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  1. How did you end up going with this Blaine
  2. Hi Blaine Interested to know how you ended up with controlling the sequential twins
  3. As Adam said it requires alot of outputs. Here is a snippet on how another plugin ecu simplifies things to do it - They don't control the anti-pollution functions - ie the port air injection, the 3rd throttle disable when cold or the air pump. They drive the intake charge control valve and the secondary turbo control valve at the same time with the same output (both need to switch - one needs to switch on and one needs to switch off when the 2nd turbo is engaged).They have a separate output to drive the precontrol output, and we drive the second charge relief valve at the same time so that the second turbo dumps into the charge relief when prespoolingThey use 2 outputs to drive the oil metering pump (and hardware to generate the 2 complementary outputs for the 6 wire stepper motor). When the motor is to stay still, they PWM the outputs very fast to use the inductance of the coils to reduce the dissipation in the motorThey have only one thermofan speed (we drive them all together flat out) The A/C is controlled in hardware by the A/C input switch, whereas usually it would go through the ECU.
  4. Marty

    More logging memory?

    I think Link has hit the sweet spot of great features at a good price point but the logging is the weak point. IMO the onboard logging needs to have more memory and be able to do atleast 200hz The issue with logging to pc is you are limited to 40hz. Adding an external datalogger is an option however my preference is to use a single device and the extra cost of a logger would make it more economical to move to a more expensive ecu that has the ability to do the logging required. The Link ecus are good, just giving some feedback on an area that will improve the product.
  5. Marty

    More logging memory?

    Giving this one another bump to see if it could be improved. It's one area I would like to see improved as I am a big fan of the Link product but am finding it is lagging behind the competition. The AEM Infinity can log at 1000hz and the Haltech Elite can even do 200hz. Both also do logging to an external usb drive. With modern ecus doing more than just running the engine having quality logging is becoming a very important factor when considering an ecu.
  6. Marty


    Hi Tony Yes I can post to the UK Cheers Marty
  7. Did this end up working out for you Ducie
  8. Hi Scott How does the ecu connect to the microtech dash ?
  9. Marty

    More logging memory?

    And update on more logging memory ? Also with the Thunders dual processor's can the logging rate be increased to more than 100hz ?
  10. Hi guys Just wanting to see if anyone has hooked up a 150psi sensor to an analog channel and installed the sensor into an adaptor mounted into a spark plug hole to get a data log while cranking to use for testing compression. Cheers Marty
  11. Anyone get a GPS speed input working correctly ?
  12. Hi Simon What time frame would it take to do the custom stream ? Also would the ecu be able to disregard the signal in closed loop mode if say the wideband sends a signal for a sensor error? I'm very keen to get it setup.
  13. Is anyone using dbw control from slip % for traction control on the V88 ? I'm pondering the idea of using a dbw tb in series with the normal tb. Would set dbw tb to be normally 100% open unless slip is detected in which would result in the open % being reduced to control slip. This would allow the engine to be controlled as standard by the normal tb under non slip driving and under hard acceleration when slip is detected the dbw tb can be reduced to control slip whilst the driver can keep the throttle wide open. Interested to hear experiences or thoughts on dbw slip % traction control.
  14. Hi Simon So a CAN Wideband controller like a Haltech WB1 could interface with the ecu via CAN ? Cheers Marty
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