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  1. Simon, In the Accel maps (Accel Clamp, Accel Load, Accel Cold), as well as the start up maps (Crank Enrich, Crank Hold, Post Start Enrichment, Post Start Hold, and Post Start Decay) the Axis setup is still grayed out. I am running a V44, with version software. I have tried downloading it and reinstalling it a couple times, but still can't change the axis grids. Any other ideas?
  2. Simon, Thanks for the reply. Got the logging function fixed. The trigger was set to the wrong input. For the AFR and Accel tables, are they locked directly from Vi-Pec? When I try to open the Axis Setup, it is grayed out, and won't let me access the axis menu. Is there another way to unlock this?
  3. I have an Arctic Cat M8 Turbo, and have been working in the map. I have a list of questions I'm hoping you will answer for me. 1. Start Up - (on a non electric start) the prime function activates at power up, then first crank and post start fuel activate until 400 RPMs are achieved. When pulling the recoil rope, if 400 RPM is not achieved, and motor does not start and run on first pull, are these 3 functions activating everytime the rope is pulled? It seems the map I am running starts very hard, unless some throttle is used, leading me to believe it is dumping fuel and making it too rich. 2. AFR Target - this table starts at 4000 and ends at 8500. Does the software carry out the AFR numbers that entered flat out below 4000 and from 8500 to infinity? 3. Is there any file comparison function? I would like to bring up the changes from 2 different maps and compare them side by side or at least toggle between them. 4. Accel Clamp Table - on this table, I want to change the RPM breaks, but am unable to. It does not show up as locked, but won't let me change the grids, only the fuel numbers. - also does the fuel gradually decrease after the last grid or does it stop dead? i.e. At 7000 the fuel number is 25. At 8000 it is at 0. So when operating at 7500, what is tge accel number? Is it stopped cold at 7000 or stepped down from 25 to 0 at 8000? 5. Logging - log files are created even when my log switch isn't activated. Log settings are set to manual in tge software, but it creates multiple files until memory is full. Hopefully you can answer these questions for me. Trying to tune this week, and don't want to have to backtrack too far.
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