was happy with it for what it was. I used it for when i needed to watch some data live for some reason and didnt have my laptop with me. Just flipped up the phone and launched an app. What are you planning? Thinking of replacing the entire dash or just want to use it for "gauges"?
  8. Yes android. G4+ works with obd2 so yes. As for lag there wil always be SOME. But its not bad..
  9. Obdlink MX+ Is a pretty darn good one
  10. You could most probably benefit from better resolution at small throttleopenings in your fuelmap. Instead of 0 ,5 ,10 and so on you should space them closer down low. Like 0, 2, 4, 6, 10, 15 and so on. There are BIG changes in the airflow at small openings requiering finer adjustments of the fueling
  11. Looks like you are right. Just seemed odd for ECT to drop 15 degrees over 10 seconds. But i dont see abrupt changes when he cranks it (which usually shows ground issues like a sore thumb), So it seems to be alright after all. My bad.
  12. Look at the coolant temp line in one my screenshots. Thats not normal for coolant to vary that much, that fast. In the last one at the bottom you can see the warmup enrichment come on line giving up to 10% extra fuel because of this
  13. Try lowering the lockout rpm to say 400 and see if it changes anything. But the sensor readings would be high on my prioritylist to fix
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