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  1. Steve

    Big cam idle strategy

    Use tps at low rpm instead of map
  2. Steve

    Recovery from quick throttle blips, bogs down

    Yourewelcome. Sidenote. I am also using the same parameter on a idletarget offset table. Works sort of the same way. When dRPM drops more than -500 my idletarget increases by 500 rpm. This helps "catch" the engine and sets it down nice and slow. Havent seen a way to do something like that in the Link yet though. Could have done it with a 3D idletarget table but its not possible as of now...
  3. Steve

    Recovery from quick throttle blips, bogs down

    ROC stands for Rate Of Change. Or dRPM (delta RPM) if thats a more failiar term. Its a parameter that tells you how fast rpm is changing pr second. If it rises from 2000 to 3000 rpm in one second you have a value of 1000. Does it use 2 seconds to do the same ROC is 500. If rpm is dead stable ROC is 0. In the attached picture you can see an example. Base timing in that is 12 degrees but when rpm drops when i clutch the car (it is usually more than -1000 dRPM) timing is at about 22 degrees falling towards idle arget. Dropping as dRPM drops. Thats not a screenshot from the link software but the same can be done there.
  4. Steve

    Recovery from quick throttle blips, bogs down

    If you change the y axis from etc (which you really arent using anyway) to rpm roc you can fix the idle ignition going low when you dont want it to.
  5. Steve

    V6, lambda different bank to bank

    You could loosen up the WG actuator rod a litte bit to fix that tho..
  6. I actually went from aeromotive fpr to stock when i started pwm'ing my pump.
  7. Yeah. Regulator overrun is more common than people tend to beleive. And often quite obvious when you know what to look for
  8. Steve

    g4+ fuel pump control (fixed! see last post)

    There was another post about this not long ago. Link figured it is a bug if memory serves me right
  9. Steve

    Mixture drifting to rich in idle problem

    Until files are posted i`ll have a stab at wild guessing. Running Charge temp approximation? could be to biased against AIT
  10. Steve

    E throttle cl idle control

    You can also try to lower the frequency the dbw works at to help reduce "sticking". Syvecs have a nice strategy where it gives the tb a little "kick" to get it moving
  11. Steve

    Air temp sensor location

    I have two of the t1 sensors. They are great sensors
  12. You dont have the logging rate for this sort of stuff.
  13. Steve

    3sgte st 205 hunting idle

    Post up the pclr and a logfile! No vacuumleak i pressume? Lotusen klar for sessongen nĂ¥ da?
  14. Steve

    About the mounting position of the IAT sensor

    You are using the charge temp approximation table, right? Its a pain to tune but just read up on it and youll get there.. T1 sensors are great. Personaly i have one of the short ones just before the tb and a long one in one of my runners. Im using the long runner one for my speed density fuelequation and it works exelent. No issues with heatsoak in my car. You really want it to meassure the air going into the cylinder so idealy it should be as close to it as possible. However people are usualy fighting heatsoak so most of the time it is placed before the tb. Which is a tradeof. Acuracy vs resistance to heatsoak...
  15. Steve

    300Z G4+ Plug In tune file/log review

    Yeah thats the point. You can look at it like this. When VTC is OFF all the time you got one certain VE table. If you turn VTC ON all the time it will need a different VE (and timing )table cause... Well it breathes differently. Its like two entierly different engines. So you switch between the two different VE maps when you switch VTC on/off. You would need to tune one (complete) table with it on and one with it off. If that made more sense..