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  1. Pump now ok-runs when cranking. Have a few more problems, but need to evaluate more before posting. Thanks, Adamw
  2. After engine dyno tuning with shops fuel pump, can't get my in tank fuel pump to stay on. It builds pressure when ignition keyed on but immediately falls off and stays off until I cycle ignition again. Any thoughts, anyone?
  3. Sorry for the late response- RacePak sells a CAN module for the LINK that RacePak said would work with the ViPec, except (apparently) for RPM and AFR streams. RPM is behind the curve and AFR is just flat wrong and updating so fast it can't really be read. Larry
  4. Thanks for the update, Simon. I'll be looking for the announcement that it's ready to go. In the meantime, please be sure to reference ProShift as another very viable package for shifting sequential boxes. I'm currently using the PS3 with my EMCO and find that it is much more efficient than the Geartronics unit (electric vs air pump), due to the duty cycle required by the pump and overall weight of the plumbing system. Also of possible interest is that we have successfully converted a G-Force 4A dog box(and other boxes of similar exterior rail style) to push/pull shifting with a potentiometer, thereby providing gear position. It is also controlled by a PS3 with paddle shifting and auto blipping. Having the cut shut off once the next gear is reached is a necessity (in our opinion) in road racing. Larry
  5. I'm running an i88 with a ProShift 3 Paddle Shift system and an EMCO 6 speed sequential gearbox with a 5v pot for gear position output. If I'm understanding all of the shift cut capabilities of the i88, there is no way I can use the i88 in a closed loop mode. It seems everything has to time out, one way or another. It seems the ProShift doesn't have a retard capability and the i88 doesn't have a closed loop capability for retard/restore. Are these correct assumptions? As you currently read gear position from my potentiometer, what are the chances you will be able to modify the gear cut software so it can operate closed loop? Sounds pretty simple to me, but then I'm not the one doing the programming. Thanks, Larry
  6. I'm running a ViPec i88 with an IQ3 and the RacePak module is the LINK CAN version. All data is promptly and accurately displayed, except for AFR / Lambda, which is nowhere near correct. RPM is displayed, but is very slow (making shift lights useless). After 8 weeks of promises from everyone at RacePak each time I call, including the GM promising an immediate response, there has been zero response. Perhaps you can tell me if you have had any issues with how the packets are being sent for these two parameters, and/or point me in another direction. I can live without a dash display of AFR, but I really need the RPM signal for shifting. Thanks. Larry
  7. Aspkiller

    Can't Post

    Even though I own an i88, I don't see any posting buttons when I log in. Please fix.
  8. Aspkiller

    IQ3 vs i88

    The RacePak IQ3 has a serial module for the i88 and a CAN module for the Link G4 (according to RacePak). My Vi-Pec dealer told me to purchase the Link Can module and it will supply all the available i88 CAN data. Is this correct? If not, are there a work-around that will get CAN data to the IQ3? Thanks for a prompt reply, as this car needs to get on track NOW!
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