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  1. Thank you so much for the reply. The pin outs on the ecu side i do have. Thats what i used originally and it has worked fine for about the last year and a half(using the factory harness). Im suspecting the wiring in my stock harness from factory. I now want to run new wires directly from my vipec ecu to my TB and the same for the FPS. I was wondering if anyone had the diagrams for the actual TB and actual FPS pinouts so that i can connect on the actual pins and on my ecu. I have been getting these errors mostly, hence why i suspected the TB but now with a 2nd fresh one from an
  2. Good day all I have a vipec v88 standalone ecu on a 2006 WRX STI. I used the factory harness and only spliced my ecu in from the stock ecu pinouts. Have been driving for around a year on the base PID settings and now i have been getting random errors related to my e-throttle. I changed the TB and still getting almost all of the possible errors at various random times so im suspecting the wiring. I cannot find the pinouts on the TB and The FPS. Any idea where i can find these as i want to run fresh wiring to the TB and the FPS. or then a way to test both of them to determine the pins?
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