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  1. I went to heaviers springs a while back and also still does it even with 10lb less boost. Could it be an ecu issue? Im really running out of things to replace...
  2. Is it possible to be lifter pump holding valves open? Could my cam just be out of friendship by then? I did have an unresolved issue with cyl 5 intake runner being dirty a while back and havnt checked since
  3. I had this same issue on old firmware, could never populate the mixture table from ecu log. New firmware fixes that issue and gives you much much better logging capabilities. Dont use the vipec firmware use the pclink and link firmware
  4. The knock sensors arnt accurate and it seams to like the timing so thats what i give it, e85 fuel so pretty safe. Its been 10.1 @139 but im hitting this limiter before i cross. I tried pulling timing, tried pulling fuel till egts on other cylinders were to hot. Its rich because of the miss fire. I went back to gate pressure (16lb) same issue. Ran another ground to motor same issue. Everything ive read say the ls1 coils are about 4ms for full charge, ive tried them as low as 2ms same issue.
  5. it was injector deadtime issue, obviously the revs brought up voltage and at that pw and deadtime it was dropping the slower injectors out. now i just have to find my 6000rpm cut when i put injector setting back in i used ones off a site not what was previously in there. not sure why the firmware wiped all my settings
  6. yes. on th 5.01 log u can see the egts on 5 and 6 fall away, ive checed both plugs, leads, replaced coils with no change vt lowside fuel.pclr Log 2016-12-9 3;45;55 pm.llg Log 2016-12-9 5;01;03 pm.llg
  7. i had to reset all my injector setting when i upgraded firmware so i may of changed the deadtimes. i got them off a site so cant confirm. they fixed my issue with car dropping rpm when the fan came on though. recommended 4a peak 1a hold and the measure at 1.8ohm
  8. iat seams accurate to outside air temp when not running, its a 500x700 pwr intercooler, works very well, outlet is cold after a run. wideband is an aem controller, 10/20afr so no ideal for running low 11s but has been proven accurate enough on a dyno. They are moran 160lb billet atomizers this is a map from before firmware update, was running fine no lean spots. as youll see much less fuel low load.pclr
  9. different issue, that ones been happening for ages. vt lowside fuel.pclr
  10. long running issue ive been having, i have a missfire at 5800/6000 rpm ive upped valve springs, dropped plug gap from 1mm to .5 played with dwell, put capacitors on the coil trigger wires but same issue every time. hoping someone can provide some insight. im running a v6 ecotec ls1 coil on plug Log 2016-12-9 12;35;17 pm.llg
  11. ive been playing with firmware updates on my I88 ecu i originally had a very early release on there and had no issues, i upgraded to the latest vipec firmware and had weird injector spikes when it transitioned in to boost (150%duty cycle) so im now on the latest link firmware its working well except for a part throttle issue, low load as in when i pull it in to gear and slightly accelerate it goes very lean and surges, ive tried tuning it out, adding 15points to my fueling its helped but still not right. any one had issues like this? ive attached a log and you can see how bad the lean spots are, its like an injector is droppping out Log 2016-12-6 5;42;56 pm.llg
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