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  1. Steve

    Fuel pressure vs rpm table

    Use differential fuelpressure as an axis. Way easier than trying to wrap your head around pressure
  2. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    Yeah the pico software is awsome. One of my scopes is the 4425 and it is an eyeopener. No you are good with elevated RPM`s. You probably would be good enough with a few snap throttles to get what you want. To be honest i totaly forgot about the turbos. That said, i just went out to the garage and did a log on my ecu. It was a cold start with elevated RPM`s and i just did a few seconds worth. BUT my exhaust backpressure sensor read about 0.8 Kpa (at max during this short test) higher than the key on engine off reading. Which is roughly 0.1Psi.... For what its worth. Thats sensor reading from the ECU, not scope with pressuretransducer. Also i have a pretty open exhaust and not stock turbos, which probably makes it a little difference to yours. Yeah pops and bangs arent that popular amongst cats of any kind Lets hear how it goes!
  3. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    You are right. those captures are horrible. Not sure if its the scope, software or the sensors samplerate thats the issue but its really not very usefull. May i suggest the pico 2204a as a minimum for your next scope should you ever get another one. The pico software is amazing and all their hardware is of good quality. Here is a small comparison between it and a bigger brother. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7IGce393FA ' You didn't by any chance try capturing backpressure at a higher RPM? Like 3000-3500rpm or something. Those broken cat internals might just be further down the system making a restriction there instead. If no cats or any restrictions are there then you shouldnt read any backpressure at all really. Other than your less than ideal triggersystem your comment about you starting to see this problem with another ECU AND that you had cats on your car made me sway towards a restriction in your exhaust. More so than a problem with the ecu or tune. Cats need certain conditions to work and im not sure your tune was up to keeping it alive. Or your lambda sensor was affected by ground offset and your AFR might not have been what you thought it was which in turn killed the cats eventually. Stuff like that. I still think you should try disconnecting the cats and run an open exhaust eliminating a clogged exhaust. Just be careful as you would be changing the engines VE doing so. Maybe set up a limiter protecting against lean conditions to be safe.
  4. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    You run the engine at idle. Unplug the injector and coil and run it on 5. Use the big one. Backpressure should be as close to athmospheric as possible. Study the article above. That said. Sounds like its going to be easier to just split the exhaust to check this out of the game
  5. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    https://www.picoauto.com/library/training/pressure-school-part-2-a-running-diagnosis Obviously to make a waveform like this the transducer needs to be able to read vacuum also. But i suppose it would be able to read backpressure anyway if there is any. If this doesnt work out for you there is always the option to just loosen the bolts in front of the cats to rule them out.
  6. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    Nah... I just ger "error file". Apparently it expects a "rfc" file type. Not xls or txt. Have you checked for bad/clogged cats BTW? You dont have a pressure transduser for that scope by any chance? (its very easy to see if there are any restrictions in the exhaust with a "running compression test" with a sensor in place of a sparkplug)
  7. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    what kind of scope is that captured with? Is there a propper software i can load them in to exept excel (wich i dont use or have installed)
  8. Steve

    Monsoon vs. Storm vs. Fury

    Knockcontrol isnt that hard to set up. It just needs a little bit of knowhow. Its better to have it and not utilize it right away (but maybe later), than want it and not have it. Dont cheap out on engine management
  9. Steve

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    Not sure i got that right but is the shield NOT connected to anything at either end?. You need to connect it to the ecu so it can "drain" to ground.
  10. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    Yeah im a mechanic/diagnostic guy... This ecu/tuning thing have just been a hobby of mine for the last 15 years or so.
  11. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    How does the plugs look? Have you done a compression test or better yet, a leakdown test? Is there a log without the rpm filter then? The messyness of your rpm lines is because of your CAS. I would like to see how bad it is. It tells a whole lot about it.
  12. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    Another thing. I see you have the fuelmodel set with FP sensor activated. You also have just a 2D deadtimetable. Now. With FP sensor in the fuel equation you NEED a 3D table with GOOD deadtime data in it. Or else the ECU will NOT do what you would expect it to do. When you have a 2D table like you do now and you use 300kpa as your base pressure when the differential pressure raises the ecu will pull out fuel to compensate for the raised pressure. The thing is that with the single pressure deadtimes you got it will actually pull too much fuel and you go lean. So thats at least a big part of your weird fuelmap. You have to compensate for the ecu pulling too much fuel because of... ...the next thing. I see in one of your logs that at around 3000 rpm your differential fuelpressure is about 340 KPA. Not 300. So at idle i bet its even more. I suspect you got your fuelpump running at full tilt all the time? Not the greatest of ideas. What you got there is whats called regulator/returnline overrun. Thats when the pump pumps more fuel than the regulator or returnlines can bypass and yout pressure rises without control. You can also see in that log that differential pressure gradually drops as rpm and load rises. This is because the engine eats away the excess fuel and pressure drops down to what the regulator is really set to. Edit: As for the missfires (anyway you could shoot a video of it happening?) i think it is your CAS that is the problem.
  13. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    I see. With that fuelrail i guess you deleted the fueldamper and have a different pressure regulator? I may have missed it but is there a log without triggerfilters applied? IE with the trigger at its stock config. You started to have theese symptoms with the Adaptronic?
  14. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    What pressure is the injector deadtimetable for? Sheet doesnt specify as far as i can see. Somewhere you got something wrong. As mentioned a VE in the 90`s at idle is not normal. around 50-60 is more to expect. Whats your fuel setup all the way from your tank and back to it again? Actually, tell me about all your engine mods and the stuff around it.
  15. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    You wont get rid of the problems related to having the cas at the cam pr say. But a crank fitted trigger will do so that problem doesnt matter anymore. Your cas would only be used as a cam synk and all crankposition duties (the important part of this) would be by the crank trigger. Link will do this fine, yes. What injectors are theese? Did you calibrate timing with a timinglight? Screenshot shows why i think it needs tuning still